Buffon wonderful save! If it is a little later, the ball will go through the Juventus goal!

Buffon wonderful save! If it is a little later, the ball will go through the Juventus goal!
Qin Xiong is very excited, and he is not too disappointed.
Just after the war, casillas will challenge Buffon again.
God, how many players on active duty have this opportunity?
Juventus’ attack is still half dead.
Their attacks are often ended by arsenal’s defense in the frontcourt. I am surprised to be familiar with the fast pace against arsenal’s defenders in the premier league!
Is this Juventus?
Is it the opponent who was fired before the game?
I can’t feel the pressure!
Fortunately, there are still one or two superstars in Real Madrid who rely on their personal abilities to make the defense very headache and make dangerous things happen in front of the door.
Juventus didn’t even get a decent shot!
On the contrary, Arsenal rely on fast and smooth cooperation to constantly create shooting opportunities in attack.
In the 29th minute of the game, Qin Xiong made a tacit agreement with Pires on the left to cut into the restricted area for cover. After Qin Xiong dragged on, he suddenly missed the defender Thuram Cannavaro and was rushed into the restricted area by the back point. Ljungberg headed the ball!
It’s a pity that Ljungberg’s goal in front of the goal was really slippery. He headed the goal and flew directly to the stands, otherwise it would be a beautiful goal!
Ljungberg missed a chance to score a goal with a back nod. It can be seen that Buffon was not in a good position just now. He couldn’t have moved to the back to block the near post for the first time. Ljungberg had to head the ball to the back of the goal, but he missed it!
Wenger covered his face on the sidelines to show that Naitan didn’t love and hate Ljungberg, but missing an opportunity in the peak showdown might really be an instant of regret for life!
Capello is really stunned. Arsenal is better than he thought!
There are also some defenders in Juventus who can’t defend Arsenal headon. They must make more defensive efforts to turn the situation around.
But how to work hard?
There is a foul!
From this moment in the game, Juventus is not only very weak in attack, but also frequently fouls in defense, which can change the game from dynamic to static, and let the old Juventus sometimes slow down and rearrange their defense lines.
Soon Juventus players will get a yellow card, and what happened in the 35th minute of the game may be unexpected for all Arsenal fans! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. ]
Once again, I wish you a happy MidAutumn Festival!
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Vieira shoveled down Qin Xiong!
When Vieira first returned to Highbury Stadium, most gunmen fans in the stands chose to ignore it.
Neither welcome nor dislike.
After all, the captain of the team was the cornerstone of the team.
Vieira Arsenal has made countless contributions and can be said to be a player of the times in the Premier League!
However, when he wore a Juventus jersey and was knocked down by the fans in a familiar way, the stands first fell into a short silence
Then arsenal fans in the stands seemed to have lost their minds and made a move
Shh! Endless!
Just as Vieira took the initiative to reach out and pull up Qin Xiong, he stopped moving. He heard the harsh hiss. He turned his head and looked as if he could see the fans in the stands showing ferocious expressions at him!
His body froze, then stretched and then retracted his hand. He turned around and ignored Qin Xiong. He also ignored the referee and showed him a yellow card.
Qin Xiong got up by himself. He still respected Vieira, but at this time, he had to put his personal feelings aside. He didn’t take a look at Vieira.
What caused Highbury hero to become a public enemy sinner in front of a familiar crowd a year ago?
Is it the score card Arsenal 1: 1 ahead of Juventus?
Was it the most difficult time for the team to turn around and leave?
Or is it that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before?
Can’t say for sure.
Although there are stories of loyalty betrayal in football, betrayal is always more dazzling than loyalty, and it is easier to become a vent target. Moreover, the reason for leaving the old people will always be misinterpreted or summarized as betrayal
It’s better to see each other when you’re away from home!
桑拿When it is necessary to meet again and revisit the old place, every deserter may have to be labeled as the public enemy of the betrayed person. If someone can warmly welcome you back with a smile, then you should be grateful because there are very few scenes like that!
Juventus’ offense is still a mess except foul and improved defense!
The more you kick, the less you will fight.
This makes Ibrahimovic feel that there is an evil fire in his heart at the front line.
In the last game, he thought that Qin Xiong was taller, but now Qin Xiong is sharpedged, and he seems to have entered hibernation, and even the number of touching balls is pitiful, let alone what he has done.
The top teams in European football have their own tacit attack groups.
Juventus is no exception, but there are key players in it!
Devid is the key factor, which is to attack the core players in the group.