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I droop my eyelids

Several girls kept kowtowing. Perhaps they knew that Ye Xiangyuan had diverted the target and begged me for mercy.
But what if it succeeded yesterday?
Then I’ll be disgraced. Ye Xiangyuan will also be laughed at by Li family cronies …
I tilted my head and pretended not to hear them ask for help.
If you forgive everyone who tries to hurt me, you are not responsible for yourself.
So I can’t accept their begging for mercy.
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a look with a touch of appreciation.
He lifted the bar slightly and soon several tall men came in.
Several girls with their mouths covered can sob and cry and struggle constantly.
But in the end, I was torn off and pinned down …
Their eyes are full of despair.
Chapter 121 Shopping
As soon as I started, I couldn’t bear to look at it again. Don’t be embarrassed in silence.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me from behind and lifted me up. Ba Shen said, "Look!"
I was forced to stare at the ground and roll into a ball of men and women.
There are people taking pictures next to them
Those girls earned their hands and feet fiercely, tied with ropes, and left a string of red marks because of their struggle. Those men were so dynamic and rude that they finally lost their strength to struggle, and some of them were almost unconscious.
Ye Xiangyuan’s breath blows my ears. "Look at me carefully. I hope you don’t need to be persecuted by me once."
I couldn’t bear to look at Tsening chess when he was punished, so he forced me to stare until the end.
He wants me to get in touch with this cruel world more deeply.
Just like he told Xiao Jin to keep training every day, so that Xiao Jin knew that he was carrying a blood feud.
I closed my eyes and opened them again, looking harder at the chaotic picture.
Section 114
To be with him is to get in touch with these bloodiness and ferocity, and maybe there are more unacceptable things waiting for me in the future.
I have to get used to it
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t let me go until it was all over.
Those girls were dragged away, leaving us in the warehouse.
There is still a strong smell in the air, which makes people sick.
No matter how much I tell myself to calm down, I am not affected by it.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and kissed me on the forehead, encouraging, "Baby, you are doing very well."
I wry smile.
He led me out slowly. "I’ll leave things here to Xiao Wen. Let’s go home."
I’m still a little breathless
His tone is too understated, as if the cruel punishment was just a fireworks or a playground, and a program didn’t leave any waves in his heart at all.
Once again, I really saw how cruel his world was
Maybe it’s because I’m in a low mood and the fallen leaves have been holding me far away and stuffing me into the car
At this time, it is just the most poisonous time in the afternoon. Although the sunshine is good, it will burn people’s eyes.
The car was turned on alternately, and I couldn’t help shivering.
I took a deep breath and felt the coldness of my hands and feet.
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly took off my low-heeled sandals and held my feet.
His palm is wide, hot and gently rubbed and massaged.
I looked up at him in shock.
He just looked over and his eyes were gentle and deep, as if he could drown people.
I couldn’t bear to look away, so I looked at him quietly.
He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. "Baby, don’t be afraid of me."
I suddenly felt a warm current floating in my heart, as if it had been warm from being gripped by his ankles to my body.
He judo "I have nothing to do to go shopping with you today, right?"
This makes me even more surprised.
He smiled slightly. "It took three months to come back. Sometimes, of course, you have to spend more time with your wife."
I pursed my lips.
He warmed my instep for a while and then warmed my hand before starting the car.
On the way back, the sunshine glass reflects dazzling eyes, which makes people warm.
My heart is warm too.
Finally, the car drove into the city center and stopped at Yuncheng.
夜网论坛I have a deep memory here …
I bit my lip awkwardly.