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"Enze, this is what we should do." Wang Bureau patted Yu Enze on the shoulder. "I’m sorry we haven’t solved the case without your aunt Jiahui, but we won’t give up. We will do our best. You should be careful when you go to Beijing."

"I am white" Yu Enze has a low voice.
Half an hour later, Yu Enze took ten plainclothes policemen on a flight to Beijing. A brutal war in blood shed mixed with smoke was quietly starting.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Be calm
Hands have been tied behind her back in the dark. long summer felt that the group of them had flown for a century and finally landed again. She didn’t know she was at this moment.
The vast world is left with roaring winds that are sweeping, hitting and smashing unscrupulously. It is getting colder and quieter. long summer is shivering with cold and feels cold to the bone.
Long summer was pushed into the house, and the strong temperature difference between the house and the outside made her feel warm and precious. It was really cold just now, and now she is really hungry for this sudden and rare warmth. She heard the crackling in the fireplace, like firewood burning.
The black hood on the head was finally taken off and I went to long summer to see the light of day.
The room is narrow and closed. A little golden light in the fireplace can’t save the dullness and depression caused by dim light at all. The only small square window is also inlaid with a heavy anti-theft net. The original metal Guanghua has been eroded beyond recognition by wind, frost, snow and rain, and the old rust will be covered layer by layer.
"Crash" A little wow was rudely pushed down by a man in black, and her right foot was so painful that she couldn’t help but feel pain.
"Xiaowa Xiaowa" worried that long summer tried to run to help Xiaowa, but she was pressed by several men in black. They loosened her hands and tied them and replaced them with handcuffs.
So is Xiaowa.
"Stay here honestly and don’t play tricks for me or I’ll shoot you." An evil man in black pulled out his pistol with both hands and threatened long summer and Xiaowa viciously.
Long summer’s calm words are full of sarcasm. "Hey, man, I ask you to use your head, okay? What tricks can we two unarmed women play with you in this wilderness?"
At the moment, long summer threatened the other party. "Didn’t your boss say don’t touch us? Why do you want to disobey your boss’s orders? Come on, just shoot."
桑拿网"Hum," the black dress person was so angry that he couldn’t say a word. He went out with several people angrily, and the door was naturally heavy that only they could open the lock.
"Little wow, little wow, how are you?" Seeing that the black dress person left long summer and quickly ran to little wow’s side, handcuffed hands struggled to help her lean on her arms. "I’m sorry, little wow, it’s all my fault that I got you into trouble and made you suffer so much." long summer blamed herself and felt sad.
"Sister long summer, my right foot hurts and it’s cold. Is it going to be abolished?" Xiaowa’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and her breathing became urgent and frightened, tormenting her, and her cheeks were wet and cold.
"No, Xiaowa won’t." long summer shook his head crazily and shouted to encourage Xiaowa over and over again. "Your feet won’t be ruined. Please endure it again. Don’t be negative. Don’t give up faith. Believe me, we will be saved."
With that, long summer decided to get up. She clumsily but carefully dragged Xiaowa to the fireplace so that there was only a little pity and warmth in the room to get closer to her.
"Sister Xiaowa helps you warm your feet." Seeing that long summer put Xiaowa’s right foot on her belly without thinking, she couldn’t help shivering at the moment of contact, because Xiaowa’s right foot was like a cold hard stone tightly sticking to her soft and warm skin.
"Sister long summer doesn’t want it." Xiaowa couldn’t bear to let long summer suffer herself. She leaned forward to stop long summer. "I don’t want you and me to sacrifice myself like this."
"Xiaowa, if your right foot is not disabled, this is the only way to save it. Listen to me." long summer ordered Xiaowa seriously and put Xiaowa’s foot deeper and covered it with clothes.
"Sister long summer, there is no other person in this world who can be so kind to me as you are. I, Yang Xiaowade, can" boil tears and fall down. Xiaowa is grateful. "If they can let you live well, I will be willing to die even if I want to."
"Bah Bah" long summer hurriedly raised her handcuffed hand to block Xiaowa’s mouth. She accused Xiaowa angrily. "Xiaowa, I forbid you to say such discouraging words again. We will both live well and we must live well. None of us can die. You have heard nothing."
Wow stupefied looking at the front of long summer, whose eyes were determined and sharp, she was intimidated by long summer’s strong and tenacious atmosphere, and she dared not nod her head at long summer with words.
Wow, the cold right foot was gradually melted by long summer’s warm skin and began to return to normal. It seems that even the pain has been relieved a lot.
"Sister long summer, where did they take us? They won’t really take us to the wild mountains, will they?" Wow can’t hide his fear.
Long summer quickly came to the window, and the sky was so close that it seemed as if snow was at your fingertips. Goose feathers and snow were flying all over the sky, and all the streets were covered with thick snow, and they continued to extend forward until they reached the distant rolling and towering snow-capped mountains. The world was a vast expanse of silence, cold and pale.
"Xiaowa, we are now ehorse" long summer returned to Xiaowa and told her softly.
"where is ehorse? I’ve never heard of the name ehorse."
"My father brought me here when I was very young. At that time, my father told me that it was called ehorse, so I remembered it."
Long summer frowned and explained in detail that "ehorse is located in the northernmost part of Canada, which is a sparsely populated and snowy city and the capital of yukon. Because it is located in the Arctic Circle, the climate is very cold, which is called the Great Northern Wilderness in the ice and snow.
There is a river called Yuhe River in ehorse, which swims fast and stirs up a magnificent splash, much like a galloping white horse, so people call it White Horse Rapids, which is also the origin of the name of Baima City. "
"sparsely populated northernmost Arctic Circle" Xiaowa mechanically repeated what she heard from long summer, which seemed to represent the limit of life. It was unbelievable. She looked at long summer with trepidation. "What did long summer’s sister Chen Moran want to bring us here? Does he want us to be isolated and die?"
"Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t." long summer sighed. At this time, she couldn’t figure out what the sly Chen Moran was planning.
See long summer even more panic when you are sad. "Sister long summer, we are unarmed. Chen Moran has trapped us here and blocked all our contacts with the outside world. Do we really have hope of being saved?"
Look at me. I’m a cripple and a cripple. I’m just a drag bottle. My confidence is losing bit by bit. Sister long summer, I’m so scared. I’m so scared. "
"Listen to me, Xiaowa." long summer looked dignified. She forced Xiaowa to look into her eyes. "If we want to live, we will definitely find a way to get help. Don’t panic. We must be calm."
"Chen Moran said before that he would slowly torture me and Enze. If I guessed correctly," long summer told Xiaowa that she speculated that "this should be the first step in his plan to deal with me and Enze. He will never kill us easily before he has achieved his goal."
"Sister long summer, do you mean Chen Moran? He is really procrastinating, right?" Xiaowa realized something.
"That’s right," long summer nodded. "My intuition told me that when Chen Moran and Enze delayed, he waited for Enze to take the initiative to find him so that he could carry out his next plan."
"Isn’t it dangerous for the boss to pick it up?" Xiaowa stare big eyes.