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"Nothing," she looked at the front indifferently, "but what must be delayed when it is done? Early success and early liberation. "

After saying this, she slowly lowered her eyelashes and covered her eyes with despair and madness.
She suddenly became very quiet.
Lift your feet and walk to the ward. The pupil is almost transparent. "It’s getting late. Go home. I hope you know what I just told you. I’ll talk to my boss myself about the recent accident. Just ignore it."
When she figured it out, she became very quiet. If her left hand is useless, it will be useless. It’s not like Zhang Haidi’s paralysis because of a minor injury.
The next afternoon.
She took the initiative to talk for a long time in the room of the class leader and the couple, and Yu Ge sat in the waiting chair and waited.
He curled his fingers slightly and his expression was silent.
forget it
Since he Lianyin wants to be her good friend like this, the only thing he can do is to support her and take care of her when she needs help.
After the squad leader left, Yu Ge went to help Helian Yin cook. The hospital meal was terrible. He deliberately ran two blocks to buy a bowl of seafood porridge and came back. The traffic in the street came and went, singing a takeaway bag and ringing through the horn into a wide street. At ordinary times, it can cross the intersection in a few steps, but now it is as wide as the Pacific Ocean.
He panted heavily as he returned to HeLianYin ward.
It’s gloomy outside the window
Helianyinli bedside
The uninjured hand slowly put his clothes into the bag and saw him come back. She smiled weakly and said, "Thank you for taking care of me during this time. The squad leader has just agreed to my application and I will go back to the winter camp dormitory from now on."
In the song surprised "but your hand is not good …"
"No," she turned around, and her eyebrows were a little deeper than before. "The left hand surgery has been successful, so you don’t have to touch the water. Besides, our class is a right-handed teacher who has reported my left hand fracture. I hope you can keep it a secret."
Yu Ge’s eyes were complicated and he hesitated again. "Are you sure?"
"No one knows about it except the squad leader, you and me."
Long silence
Finally, he put seafood porridge on his face and compromised. "Since you insist on this, I can do my best to be you. Please eat this porridge first and then I will send you back to the dormitory."
"Good" He Lianyin cleverly responded by sitting in a hospital bed and eating seafood porridge bought by Yu Ge.
Looking at her face, pale and strong, but stubbornly insisting on stuttering porridge, the spirit of not losing made her feel shocked for the first time. He never knew that a woman could be so determined. If she had changed her side, she would have gone home to rest. How could she choose to continue her training school to win glory?
When he left, he returned to the back of his hand and took her forehead temperature.
High temperature
Yu Ge was shocked. "You still have a high fever?"
"I’ve almost returned. The doctor has prescribed medicine for me. After I go back, I will take a few more doses of medicine and I will recover."
"How can this be?"
In the song according to lit the bedside emergency light.
夜生活HeLianYin one leng was about to get up, a pair of thin hands put her shoulder and put her back into bed without disobeying.
"Give me an intravenous drip, or you’ll just sit there and get dizzy when you go to class in this state. You sit well and I’ll help you clean up."
He Lianyin’s eyes are resistant.
Yu Ge also said, "Don’t refuse you again. Since you asked me to promise you that you will keep it a secret, you should also promise me a request, that is, I won’t care about you after finishing this intravenous drip."
Hector even Yoon sighed.
Soon the doctor followed several nurses.
Yu Ge politely said to the doctor, "Doctor, it seems that she has not returned her high fever and asked her for infusion."
The doctor nodded and went out to prepare the infusion set. It didn’t take long for a nurse to come in with an infusion bag, plunge a silver needle into the infusion bag on the back of Heyian’s hand and leave with a half-silver hook.
Permeable liquid flows quietly in the infusion tube.
HeLianYin heavy new back to bed covered with white sheets corners of the mouth smile light.
"Thank you."
She was very moved.