Ling Feiyang’s "Spiral Nine Shadows" has just been practiced to the first level, and the realm of vigorous protection is far from being achieved!

But he doesn’t choose!
Suddenly ling float in the sky body leaps and spins rapidly!
Six mans scattered people all weapons are called to him mercilessly!
However, it is unexpected that these weapons fall on Ling Feiyang’s body, but it seems that all kinds of sharp edges slip by Ling Feiyang’s body, but it is difficult to do harm to him!
Even Ling Feiyang himself didn’t think that this "spiral nine shadows" was the first to be practiced, but it was already possible to eliminate the enemy’s strength through clever posture transformation!
At that time, Zhou Botong, an old urchin, also practiced the "spiral nine shadows" to the second level, but he was able to finish resolving the six mans scattered manual work, although it was strong, but it was far from the level of Ouyang regression. The attempt to fly in the sky did not fail!
Ling Feiyang’s figure fell lightly outside the hexagonal encirclement, and all the scattered people in red were surprised. Suddenly, the scattered people in red shouted, "Disposal!"
As the people in red ordered six mans scattered people to walk quickly and want to occupy the six corners around Ling Feiyang again!
"Bunima Bizhen!" Ling Feiyang cursed his left leg slightly, bent his right arm slightly and drew a circle with his right palm. He called out six mans and scattered people!
At the same time, a strong palm wind swept through the past to the six mans scattered people. It was a trick that "Kang Long had regrets"!
Ps Dasong military camp launched an arduous Dasong Tai Defence War! Hong Qigong Golden Wheel French King Ling Feiyang easily defeated Dalba but fell into the six-pointed star array! Ling Feiyang has just learned that the "spiral nine shadows" play a wonderful role to help him escape from this iron drum-like array. However, the battle continues. Can Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong defeat the enemy with two enemies and nine enemies? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 254 Too defending the war
When Ling Feiyang fought against Six Mans and scattered people, King Hong Qigong Kinlun also launched a life-and-death struggle!
Both of them are famous for their strong martial arts, but when they hit the palm, there will be no head-on collision. Both of them are quick to test the enemy’s weaknesses, and they have already fought for more than 100 times to surrender the dragon’s ten palms and the dragon elephant’s Prajnaparamita, but they have never used it again!
However, both of them are very clear in their hearts that once the two sides fight hard, it will be that Mars will inevitably lose both sides when it hits the earth!
Dalba lifted King Kong from the ground and watched the master in his heart. Several Song soldiers rushed over to Dalba and waved out the pestle to smash these Song soldiers.
However, when the masters of Song and Mongolia were in a scuffle, Huo Dou, the king of Mongolia, suddenly rushed to Tai Zhao of Dasong!
Several Song generals in the big tent will take out broadsword to block Zhao Hong. Before Huo Dou stepped forward, he will beat the folding fan left and right in an instant. These Song generals will be knocked down by the Ministry!
Wang Jian’s lieutenant Brinton immediately stepped forward and suddenly the folding fan in Huo Dou’s hand turned into a sharp sword and stabbed Brinton in the throat!
Huo Dou this recruit biting than once killed the beggar clean clothes sent beam elders now this Zhang Yinggen can’t martial arts and where can you prevent it!
However, brinton didn’t die. Ling Feiyang saved him!
Ling Feiyang has broken through from the six-pointed star array. Although there are still six scattered people fighting, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Huo Dou rushing to Zhao Exquisite. Ling Feiyang had long expected that Huo Dou would come in this way. continuous shooting immediately forced six scattered people to open their hands and then turned and rushed to Huo Dou!
Huo Dou martial arts is more than enough to deal with these Song generals, but where is Ling Feiyang’s opponent! See ling float in the sky to his blunt come over Huo Dou immediately gave up the idea of killing brinton turned and ran!
Although Huo Dou’s martial arts is second-rate, there are two skills that are absolutely first-rate. One is to plot against him, and the other is to escape. However, Zhao Qi suddenly rushed forward and punched Huo Dou on the nose!
Mao long fist!
Huo Dou where can think of this martial arts humble DaSong too unexpectedly dare to do it yourself hurriedly stretched out his hand to block but just a slight pause ling flying right hand has been taken!
Hasty Huo Dou will hand folding fan in front of a block made of pure iron fan bone was palm shock apart Huo Dou shoulder is still bellow a fly in the palm wind sweep!
Ling Feiyang’s flying skill is far better than that of six mans scattered people. This time difference has injured six mans scattered people in Huo Dou. At this time, all kinds of weapons behind Ling Feiyang were smashed according to Ling Feiyang! Ling Feiyang immediately cast Lingbo micro-step, left hand, right finger, and spread out six mountain scattered people to start guerrilla warfare. Six mountain scattered people can chase and block him, but the root method is once again laid into a six-pointed star array!
At the same time, the battle between Hong Qigong and King Jinlun has reached a fever pitch!
桑拿按摩Although King Jinlun’s skill is equal to that of Hong Qigong, Hong Qigong is a brave man, but it is impossible to compare King Jinlun’s roots. Besides, if the two men fight each other, it is very likely that they will both lose. At this moment, King Hong Qigong can exercise healing in Song Jun barracks, but he will definitely become a prisoner.
Hong Qigong saw that King Jinlun didn’t dare to confront him head-on, so he strengthened his confidence and began to display the dragon’s ten palms, forcing King Jinlun to retreat again and again!
King Jinlun watched the surrounding situation while dodging Hong Qigong’s report. He saw that his second brother Dalba was surrounded by a group of Song Bing, and his third brother Huo Dou and King Kong had been injured. Six mans scattered people were also trapped by the method. Ling Feiyang knew in his heart that it was hopeless to capture Zhao Qi alive!
"If you can’t catch a job, kill him!" King Jinlun’s mind suddenly rushed at Tai Zhao!
Hong Qigong immediately chased after him, but King Jinlun had already slapped him!