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"What do you mean? What do you mean, let her be implicated?" Liu Yuefan expressed disgust and incomprehension at Yu Enze’s saying such things to him, he questioned.

Yu Enze is still very calm. His tone is calm. "What do I mean? You should know that if you really love long summer, you should bless her and let her be free instead of pestering her everywhere."
"These words long summer will naturally tell me that you are not here to preach to me passionately." Liu Yuefan was a little excited with some anger.
Yu Enze smiled faintly and revealed a faint contempt. "Who is self-affectionate? You are whiter than me, and you know long summer’s personality better than me. Since she chose to leave you, she didn’t have to look back. Even if you hurt her, she will never have anything to do with you again because she won’t give you hope for a resurgence at all."
Liu Yuefan was silent for every word and every word of Yu Enze, as if thousands of sharp arrows had accurately penetrated his heart and made him suffocate.
"Yu Enze" took Liu Yuefan a long time to slowly come out with sigh and regret. "I admit that long summer no longer loves me, but I can’t let her go. long summer is a very good and clean girl. Her world is completely different from yours.
If it weren’t for her and her father’s problems, she would have come back to be her luxurious young lady instead of working hard in a strange city alone. "Then he began to warn Yu Enze," I hope you can try your best to protect her and care for her. If you dare to do something that hurts her, I will never spare you. "
"It’s none of your business. The rest of my life is long summer and long summer." Yu Enze’s tone was so firm and overbearing that he hung up decisively.
Yu Enze lit a ky srike in front of the window. In the hazy smoke, the city outside the window is like stars twinkling, so small and boundless, but bright and dazzling. Yu Enze took a drag and quickly put out the smoke, which made him feel a little bitter.
He looked into the distance and his eyes were dark. At that moment, he suddenly felt that even though the glitz of this world could be varied and colorful, it could never cover up the loneliest and loneliest wound in everyone’s heart in the dead of night. This kind of defect was actually the same, but what was his defect? Only then could he really fill it.
夜网论坛After taking a shower, long summer just dried his hair and was about to go to bed, but the bedside table phone rang.
Let the light refract and the tears wet the pupil, reflecting the rainbow that I want most in my heart and taking me to that place with you, because you are my dream and my dream.
The lyrics of the scene and jane zhang’s penetrating voice seem to sing long summer’s true heart.
See to display is Yu Enze name long summer hesitated for a few seconds, but she still picked up the words in confusion "Enze, do you have something urgent to call me at this time?"
"long summer, I’m sorry to bother you at this time. Can you come out conveniently? I’ll be at your house," Yu Enze said softly.
"Hello, I’m going at once." long summer’s eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t expect Yu Enze to come to see her so late. She immediately put on her coat and hurried downstairs.
Long summer looked at the square not far away, and the soft silver moonlight filled the surrounding light golden lights. In the soft halo, the tall, straight, slender and handsome shadow became clearer and more moving. The evening breeze was cool and blew his light gray long windbreaker skirts. He was like the wind and the moonlight. How natural and unrestrained and agile it was, but it was cold and lonely. There was a moment when long summer could not help but feel sour.
"Why don’t you wait outside to find me directly?" long summer looked at Yu Enze’s beautiful phoenix eyes and said lovingly.
Qingyi Junyan is a warm smile. Yu Enze will gently drop his hand on long summer’s shoulder. "Just a few words, I’ll talk to you and then I can’t walk."
"Is there anything you can’t say? Do you have to go to such trouble to come over and tell me face to face?" long summer was a little angry because she knew that it would take at least an hour and a half for Yu Enze to drive here from him. It’s a long way to go, and he was very busy every day, so he had to come all the way to find her and tell her face to face. It was really unnecessary. He was crazy.
"I’m glad to see you, and there’s nothing to worry about." Yu Enze smiled brightly, and then he told long summer, "I’m going to Morocco on business tomorrow, and I won’t be back until Friday. Last Saturday night at the Queen Hotel, our university classmates had a party hosted by my friends from China when I was studying in the United States. Would you like to go with me?" Although he was calm and asked for long summer’s advice, his tone was faintly expecting.
Long summer hesitated. "Enze, is it inappropriate for me to go to your class reunion?"
"My classmates said that they must take their girlfriends with them. You should act as a Jianghu emergency. It’s not illegal for my girlfriend. Can you bear to watch me alone that day and then be scolded by them?" See Yu Enze shaking long summer’s arm like a child and pleading with her. "Okay, long summer, just accompany me. Just do me a favor, okay?"
Long summer really can’t stand Yu Enze’s sudden sugar-coated cannonball-like goosebumps falling all over the floor. It’s strange to say that this arrogant and arrogant president who is arrogant on weekdays has become a person as soon as he sees her. IQ seems to have instantly dropped to a negative number and become naive.
"Line line" long summer hurriedly gave a let Yu Enze immediately stop coquetry "I promised not yet. Say yes, just this once."
Yu Enze saw that long summer finally agreed to his request, and immediately excitedly picked up long summer, and then couldn’t help but turn around several times in a row and shouted happily, "Great, great, great."
Being dizzy, long summer consciously hugged Yu Enze’s neck for fear that she would fall from his arms if she was not careful. She shouted at Yu Enze angrily and funny, "You are quick to let me come. Yu Enze, you are having convulsions again. Are you quick to let me come?"
Driving back to the road, Yu Enze has been filled with happiness and joy. The whole person is airy. How he wishes to go faster, faster and faster. He is really looking forward to that day. He and his long summer appear in front of everyone, holding hands and smiling. They look at each other with pride and gentleness. Their eyes are full of pride, gestures and tacit understanding. Everyone has to cast envious and jealous eyes on them.
Although long summer is pretending to be Yu Enze’s girlfriend, Yu Enze is still happy because he seems to see the light of hope between him and long summer. "When will Yu Enze really enter long summer’s heart?" Yu Enze asked himself silently.
Chapter 21 Attending a class reunion
Kanebo sensai champagne lipstick tube shows luxurious, rich and silky lipstick texture in a low-key manner, and with aerodynamic design, the cone shape can automatically follow the lip curve even if it is not mirrored, and the elegant shirafuji lip color subtly reveals a little sexy and instant fragrance, which makes people feel happy.
"Wow, can I do this?" long summer looked at herself in the mirror after putting on lipstick and asked her with some uncertainty. Tonight, she will pretend to be Yu Enze’s girlfriend to accompany him to the class reunion, so she can leave everyone with the impression of "couple" when she is side by side with Yu Enze. long summer had to be more careful about her image, so she specially called Xiaowan for help.
Xiaowa hugged long summer’s neck intimately, showing an envious smile and marveling at "Sister long summer, you are really beautiful. You are destined to turn all beings upside down tonight."
Long summer hung his eyes and smiled, then gently played a small wow forehead. "Did you fill this small mouth with honey today? If it’s so sweet, kiss up to it."
Cute little wow playfully holds long summer’s arm and then sticks her cheek tightly to long summer’s arm. She smiles brightly in the mirror at long summer. "Let’s go, sister long summer, I’ll change your dress." Then she pulls long summer to the coat and hat.