This divorce agreement is more in line with Liu Siyuan’s wishes. Xia Wanzhen offered to give up all the lost property of Lujia and was willing to leave Lujia with a pair of children. Moreover, her children, the Army and Lu Shasha, also gave up the division of property. From then on, Xia Wanzhen drew a line with Liu Siyuan, and a pair of children also separated from Lu Siyuan.

After seeing the divorce agreement, Liu Siyuan finally returned to his original position. He was most afraid of Xia Wanzhen’s pestering and his scruples about face were not good enough to make public the fact that a pair of children were not his own flesh and blood. Therefore, he spared no effort to suppress Xia Wanzhen and detained her at the police station without trial or release, just forcing her to submit.
夜网论坛Xia Wanzhen was well-advised and drew up the divorce agreement according to Liu Siyuan’s mind. After all, they have been husband and wife for more than 20 years. She deeply understands him and knows what he is most afraid of and afraid of now.
Lu Siyuan brushed the paper and asked suspiciously, "What didn’t your mother sign?"
Lu Shasha turned a supercilious look and thought that you and I are all fools! What qualifications do you have to talk about terms when you sign this face stupidly! But on the surface, she is still a good girl, and she said with great care, "Mom said she wanted you to bail her out and settle the case. She signed the divorce agreement!"
"Hum, I am a fool!" Lu Siyuan refused to sneer and said, "What if I get her out and she goes back on her word?"
Lu Sasha sparkling pure koo water eyes seem a little surprised "dad, what makes you think so! Mom told me that if she defaults, you can sue her for intentional fraud! "
Xia Wanzhen said that their mother and son have lost all their initiative. If they want to regain lost territory, they will have a broken wrist to save themselves. It seems that they have sacrificed bitterly, but it is the only choice and way out. Because neither the army nor Lu Shasha is Lu Siyuan’s own flesh and blood, this is an indisputable fact. If Lu Siyuan does not care about his face, the crime of deliberate fraud alone will be enough for Xia Wanzhen to divorce and go to jail!
Liu Siyuan wanted to think and felt reasonable! Just nodded graciously. "She is well-informed!"
Old and immortal! I wish you an early paradise! Where are you dreaming? Go to hell! Lu Sasha consciously looked at the shelf fragrance to Liu Siyuan often work in this room … I’m afraid he will drive a crane to the west before Xia Wanzhen signs it!
It was mid-September, and autumn was as hot as a tiger. At noon, the outdoor temperature soared. Han Xiao had a great time under the sun, and he didn’t want to stop.
Li Zhenyu took Xia Xue into the air-conditioned lounge and brought her a glass of ice water.
Xia Xue is a little guilty. He pushed away so many urgent things to accompany her out to play. As a result, she finally became a playground with Han Xiao. It’s just a rare thing that Li Zhenyu has been accompanying her face and didn’t show impatience.
"Jin Woo, you go back first!" Xia Xue finally couldn’t help but say to Li Zhenyu, who was sitting there chatting and watching his mobile phone, "I’ll just wait here and laugh!"
Han Xiao broke up with Lu Yuanhang and fell in love again. She can’t be cruel to lose her. At this time, Xia Xue recognizes that Han Xiao needs her. Moreover, she wants to talk to Han Xiao later. Some words in Li Zhenyu’s field are not convenient to export.
Li Zhenyu looked up and gave her a faint look and said, "I don’t trust to leave you here alone!" "
"There is still a smile!" Xia Xue woke up and said, "She can take care of me!"
The male eyes moved back to the mobile phone and did not even look up. "No one has taken care of her yet!"
"…" Xia Xueyan answered that because he was telling the truth, Han Xiao’s present state really needed more care and companionship than her. She and Li Zhenyu stayed in the playground and waited.
Xia Xue once again looked out of the window and looked through the glass. He was busy with all kinds of selfies, but he accidentally found that the figure of Han Xiao had disappeared outside.
Where’s this girl? Xia Xue is preparing to call Han Xiao and ask where to go. When I hear the lounge door being pushed open vigorously, a hot breath blows on my face. Han Xiao is sunburned and his oily clothes are soaked with sweat. She looks a little embarrassed than a mess. She looks worse and looks angry but faint with panic.
"Smile, what’s wrong with you!" See Korean smile this sample Xia Xue got up in surprise.
"Lu Yuanhang is such an asshole!" Han Xiao is full of sweat stains, clutching his mobile phone in his hand and yelling angrily, "He, he, he actually deleted my WeChat! I added him and he actually blacklisted me! "
Han Xiaoyin could collapse the ceiling, but Li Zhenyu looked up at her lightly and looked down at the mobile phone.
"…" Xia Xue dazed carefully looked at Han Xiao to make sure she was serious or not joking. After a slight pause, she tried to speak "Smile, you and Lu Yuanhang … didn’t you break up already?"
When we break up, we should break up neatly! She doesn’t recognize how unforgivable Lu Yuanhang is. After all, she just blacklisted Wu Tianyou’s mobile phone number this afternoon.
"Who broke up with him!" Han Xiao suddenly cried out in a hurry, "Couples who don’t make a small contradiction and quarrel with each other will easily break up!"
Xia Xue raised her eyebrows slightly. She used to pull Han Xiao to sit on the sofa, then brought her a cup of ice water and handed her a disposable wet towel. "Wipe your sweat and have a drink of ice water first! Smile, you don’t know how embarrassed you are now! "
Is it awkward? Anyway, Lu Yuanhang is not there! Han Xiao doesn’t care how bad her image is. She thinks, "Hey, Xia Xue, what do you mean by Lu Yuanhang?"
What do you mean by asking her? Xia Xue realized the seriousness of the matter. Han Xiao was not a stupid woman. Didn’t she see at all that this man was ready to give up?
See Xia Xue don’t answer Han Xiao turned to ask Zhen-Yu Li "Zhen-Yu Li you and Yuan-hang Lu are familiar with help me ask him what he means! What deleted my WeChat? That’s all! Maybe I sent him too many selfie pictures to make him angry! But he added my micro-signal to the blacklist, which means several layers! "
Zhen-yu li finally looked up again very light very light to look at the Korean smile tone more light "this you have to ask others in person is more appropriate! And Xia Xue is pregnant. Can you stop letting her wait on you all the time? "
Han Xiao discovered that Xia Xue had been carrying ice water, handing wet towels and helping her to wipe her sweat. Xia Xue did not stop when she came in. She couldn’t help but get up awkwardly and press Xia Xue into the sofa. Shan Shan tunnel "I said, sister, you are now comparable to a national treasure panda. Just pamper yourself. Don’t be so busy and tired. I can’t afford an accident!"
Mouth said that the in the mind some sour with a woman to see Xia Xue Li Zhenyu side by what kind of treatment and what kind of treatment, if Li Zhenyu doesn’t take care of Xia Xuewei and pampers it because she is pregnant, then she wants to get pregnant, but Liu Yuanhang didn’t promise her future and marriage, let alone children! And she has repeatedly promised that she will never do anything stupid to get pregnant before marriage, let alone be stupid enough for a child to make a rope to tie a man.
Is in the face of this situation, Korea smile in the mind really bad taste.
Xia Xue couldn’t help shaking his head Chen way "diagnosis is not with me! Am I a cripple? I can’t even move! Smile, I want to advise you to calm down for a while and wait for a few days to calm down before thinking and Lu Yuanhang’s future development. "
If they have a future! Xia Xue added in his heart.
"I …" Han Xiao opened his mouth but accidentally dropped a tear. "I’m fine!"
I’m crying! Also said nothing! What Xia Xue wants to say is due to Li Zhenyu’s field, and Han Xiao is too strong. She is inconvenient to discover so that she can quickly give her a pile of paper towels.
Han Xiao wiped her eyes with a paper towel and laughed at herself. "The sun has been drying for a long time and tears have come out!" Head also some dizzy … "
It’s true. She’s really dizzy, bloated, short of breath and unwell.
"It won’t be heatstroke!" Xia Xue woke up and quickly picked up a wet towel and wiped her forehead. "Smile, we’ll take you to the hospital!"
"Don’t price! Don’t move! " Korea smile hurriedly give Xia Xue to press into the sofa again primly "I’m not so effeminacy! It’s hot, but it won’t faint! Just have a rest and cool off! You’re not worried! I am really fine! "
"Laughing" Xia Xue hesitated, but in the end he didn’t hold back. "You said you had a hard time with yourself on a hot day … Look at your tanned skin … be careful!"
The sun has been tossing for so long that no one can keep up with Han Xiao’s physique. She touched the burning cheeks gang, and she may get sunburned, but she grinned strangely. "Nothing! I have a special ice cream for sunburn at home, which is very effective! "
Before the words were finished, Han Xiao’s eyes flashed with light and surprise. He could clearly recognize that Lu Yuanhang was calling and took out his mobile phone, only to find that it was the number of the company’s department manager’s office. His face suddenly turned into depression and panic because she just remembered that she had taken a half-day off and promised to work overtime at noon.
"Han Xiao didn’t you say you came back at half past twelve at noon to work overtime? How come I haven’t seen you! " The department manager’s nickname, Teacher Extinction, is extremely strict with a bad face all day. This time, of course, it is not good for Han Xiao to hit the gun.
"Oh, oh, sorry!" Han Xiao quickly made up a reason: "The road is stuck in traffic … I … I’ll be there in 20 minutes at most!"
"The road traffic jam won’t go forward? Han Xiao, your performance is terrible! Now the company is busy, but you are connected to ask for leave, and now you are late. It’s unconsciousness! Don’t count on this monthly attendance bonus! "
Han Xiao drooped his head and got a good training until the extinction teacher finished his lesson and said, "I’ll go to the company road soon!" I will remember this mistake! "
"Can remember the best! Otherwise … remember that if you don’t perform well in the year-end assessment, you will be fired! " Extinction division will be reprimanded and then snapped up.
Xia Xue took Han Xiao’s hand and said, "Smile, Jin Woo and I will take you to the company at once!"
Even when there is no sadness or tears, Han Xiao can cheer up and go back to the company class.
"Smile" Xia Xue grabbed her arm and wanted to think or have to wake her up. "Your work is very important! Far more important than that man! "
"Eh," Han grinned and squeezed out an ugly smile than crying and said, "I’m white! I will definitely put my mind to work after the light snow … After all, not all women are so blessed as you! "
"…" I don’t know what Xia Xue feel this is a bit wrong, maybe she and Han Xiao deep friendship has unconsciously deteriorated?
"Xiaoxue, don’t think about it!" Looking at Xia Xue’s puzzled smile in her clear eyes, she regretted it. No matter how angry she was, she shouldn’t have rushed Xia Xue. "Our friendship won’t change! Although he is important, he is not important enough for me to give up my best friend! Besides … You’ve never wronged me! Is he has a crush on you … "
"Can you not talk about this topic in front of Xia Xue in the future!" Li Zhenyu grabbed the car keys and cast a handsome face, but it was a little cold. "And you and Lu Yuanhang had better not pull Xia Xue!"
Han Xiao was dazed. She couldn’t think of Li Zhenyu defending Xia Xue so much, for fear that Xia Xue would be wronged a little and treated others unfairly, but he was a little indifferent. So the man devoted his tenderness and feelings to a woman, and Xia Xue was the lucky one.
"all right! After I don’t! " Han Xiao reluctantly turned around and went out with tears in his eyes.
Xia Xue looked back lightly chastising Li Zhenyu, and he took hold of her shoulder. "Let’s go back and rest first! Let Tian Liang send Han Xiao to the company! "
Go back to the road and Pei Shu will drive.
In the back seat, Xia Xue snuggled up to Li Zhenyu’s shoulder and asked softly, "Jin Woo, why did you say that Han laughed at her?"
Come out for a visit. Although things are a little unpleasant because of Han Xiao and Lu Yuanhang, the relationship between Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu has been repaired. These days, the cold suspicion caused by the appearance of Wu Tianyou has slowly melted, and they have re-established a sense of trust and intimacy.