If the powerful skills are broken directly like my neighbor totoro, it’s just that this dark caterpillar is biting the game directly!

And this is not the same as making the skill crack. The red, green and green lines appear in the bite of the dark caterpillar, which reminds Chen Mo of the hacking scene in many movies.
Chen Mo frowned. He knew it might be difficult for him to do those things, but he didn’t expect such an amazing secret to be hidden behind him!
No matter how you look at this black caterpillar, it is not a simple thing in this game world!
The black caterpillar bites quickly, and it is going to drill away from the bite. Chen Mo no longer waits for his body to move suddenly to the black caterpillar.
Black dragon, strike!
Facing the black caterpillar, Chen Mo brazenly made the black dragon strike skill with the fastest hand attack power and attack speed.
Chen Mo is not sure that he can stop the black caterpillar without black dragon’s batting skill.
Black dragon strikes like a flash, and blinks at a distance of tens of meters, that is, like a snapdragon magnetic storm, the sea spear stung the tiny body of the black caterpillar.
The black caterpillar obviously didn’t expect it to be attacked at this time. In the face of the magnetic storm sea spear attack, there was a look of panic in its eyes. It was already trying to avoid being nailed to the body by the magnetic storm sea spear and pushed out more than ten meters away.
While the black caterpillar was pushed away from the biting position, Chen Mo took the opportunity to rush forward and prepare to arrest the black caterpillar.
But can you hold Chen Mo? I have no idea.
Just now, he saw clearly that the magnetic storm sea spear hit the black caterpillar and pushed it more than ten meters away, but the black caterpillar was not hurt, as if he was attacking a creature in the game. Otherwise, even if the black caterpillar was strong, it would not be hit for more than ten meters and would not be hurt.
Ice crystal armor!
When rushing to the black caterpillar, Chen Mo just learned the ice crystal armor skills.
Outside Chen Mo’s body, he was immediately covered by a layer of ice crystals to form a armor with glittering and translucent light.
Compared with ice crystal skin, this ice crystal armor not only has the ability to resist ice properties, but also can effectively resist ordinary attacks. Moreover, during the coverage period of ice crystal armor, Chen Mo attacks have a chance to freeze the enemy.
Although the probability is not high, a few more attacks will always work. Chen Mo wants to freeze the black caterpillar to see if he can catch it.
See Chen Mo came at it with a look of anger and cruelty in the eyes of the black caterpillar.
It’s scary to see this black caterpillar swell up to the size of a thumb, and then it instantly becomes ten times larger and becomes a huge caterpillar as big as a bucket.
When the black caterpillar gets bigger, it roars at Chen Mo. Chen Mo looks at the black caterpillar and his pupils suddenly shrink!
What kind of ghost attack is this!
Looked at the attack Chen Mo horror.
After seeing the black caterpillar roar, although it was not broken around, it was like a lake with a slight ripple, and red and green alternating lines appeared in front of Chen Mo.
Although I don’t know what effect these lines have on him, Chen Mo is obviously afraid to touch them.
I’m afraid even if you have enemy defense skills in the game, touching these lines will not have a good result!
Chen Mo flashed this idea in his heart. He was in a hurry to bypass these red and green lines and catch the black caterpillar.
The black caterpillar became huge, roared out this strange attack, and then its body became smaller again.
Not good!
After Chen Mo’s black caterpillar became smaller, he could catch it with a little stop, but he didn’t expect to dare to set foot in the rippling place, but the black caterpillar swooped to the side.
Not only that, it obviously becomes very fragile, and the black caterpillar can easily bite through its mouth.
Three shots!
The sea spear can’t be used for the time being. Chen Mo can make the grayfeathered hand crossbow attack the black caterpillar in three shots, trying to stop the black caterpillar from escaping.
Chen Mo’s reaction is not unpleasant, but the latitude of being yelled at by a black caterpillar is obviously different from ordinary.
In the normal game, it is absolutely unreasonable for Chen Mo to shoot the crossbow, but in this rippling lake, the arrow shot by Chen Mo is not shot at the black caterpillar, but is offset by a full meter.
According to the position of the three arrows, Chen Mo quickly corrected the deviation, and the gray feather crossbow moved the crossbow and shot it again
This time, even if there is an offset, Chen Mo is sure to shoot the black caterpillar accurately
But when Chen Mo shot the second hand crossbow attack, the black caterpillar was already rippling and biting out a crack that it could get into.
The black caterpillar didn’t get into it for the first time, but looked back coldly. Chen Mo looked at the arrows coming at it. It didn’t bow its head into the crack until the arrows were about to hit its body.
Chen Mo shot the arrow and followed it, but the black caterpillar was not afraid of the arrow attack. Even if Chen Mo’s arrow hit the black caterpillar inside, Chen Mo would stop the black caterpillar from leaving.
Still let this black caterpillar escape!
Chen Mo heart sank.
The first time he came into contact with the black caterpillar, he didn’t know what means the black caterpillar had. If he knew in advance, the black caterpillar would never escape from his palm.
What Chen Mo didn’t know was that even if he had seen a black caterpillar before, it was unlikely that he would try to stop it.
Compared with the black caterpillar before, the black caterpillar has evolved significantly.
As Chen Mo’s heart sank, a huge body suddenly flashed before his eyes!
Chen Mo didn’t expect my totoro to appear at this time.
My neighbor totoro didn’t say hello to Chen Mo either. It was a big hand, a hand and a palm, and it plunged into the black caterpillar’s escape force.
桑拿会所Cheep! ! !
When an angry sound came, my neighbor totoro’s palm stretched out from the crack, and it grabbed the escaped black caterpillar in its palm!
Chen Mo’s heart is happy. I didn’t expect things to turn around. My neighbor totoro took the initiative to help him catch the strange black caterpillar!
It seems that he has been wrong about it before. This guy is still very reliable sometimes!
But for a moment, Chen Mo never imagined that things appeared.
When I saw my totoro’s big mouth, I threw the black caterpillar into my mouth, and when I clicked it, the black caterpillar turned into pieces and disappeared.
This, this …