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Long summer raised her hand and just touched Xiaowa’s forehead skin, and she was shocked. "It’s so hot, Xiaowa, you have a fever."

"It seems to be Sister long summer. I feel that my body is so uncomfortable." Xiaowa’s tone is getting lighter and lighter.
Long summer got up from the ground without thinking, knocked on the window and shouted, "Somebody is sick! Somebody help!"
"What are you yelling about?" A man in black who was guarding them stormed in.
"My friend has a high fever. She needs to go to the hospital now." long summer was anxious.
"Elder sister, I ask you to use your head, okay? This is the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. What hospital should I go to?" The black dress person shouted impatiently at long summer.
"Eldest brother, you can’t stand by and watch." long summer tugged at the arm of the black dress person and begged him. "If I treat my friend from time to time, she will really die. I beg you to save my friend.
You don’t want to take her to the hospital, but it can be so cold. You must have cold medicine with you. Give her two tablets of acetaminophen, okay? I beg you. "As long summer tugged at the arm of the man in black, long summer noticed the mobile phone in the pocket of the man in black.
"Ah, come on." long summer, a man in black, cried and wiped his tears over and over again, and thought that Chen Moran had specifically told him not to let these two women make mistakes. He reluctantly threw a box of acetaminophen tablets to the ground.
"Get well soon, Leon. We really don’t know how the boss wants us to guard the Great Northern Wilderness all day long. Why do you two drag bottles have to be killed and scraped simply?" The black dress person said "thud" and locked the door.
Long summer hurriedly picked up the cold medicine and ran back to Xiaowa. She helped Xiaowa to lean against the wall. Then she took out two pills from the box and sent them to Xiaowa’s mouth. "Xiaowa, come and swallow these two pills. If you burn them, you will return."
Xiaowa swallowed pills with difficulty, and hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She was ashamed and sad. "Sister long summer, I’m sorry that I have caused you trouble. You always leave so much food for me in my body, but you eat so little yourself. Now I’m unwillingly sick, so you have to beg those heinous people. Sister long summer, I’m sorry."
"Xiaowa, you say that again." long summer was angry. She held Xiaowa’s cold hands. "You are my sister who shares weal and woe. How can I ignore that you don’t always have negative thoughts? The stronger you are, the faster you get better."
"Well" Xiaowa nodded with tears, and all her hopes have been pinned on long summer.
"I just saw the mobile phone in the pocket of the man in black." long summer whispered to Xiaowa’s ear and told her, "If we want to find a way to get the mobile phone of the man in black, we can unite grace."
"Sister long summer, have you thought of a way?" Xiaowa looked at long summer with anticipation.
"Xiaowa, you have a good rest first. Tonight, your fever is almost gone. I’ll tell you what I think early." long summer comforted Xiaowa.
Early the next morning, long summer gently asked Xiaowa, "Are you feeling better?"
"Sister long summer, I am much better." Wow looks much better than yesterday.
Long summer touched Xiaowa’s forehead, and her fever was gone.
"Xiaowa, listen to me." long summer told Xiaowa in a tiny ear that she had found a way.
Xiaowa quickly understood long summer’s meaning and saw that she began to lie on the ground and roll in pain.
Long summer looked at Xiaowa and winked at him. Then he shouted out of the window, "No, someone’s killed! Somebody!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five I can count on you
"What’s the matter with the noise?" The black dress person rushed in in regret when he heard the shouting.
Long summer ran to the front of the black dress person with tears in her eyes, clutching the arm of the black dress person with both hands. "Eldest brother, please help my friend. She’s dying." She glanced at the pocket of a black dress person in the corner, but his cell phone was still good.
Lying on the ground, Xiaowa was convulsing and breathing disorder, and turned his eyes.
The sudden situation obviously made the men in black panic. It seemed that they were in big trouble. He quickly squatted down to observe Xiaowa’s situation.
Long summer behind the black dress person immediately made a wink to Xiaowa. After being instructed, Xiaowa quickly pulled out the mobile phone in the black dress person’s pocket. long summer played it by ear and directly swung the shovel by the fireplace and slapped it at the black dress person’s head to prevent the black dress person from being violently attacked. The bright red blood flowed out of the back of his head. Before he got up and resisted, he had fainted.
Long summer found out the gap between the men in black tied by the rope and Xiaowa immediately dialed the international rescue number, and then dialed the number of Yu Enze.
Yu Enze was driving back from the Woods when he heard the phone ring. He quickly took out the words from his pocket. The screen showed that it was unknown, obviously it was also processed, and it was Chen Moran calling again. He picked up "hello" grumpily.
"Boss Yu, I’m Xiaowa. Sister long summer and I are now imprisoned in Chen Moran. Canadian ehorse, come and help us." At the other end of the words, Xiaowa was anxious for help.
"Little" Yu Enze was about to speak when there was a harsh cycle busy tone.
桑拿网  title="long summer Jr. and her friends are now imprisoned by Chen Moran in ehorse, Canada. Now things have turned into a major transnational kidnapping case. Take me to save them as soon as possible." Yu Enze was in a hurry.
"Well, I’ll report to the superior immediately. It seems that we have to apply for the assistance of the Canadian police." The novel tried to pick up the words and call his superior.
Maybe it was too long when the men in black went into the hut and didn’t come out for a long time. His three men in black couldn’t help but get suspicious and decided to go into the hut together to have a look.
Wow, I saw through the window that the three men in black were coming towards the cabin. After hiding from the door frame, they clung to the wall. long summer nodded.
Long summer immediately raised his pistol from the black dress person who fainted just now because he got a shovel after receiving the information of Xiaowa’s eyes, and was ready to attack at any time.
The door was slowly opened by a man in black. long summer stepped back to hide himself better. At that moment, when the man in black first stepped in, long summer turned his gun on the temple of the man in black.
"Don’t come here. If anyone comes here, I’ll shoot him." long summer grabbed the man in black who was under her control and threatened to others while approaching in the direction of Xiaowa.
I’m the two men in black across the street saw the situation evolve to the point of life and death, and they were ruthless regardless of the willy-nilly. Their teammates were under long summer’s control, and their bodies were a random shot. long summer was quick-witted and was shot in front of him, and the men in black narrowly avoided their bullets.
As long as they proudly held guns to cover the black man who was shot dead in the corner, long summer and Xiaowa, long summer did not hesitate to send two bullets cleanly and accurately and mistakenly hit their hearts.
Looking at the three bodies in a pool of blood, long summer and Xiaowa kept gasping for breath, and their cheeks were red with fear.
"Sister long summer has one left. What should I do?" Xiaowa pointed to the ground and was firmly tied. The black dress person who had been unconscious asked long summer anxiously.
"Keep this alive, he is the evidence that the police arrested Chen Moran." long summer said that his voice suddenly became hard and his forehead was cold and his face became pale.
Xiaowa suddenly worried "long summer elder sister, what’s wrong with you"
Long summer, this just showed a bullet to Xiaowa from the left shoulder. she entered the snow, and the blood in the soft skin was soaked in the white coat, which spread all the time, and almost the second half of the body was printed as red blood.
"Sister long summer, you’re hurt." Xiaowa looked at long summer with shock. His left back shoulder was raw, and he couldn’t stop crying.
"Don’t cry, Xiaowa." long summer endured the severe pain and forced himself to laugh. "I can stand this injury. Don’t be afraid that I won’t die."
"Sister long summer, what should I do to you? You tell me and I’ll do it at once." Seeing that long summer was seriously injured and lost so much blood, she was frightened and helpless.
"Calm down, Xiaowa." long summer gritted her teeth and comforted Xiaowa. "I’m fine. This gunshot wound is nothing. It’s inconvenient for you to move now. Stay here. I’ll go out and see what you do for a while and I’ll tell you."
Long summer trudged to the door. It turned out that the men in black lived next to them. Except for the snow-capped mountains and Snowy Road, there were only two huts left. The sparsely populated place was the foot of the mountain, which was a long way away.
Although the houses of those men in black are humble, they are much warmer than those of long summer and Xiaowana. They have beds, tables and chairs and plenty of food.
Long summer opened the desktop drawer one by one and started rummaging through anti-inflammatory drugs, disinfectant and gauze daggers. Sure enough, the men in black were prepared for accidents before their death.
Don’t worry, long summer Xiaowa took all the men in black pistols and keys to hide, then hopped outside and locked them together.
"Sister long summer, what did you find?" Xiaowa jumped up to long summer and put the pistol and key on the table.
"Wow, how did you get out? You’ll hurt your feet like this." long summer couldn’t help but be scared when she saw that Wow was jumping out.
"Sister long summer, I don’t trust you. I’m afraid something will happen to you." Xiaowa’s words are serious. "I can’t escape if I lock them in."
Seeing long summer find out those potions, gauze and daggers, Xiaowa can’t help but stare big eyes. "Sister long summer, you have to take out the bomb yourself."
"I didn’t take it, you took it for me." long summer calmly watched the worried little wow.
"I" Xiaowa’s heart is about to jump out. "Sister long summer, I have been holding a knife for so long. Count it with five fingers. Do you believe me? Are you afraid of any mistakes?"
"Xiaowa" Beads of sweat dripped straight from his forehead. long summer clenched Xiaowa’s trembling hands and her eyes were weak. "Don’t panic and don’t be afraid of me."
There are also people in this wild mountain. You can help me take out the bullet. I can rely on you. Don’t you remember? You are a man with a gun. It’s nothing to help me get a bullet. I believe you and please believe in yourself. You can. "
Long summer handed Xiaowa the sterilized dagger in his hand. "Come and take this and do whatever I ask you to do."
Xiaowa swallowed heavily, and she took the dagger from long summer hesitantly. Her hands kept shaking out of control, and her heart suddenly lost rhythm, and sweat soaked her clothes.
Long summer turned his back on Xiaowa and encouraged, "Xiaowa, don’t be afraid. I believe you don’t hesitate to put a knife in it and pick it out. Are you saving your sister?" See long summer biting a wooden stick in his mouth. "Come on, sister, I am far stronger than you think. I can stand it."