I thought it was impossible for him to find a good spot so accurately. After all, it was too short for that position to be able to find a spot, but I didn’t expect him to find that spot perfectly. I have to say that he has reached the pinnacle after controlling the track! And I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a small detail when he landed on the second level just now. This exercise determines whether he can land on the second level perfectly …

I thought it was impossible for him to find a good spot so accurately. After all, it was too short for that position to be able to find a spot, but I didn’t expect him to find that spot perfectly. I have to say that he has reached the pinnacle after controlling the track! And I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a small detail when he landed on the second level just now. This exercise determines whether he can land on the second level perfectly …
At the moment, all the people have been aroused by autumn waters. When they hear him say this, they can’t help but rush and ask, What details are fuck? Tell us about it?
Qiu Shui once again smiled mysteriously and said unfathomably, Maybe many audience friends also noticed that the night baby in the hands of Mo Tianyuan, the great god, had already cut off the little monster before it fell to the ground just now!
Cut the monster before landing?
They smell speech and don’t understand. Maybe Mo Tianyuan, a great god, just happened to land on the second flat ground, stabbed him and hit him with a knife …
Listen to Qiu Shui continued, Actually, all of us can recall that Mo Tianyuan just jumped on the first flat, because the length of that flat was longer than that of the second flat, so he could step on the flat and cut the monster with a knife, and there would be no danger, but the second flat was quite short, and it was suspected that it was quite dangerous to blow the monster off after falling to the flat.
And because the meteor lion is bigger, it increases the possibility of this danger, but Mo Tianyuan has already taken out a knife to fly the little monster before he just fell to the ground, but it can be avoided that he is in danger from the little monster and the flash monster, and because he is so fast that we can’t see this column of exercises clearly, everyone will think that he fell to the ground first and then cut the monster according to our habit of doing exercises …
After Qiu Shui’s explanation, the audience gradually understood what had happened just now. Of course, many people didn’t listen to Bai for a while. At this time, they all chewed Qiu Shui’s explanation carefully, but a moment later, the audience once again sent out a breath of air.
Psst …
If everyone was surprised to see gorgeous exercises just now, then after listening to Qiu Shui’s explanation, I realized what a dazzling and complicated technique there is behind this column of gorgeous exercises!
541. 541 Handheld sword falls like a high wind!
When they heard the winter snow, they quickly looked up and looked forward.
At this time, I saw a long flat land in front of Mo Tianyuan, but this flat land is obviously not so stable. First of all, Mo Tianyuan saw two spikes with golden luster, and the tips of these spikes had a flying monster with flapping wings.
Immediately after the nail stab, two white missiles lit up, with two tandem missiles coming straight from the ground at a track position. Behind the missile, another monster floated together, indicating that its heart was about to be chopped up.
There are about three meters behind this little monster. The ground on this road section has come to an end. Mo Tianyuan came to the two spikes and saw him turn over and jump quickly. The little monster quickly cut the tip of the spike and fell as fast as the wind.
After turning over the nail, two missiles that don’t stick to the ground in front have already come crashing. If he is in the mode, he is bound to lean over and slide at this time. The socalled male man can bend and stretch, but even the missiles can be cut and fly. In the attack mode, Mo Tianyuan is contemptuous when he faces these two feet and hits many disappointing pages.
Hands up and down! Hands up and down!
Even before the two missiles touched the dark night baby’s purplish lace dress, she pulled out two silver machetes in her hand and cut them cold, exposing the lonely monster shivering in the face of the powerful coercion of the dark night baby.
Mo Tianyuan is naturally not polite, so that little monster has also become a lonely ghost in his hand. At this time, the night baby is no longer the gentle and affectionate petite woman. She is more like a bloodthirsty elf flying in the dark night and has no mercy on all guys who stand in the way.
The road ahead seems to have been calm for about three meters, and there is no longer a flat ground. The younger generation dares to obstruct her footsteps. At this time, the meteor lion also summoned a wave of meteor showers, which seemed to want to give the night baby who had just experienced a big war a mouthful of poisonous milk. However, when the audience didn’t come to breathe a sigh of relief, they suddenly saw with horror that the original Ma Pingchuan flat ground riding the meteor lion night baby suddenly collapsed in front of it and fell in two pieces!
Night Baby’s eyes are frozen. She directly looks at a missile in front of her, ignoring the provocation, but suddenly turns over and glides to see the terrain. If the missile is cut off, I’m afraid she will fall into the abyss with it …
The audience saw that Mo Tianyuan came to a fragmented fault plane at this moment. At first, he fell to the ground before his eyes. There appeared a fault with a length of about three meters, and at the right end of the fault was a flat section with the same length of about three meters. The altitude was slightly lower, for example, the edge of the screen was higher than the width of a track. A missile crashed on this flat section.
Then the missile behind the flat area seemed to know that it was alone and posed no threat to the monsterchopping night baby, so it called friends and the audience saw that the same horizontal line of the same two miserable white missiles behind the missile lit up.
There is a fault with the same short length behind the first flat section, but the second flat section with a length of about three meters behind the fault suddenly appears, and there is a cute little monster jumping in the middle of the flat section.
Everyone was shocked when they saw this. Although the number of missiles and mobs on this road section is generally small, they can’t stand it. They are located in a fragmented fault. This makes it more difficult to pass through this road section. If it is a general fault, it’s okay to encounter this difficulty there, but the two roads are close to 40,000 meters. Is it so complicated to look at this position?
However, riding a meteor lion night baby for a moment gave everyone a standard answer.
Just before the ground was broken, I saw the night baby leaping over. When she slid to the first section of the ground near Fang, she didn’t stop, and even ignored the three missiles on the ground. Instead, she directly came to the second section of the ground at a higher altitude through a gliding Shi Shiran, a place with a cute little monster.
桑拿论坛Before I could see the face of the invading enemy clearly, there was a silver light sliding in front of me, and then it became a lonely ghost in the hands of the night baby.
Everyone’s heart is startled, and they can’t help but take a breath of air conditioning. How precise exercise is needed to step on this flat ground and remove the obstacles on the flat ground in an instant? I have to say that this great god fuck is really amazing!
After thinking about this question, the audience asked themselves that if they were themselves, they would never have passed this difficult point so smoothly. Nothing unexpected happened. They either fell into the pit directly with falling to the ground, or were picked up by several missiles or smashed by mobsters, and then they might be nervous. One careless mistake led to a tragedy.
However, instead of this happening, it seems that this is not a small difficulty. How can it not be surprising that the whole road section is like flowing water?
Explain that autumn waters have repeatedly launched their own surprises at this time. That’s wonderful! Mo Tianyuan once again gave us a vivid lesson!
First of all, we can think of the first time he met the one with two nails stabbing the ground, where he turned to cut the blame. It’s no problem. It’s hard to fuck after those two nails stabbing …
I remember that there were two missiles that didn’t touch the ground behind those two spikes just now. These two missiles are closely connected. We know that many players are often used to bending over and sliding when they encounter this situation. After all, this is what we often do in our classic mode. Of course, this kind of exercise has no problem, but it can help us hide the two missiles smoothly. But if you like to play attack mode, friends will find a problem, that is, when cutting missiles, especially when these missiles are connected, it is very dangerous!
542 Chapter 542 Deadly missiles
They smell speech puzzled.
Is it dangerous to cut missiles? What’s the danger? Can’t it be said that it’s not enough to fly directly after encountering missiles in the attack mode? Where is the danger point?