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When Uncle Zhang saw Yu Enze Anbao, he immediately trotted over excitedly. He hugged Yu Enze’s waist and upturned his little face, like Yu Enze’s eyes were full of joy. "Uncle Zhang, how did you find me? I’m so happy to see you."

"Your mother told me that you studied here, and then I found you." Yu Enze made up a white lie.
This cute little guy in front of me is his son, who is five years old.
It turns out that he still has a son. He and long summer share the same baby.
For five years, he didn’t know anything all the time, so he separated from his son for no reason for five years.
Yu Enze hugged his arms, Anbao’s eyes were hot and humid, and he suddenly didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad at the moment.
Simple AnBao today, he met an uncle named Zhang by chance. He didn’t know that holding him now was his real father.
If Amber knew that he was his father, would he be happy or sad?
"Oh, that uncle Zhang is coming to play football with us, right?" Amber blinked her beautiful phoenix eyes and looked at Yu Enze.
"My good uncle is going to play football with you." Yu Enze suppressed his excitement and complicated mood and forced a smile.
In the afternoon, the sky was covered with purple and pink haze, and the sunshine was full of Anbao’s sweaty and innocent smiling face, which was like a layer of bright gold. The soft breeze echoed with his laughter after he and Yu Enze won.
"Let’s take a photo with our uncle to celebrate our victory in Laianbao." Yu Enze pulled Anbao to his side affectionately.
"Ok, uncle, don’t forget to give me one when the photos are developed." Amber couldn’t wait.
The mobile phone "clicks" a blue sky, a green lawn, a big one and a small one, and a clear smile is fixed into eternity.
My heart is beating violently and my hand is shaking. Maybe I have to cry for joy to form Yu Enze’s mood at this moment.
He stare big eyes straight wait for a while looked at the photo, one big and one small, which is almost as handsome as him. Yan Anbao is his Anbao, his own flesh and blood. Yes, Anbao is his son. It is true.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three That uncle, you will be my father.
"Uncle Uncle" Amber cocked her little head and kept shaking her arms, staring at the photos in her mobile phone.
Yu Enze recovered his mind. His eyes were half full of glittering and translucent lips. At this moment, he wanted to tell Anbao that he was his father, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something and he couldn’t say a word.
"Uncle, why are you crying?" Amber held out her tender little hand and lovingly wiped away tears from her face.
If it weren’t for Anbao waking up, Yu Enze didn’t realize that he was rude. A five-year-old child shed tears in front of him. He hurriedly forced himself to suppress his excitement and smiled gently at Anbao’s own son in front of him. "Uncle is happy with you. Uncle shed tears happily."
"If you are happy, just laugh. Don’t shed tears. Tears are sad." Anbao solemnly told Yu Enze, "Uncle, you should laugh happily with me later, okay?"
"A good uncle must laugh like a dear Amber." Yu Enze hugged Amber in his arms. He held him tightly for fear that Amber would disappear from his world in a second. This is his baby. He loves his sweetheart and treasures his heart.
"If your father suddenly appears in front of you one day, will you be happy?"
Amber suddenly fell silent. He slowly walked to the audience and sat down to see him. He looked at the immature voice in front of him gloomily, but seemed to be carrying a limit. He floated in the air. "I don’t know if my father would be happy if he suddenly appeared in front of me. Maybe he would."
"What" Yu Enze Anbao sat beside him and his mood suddenly became heavy.
"Maybe it’s because I miss him so much that I’m sad." Amber seemed to sigh.
Yu Enze stared at the picture of Anbao, which was very similar. His cold and handsome face was covered with Anbao’s age, so he shouldn’t be so sad at this time.
Who is wrong now?
Who drew a long-unhealed wound for Anbao’s young mind?
For so many years, Amber has never had a father’s love. When he grew up in childhood, how much did he have to bear? He should not bear the pressure.
Whose fault is it?
If you want to study the matter from beginning to end, you can’t blame long summer alone, but Yu Enze is also responsible.
Although he didn’t know anything about Anbao before, he was Anbao’s biological father. He did disappear from Anbao’s world for five years. He didn’t give Anbao the fatherly love he deserved.
So he Yu Enze is also at fault.
Do you want to tell Amber who he really is?
品茶What if I told her that Amber was not prepared?