They can’t get in through the main entrance, but they can take another secret passage and get there through the other building.

Gu Nanqing took his steps forward and Su Man went to those fans.
Gu Nanqing turned his head and saw Su Man go to the fans and turned white with fear.
He hurried two steps and chased him step by step, grabbed Su Man and whispered, "What are you going to do?"
"I’m going to explain to Xiao You and let them know the truth!" Su Manyuan’s eyes are full of anger.
"I think you are usually very clever. Why are you so stupid? These are all fans of Chu Night! You’re not Chu night! You said they believed it? " Gu Na sighed and felt angry. She was so cute.
"Don’t just because of this I don’t care? Xiao Yu is my best friend. I can’t watch these people slander her like this! " Su Man struggled to withdraw his hand from his hand.
"They are now in an irrational time when they are angry and can’t send money. If you rush over like this, they will take it out on you! If you get hurt because of this, Lu You will know that you are her, so she will feel sorry for you. Besides, her injury in Chu night has excited fans so much. What will happen to your fans if you get hurt too? If the fans of the two sides unite, it will attract more storms and make Lu You be discredited again! Is this what you want to see? " Gu Na inclined face serious "it is not simple! You have to believe that Lin Mochen and I are dealing with it and will never let Lu You be smeared like this! "
Sue looks into Gu Nan’s deep pool, which makes people feel calm and serious.
Section 17
"If we want to clarify everything, we can hold a press conference and take security measures to ensure our personal worries. I think it will be much better to explain it than to reason with these people here. What do you think?" His voice is soft.
He won’t lie to her. She knows and believes it.
Finally, Su Man can gently nod because Gu Nanqing said it makes sense.
Those people are angry now, and she will not only explain it clearly, but also help it more and more.
Gu Na inclined to see that she nodded and promised to let go of the hands that buckled her arm. "You don’t know these bad things, Lu You, and don’t tell her that she has been sorry for saving her from injury and stopping work at Chu Night, which has increased her guilt."
"Good" Sue diffuse nod.
"Then let’s go." Gu Na pulled her.
Sue diffuse this just changed the direction of footsteps and Gu Nanqing left this chaotic scene together.
No sooner had they entered the ladder than Gu Nan tilted his cell phone and rang. He took it out and saw that it was Lin Mo-chen’s words.
He picked it up and came to Lin Mochen’s magnetic and gorgeous male voice. "Where are you now? Something happened again, do you know? "
"My horse is going to the ward. I have seen it all the way. I just want to discuss things with you." Gu Na tilted her eyes and glanced at Su Man around her. "And Su Man came to see the worry."
"Good" Lin Mochen replied.
桑拿论坛As soon as the stairs reached the floor, they got out of the stairs and went to the ward of Lu You’s office.
Gu Na raised my hand and tapped on the two doors and then went in.
Su Man hurried to lie in bed with a little bit of Lu You. "How are you, Xiao You?"
"Long …" Lu sorrow saw Su Man very surprised and opened his eyes wide.
She was really happy to have her closest friends come to see her when she was sick, and tears filled her beautiful eyes.
"You two talk about us going out." Lin Mochen said to Lu.
He is very relieved to have Su Man with Lu Yu, so he and Gu Nanqing can talk it over. He gave Gu Nanqing a wink to go out with him and took his long legs and left.
Gu Na glanced at Su Man and then rushed to Lu You to have a good rest.
After the two left, Su Man sat down on the edge of Lu You’s bed and took her hand.
"Why are you here?" Lu sorrow fundus some guilty.
"You didn’t even call me when you had such a big accident. Do you think you treat me as a friend?" Su Man’s tone was reproachful but more heart-felt. "If General Manager Gu hadn’t said something about you, I think I would have to know from others what you asked me to say about you?"
"I’m much better now, so I don’t have to take a drip today." Lu You wittily vomited a powder tongue. "I don’t want you to worry about me either."
"I’m not just worried now, but very worried." Su Man frowned.
Her mind floated when she saw the scene just now. She really wanted to tell Lu about her current situation, but she promised Gu Na not to say that everything he said was justified. If she said it, it would only hurt Lu more, but she didn’t say that it was really uncomfortable to block Su Man’s heart.
"What are you worried about?" Lu worried and blinked. "I’m really all right. You really don’t need to worry too much. It’s Chu night. He saved the injury much heavier than me. Now the film can’t be filmed, and the company lost its work."
Speaking of these worries, Lu’s eyes are pale and he blames himself.
Su Man also saw a watery light flashing at the corner of her eye-she couldn’t even see the fans making trouble when she came.
"Chu night he won’t blame you, you don’t blame yourself." Su Man patted her shoulder to comfort and grieve her. "I’m worried about Chi Yiming now."
"I heard from manager Gu that Chi Yiming fell before you, but I still can’t find anyone else or a corpse … he did such a crazy thing to you. If he is hiding in the dark now, I’m afraid he will do something bad for you." Su Man is really worried about this.
Chi Yiming looks a little gloomy, and his belly is so full of bad water that it’s hard not to think bad.
"But what does he mean by doing so? Did he regret that you broke up? Want to get you back? That’s ridiculous! This kind of man is really bm slag. "When Su Man arrives at Chi Yiming, her heart hurts badly." I wish I had a knife in my hand to chop him up now. "
"Well, don’t be angry with this kind of person, but I’m not angry because it’s not worth seeing." Lu’s sorrow, in turn, advised Su Man.
Her delicate and beautiful face is shallow and her pupils are soft.
While Sue diffuse is Leng Yan face your anger bit his lip a face very anxious to kill people.
They became a fresh contrast, but it seemed that Su Man was the one who was hurt by Chi Yiming.
"I’m not angry, anyway, is not white world how can have such a bad man! How can you hurt your mind and body again and again? He won’t let go. "Su Man couldn’t swallow this tone and grabbed the sheets.
"He is terrible, but not all men are as bad as him. You see how good Mo Chen is to me. If Chi Yiming didn’t break up with me, I don’t think I could have met Mo Chen, and I wouldn’t be so happy. On the other hand, I think I should thank him for not marrying him so that I can meet the right person at the right time." Lu You comforted himself in this way so as not to be blinded by hatred. "People like him can’t always do bad things, and there will always be God to collect them. If the time is not right, he won’t be too lucky."
Su Man nodded in agreement with Lu You’s speech.
"It’s a long time before you look around you. Gu Zong seems to be romantic and uninhibited. He hasn’t met anyone who makes him want to seriously deliver his feelings and heart." Lu You woke her up. "Although I can’t say how good he is, I can see that he treats you differently. Don’t you think Gu Zong is really ten million times better than a man like Chi Yiming?"
"if you have a sincere person around you, try not to trap yourself in your heart and be your own prisoner."
"You and Gu always came together today. Were you together yesterday?"
"Little worry, we have nothing. We met at the hospital gate." Su Man denied that he didn’t want Lu to know about them.
"A man like Gu always has cleanliness and won’t wear the same clothes for two days, but he wears the same clothes today as yesterday without changing them." Lu You observed that he was very careful and even saw such details. "Even if you had anything with Gu always, I wouldn’t feel anything wrong. Before I misunderstood him, I realized that everyone had their own difficulties and everyone lived with different masks."
"I … I …" Su Man took a sip of her lips. Yesterday, scenes flashed through her mind. Her heart was crowded with all kinds of sadness. She carefully restrained her emotions. "Gu is always good, but I am not suitable for him."
"You haven’t tried it yet. How do you know it’s not appropriate?" Lu Yu does not follow her "long rest assured that let him enter your world."
"Little sorrow blames me for not being so lucky as you. When I met him, it was not a sigh." Su Man said sadly, his eyes were reddish. "I was separated from him not only by the right door, but also by … a person."
"A person? Who is it? " Lu sorrow pressed her "you talked about love before? Is it an ex-lover? "
"No," Su Man put tears on her face and changed her smile. "Little worry, there are some things that I will tell you after you get out of the hospital. Do you want to drink water or eat apples? I pour me water or peel an apple. "
Su Man changed the subject and then got up. She added some boiled water to her drinking cup.
Then she went to the tea table and took the apple to wash her hands. She wanted to end it and had a topic with Gu Nanqing.