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Jing Anjiu sighed and said, "So did you call me a lot?"

Han Mobai didn’t deny that "I went to Jingjia and waited until Grandfather came back"
Jing Anjiu looked at him in surprise. "So you came right away?"
Han Mobai’s default
JingAn nine heart suddenly more love dearly.
Although I am very happy that he can come, I feel sorry at the thought that he has been doing this all day, and the greater his resistance to Jing Muchen is …
"jiujiu" Han Mobai suddenly called her name.
Jing’ an Jiu blinked and saw his hand drawn out of his trouser pocket, white and slender, as if it were art, and a delicate red velvet box lay quietly in the palm of his hand.
Jing Anjiu looked at him expectantly. "Is this … a birthday present?"
"Well," Han Mo said with a white nod, "Don’t open it?"
Jing Anjiu reached out and took the small box. After opening it, a bright light flashed across her eyes. She blinked quickly and saw a diamond ring lying quietly on the velvet chassis. The street lamp projected from one side to help the ring add a layer of soft light, shiny but beautiful.
JingAn nine surprised "this is …"
"Angel Love" Han Mo sounded in a low voice.
Angel love?
"What do you mean?" Jing’ an jiuwen
"The name of this ring is Angel Love, which was designed by sunrealf, a famous French designer." Han Mobai simply explained.
Jing Anjiu’s face turned red at once. Although he said it was an understatement, she immediately knew what he meant.
Isn’t "angel" his own name in English?
Yes … She couldn’t help but look at him with joy and smile and say, "I’m not asking about the name, I’m asking about … what do you mean by giving me a ring?"
He will be beaten and shy …
Who knows that Han Mobai raised his eyebrows and the old god said, "What do you mean?"
"…" JingAn nine face suddenly more red "it won’t be … proposal?"
Han Mo smiled in vain and asked softly, "Will you accept it?"
Hearing this sentence, Jing Anjiu’s heart immediately jumped "plop plop" and his voice stuttered. "Will it … will it be too fast?"
"Unhappy," said Han Mobai, reaching out for the ring and holding her right hand with the other hand. "We have known each other for thirteen years."
Jing’ an Jiu held her breath with wide eyes and watched him put the ring on his right finger.
Hey, it seems that she hasn’t promised …
And Han Mobai has nodded approvingly with her little hand "It really fits".
The size of this ring was determined by his feel, but I didn’t expect it to fit just right.
The slender white hand looks very delicate because of that diamond ring, which also matches her dress today.
His eyes slowly fell on her, and she was dressed in a romantic and elegant lace gauze skirt, showing her white and tender arms. The original black straight hair was ironed into a big volume, fluffy and soft, which also created a beautiful and moving temperament for her little face.
The whole suit is very beautiful and suitable for her temperament, just like a rose blooming in the morning, which reveals a trace of youth and purity.
"Makeup?" He asked in a low voice
JingAn nine nodded at the moment some glad I haven’t remove makeup also didn’t change clothes …
"Is it nice?" She asked a little shyness.
Because he was sure that Jing Anjiu was even more shy and touched his hair and said softly, "But I don’t think … it’s like myself."
She has never put on makeup before, although many girls in the class have learned to dress up, and the teacher’s discipline is not strict, but she seems to be really so-called and never curious about this.
Today, however, she has to admit that make-up will really make women more pleasing to the eye, especially when the lover praises them so face to face … That kind of pleasure is really legal.
Han Mo Bai Gang was about to open his mouth when his hurried footsteps suddenly sounded, followed by a familiar low-pitched sound, "Smelly little!"
Having been trained in various kinds of fighting and self-defense techniques in the past five years, he immediately became keenly aware of a surge of air. Although it could be avoided, Jing Anjiu was in front of himself …
He was severely beaten on the back by a broom.
After "Ba", the broom head directly dropped the cement and made a loud noise.
It doesn’t hurt to look at the broom head. Korean ink white can’t help but twitch slightly.
How much hatred and resentment?
How much does his future father-in-law dislike him?
I cann’t believe that the broom was interrupted by such a big effort …
"Dad, what are you doing!" Jing’ an Jiu was even more frightened and immediately rushed over to block Han Mo’s white body.
Jing Muchen just raised his broom again and was forced to stay for half a stiff face and said, "jiujiu, get out of the way. I have to teach this little stinker a lesson today!"
Han Mobai also stretched out his hand and pulled Jing Anjiu "jiujiu, next to you."
"I don’t!" JingAn nine nasty eyes are red with open hands desperately want to protect his front "dad forbid you to hit him! He came here specially to celebrate my birthday today. "
桑拿网Speaking of this, Jing Muchen was even more angry and asked Han Mobai, "How did you get in?"
The clubhouse is extremely high because there are several iron gates outside to protect it. No one can come in at night, otherwise he wouldn’t be so relieved …
Jing Anjiu didn’t understand what this meant. Han Mobai had already said "come over the wall"
Jingmuchen "…"