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Defensive counterattack has always been a lot of routines practiced by Mourinho in his training.

On the other hand, Barcelona will have to attack Real Madrid and shrink their defense lines, and they will have to fight positional warfare before formation.
However, Real Madrid defender Jose Mourinho has improved a lot compared with the previous coach.
Barcelona’s attack for 1 minute has not yet achieved results.
Although Messi dribbled Fernando Alonso and was shown a yellow card by the referee, he never scored.
Barcelona is also a bit unlucky.
In the 52 nd minute, Fabregas had already hung a shot over a former goalkeeper, casillas, but was desperately returned to the Pepe line to clear the ball.
Although Barcelona players around the referee demanded that the goal be scored, the referee insisted that the goal was not scored
Then the big screen playback was lost first, not to mention that the ball crossed the goal line as a whole, and even the goal line didn’t arrive, so Pepe got out of the way.
The referee’s decision is accurate or wrong.
Although Barcelona players are still a little aggrieved, there is nothing they can do.
A long attack will naturally be countered by Real Madrid.
The counterattack speed of the professional Mourinho flag team is very fast, especially when there are super-fast players such as Luo, Lu Wenbin and Di Maria, the counterattack speed is the highest in the world.
In the 57th minute, Messi dribbled the ball by Ramos with a fierce and accurate tackle.
Although Messi fell to the ground and asked the referee to punish Ramos for a foul, the referee ignored him
This is a good head-on tackle.
Messi also complained bitterly that his Barcelona players also cooperated with Messi to attack when Ramos shoveled the ball and landed on Di Maria’s foot.
Di Maria immediately turned and ran with the ball in the middle. Lu Wenbin and Luo Du on the other side of Zema immediately turned and rushed to Barcelona.
Barcelona players are naturally frightened and equally desperate to defend.
But Real Madrid’s counterattack speed is too fast.
In the face of Alves’ defense, Di Mariangan didn’t try to break through directly and kicked the ball to the middle. Lu Wenbin ran ahead.
Because of the sudden defensive counterattack, Lu Wenbin had no one else to defend except busquets.
Pique defends Zemapuyol and defends Luo. Everyone else has taken part in the attack and ran to the frontcourt. It is no longer possible to defend.
Busquets even pulled and dragged Lu Wenbin and couldn’t carry the ball smoothly.
So after receiving Di Maria’s ball, Lu Wenbin kicked the ball to Luo’s side when there was no wave, and then inserted it himself.
Lu Wenbin is not the only one who can follow and defend the ball.
After receiving the ball, Ronaldo couldn’t press Puyol to continue with the ball, and Mourinho warned Ronaldo not to take a long shot casually, but to cross the ball to Zema in the middle again
However, Zema also shot smoothly with Pique’s defense method and the angle was small. Valdes had blocked most of his shot angle.
Therefore, Zema didn’t force a small angle shot, but raised his foot and knocked the ball to the rear at the moment of receiving the ball.
This is a defensive counterattack routine practiced in training.
Of course, it is also a kind of luck that the counter-attack was so smooth that the Barcelona players didn’t touch the ball several times in the middle.
Zema’s heel knock caught Puyol and Valdes off guard, but they couldn’t come when they tried to grab the ball again.
Chapter 534 Revenge
The ball ran and rushed to Lu Wenbin, who had thrown off the interference of informants in the busquets Forbidden Area and lifted his feet and shot low.
桑拿会所The ball went straight to the right corner and went to Barcelona. All the players and fans got into the net in despair.
In the 57th minute, Real Madrid made a quick counterattack and broke Barcelona’s goal again.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat-trick. Real Madrid is 4 ahead and one goal short of the 5 th defeat in the season.
Real Madrid fans in the stands jumped and danced excitedly as if it were a holiday.
Barcelona players and fans are white and bloodless.
The score of 4 reminds them of the score of the season.
Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid, has been so strong since he joined us last season, even if he is better than Barcelona, he feels desperate.
Then there were some differences in the team department of Barcelona field
Fabregas, Sanchez, Messi and other attacking players naturally want to continue attacking, score goals as soon as possible, narrow the difference and avoid being shaved by Real Madrid.
The defenders Alves, Pique, Puyol and others naturally want to make the defense stronger and not let Real Madrid score again.