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But it’s what makes people miss me the most. That’s the mentality now. Although I am a husband and wife with Wei Qingyi, marriage is a transaction. I don’t know if Wei Qingyi’s feelings for me are as good as I am to him. I just can’t bear to give up my lust and want to cling to it.

Depressed, vomiting blood, holding a pillow, I was lying in bed tossing and turning. If I wanted to go back to Wei Qingyi with one click, he was so kind to me. If I responded early and told him how I felt, wouldn’t it be the current situation?
The night is as cool as water. In early autumn, the moonlight shines on the windowsill. I feel very lonely. No one likes loneliness and doesn’t want to be disappointed.
I closed my sense of ignorance about Wei to protect him. I blindly believed that he was an honest man and tried to say that he was not the kind of irresponsible person.
I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I made a Mengmeng.
The next day, I was woken up by bamboo again. I was so sleepy that I didn’t want to get up, but bamboo woke up and didn’t get up. I couldn’t get up. I could hold the bamboo building while rubbing my eyes and hand it over to the housekeeper. I didn’t go upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth and change clothes again.
"Yeah, yeah, fish, fish, fish" grabbed a small bamboo hand and reached into the water, then quickly pulled it back and then pulled it back. Bamboo was fooled by me and giggled.
Seeing that bamboo was so funny, I laughed, too. Qi Guanjia accompanied us for a while, and then I went to busy with his business. I strolled along the corridor with bamboo, and a gust of wind blew and smelled the fragrance. I was happy to hold bamboo in my heart and accelerated my pace.
When I came to the south yard around the corner, my eyes lit up and I saw clusters of golden small flowers blooming in the courtyard. It was refreshing to smell the flowers swaying in the wind!
Seeing this full house of sweet-scented osmanthus, I thought that I didn’t taste a mouthful of sweet-scented osmanthus when I made it in Osmanthus Jelly a few months ago. Who will I cook it for?
I sat dimly on a tree, stone bench, bamboo stretched out his hand and pulled the small flowers on the floating stone table. I took a few flowers and put them in front of my nose. I sniffed them and thought about it. I went back to the main house with bamboo in my arms and took a cloth bag to push the bamboo stroller and pushed the bamboo. I came back to the south yard.
I picked a sweet-scented osmanthus for bamboo to play with in the bamboo cart. I picked up the small flowers in the tree with a cloth bag and reached for the dense flowers.
桑拿会所Section 226
When Bamboo saw me picking osmanthus, it was also making baby. She stretched out her hand to pick the railing and got up. She held the car with one hand and reached into the middle with the other, making baby. She called me to take a look and picked one for her. She took osmanthus branches and sat and played with them again, so I left her alone.
There are a lot of osmanthus trees. I picked most of the bags unconsciously, and my neck was tired and my hands were tired before I sat down and rested. I saw that most of the bags were sweet.
I didn’t remember that it was Sunday until Li Jing came to find me when I forgot to play in the South Yard. I was going to eat at Li Jing’s house.
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter 23 is too lenient.
"It’s a good thing I’m here, or you’ll forget to specify it." Li Jing came to the South Yard to find me, and I forgot to agree on a good thing when I took care of picking sweet-scented osmanthus.
I ha ha quick way "this is not busy picking sweet-scented osmanthus. Come and help me pick some more. I can’t reach it" and handed the bag to Li Jing.
Li Jingnai took it and looked at the tree. He walked over and stretched out his hand and pulled the higher branches to pick osmanthus and put it in the bag. It was easy for me to pick it with Li Jing’s help.
Li Jing grew taller, and if she could reach higher, I would pick short osmanthus flowers, and soon we picked a bag full.
Li Jing held the bamboo, and I put the bag in the stroller and pushed it back to the main house. I gave the bag to the chef Rong and told him to take it to the sun and help me pick more. Chef Rong readily agreed.
"Let’s go" Li Jing said to me when he saw that I had explained the matter.
"Wait for me to get something upstairs." I said that and went upstairs. Li Jing said, "Well, hurry up."
I nodded and went back to my room to get diapers, underwear and some milk powder. I put things in my backpack and changed my clothes. I simply dressed up before I went to my handbag and backpack.
When I came to the living room and saw Li Jing smiling, I wondered, "What’s so happy?"
Li Jing shook his head and said, "Is there nothing to go?" I nodded should go to the door Li Jing holding bamboo followed out.
Li Jing’s car stopped outside the gate, and we went out of the gate. Li Jing gave me the bamboo. I held the bamboo and gave it to Li Jing. I just wanted to get in the car and saw Yi Yue driving back.