Chen Shu cut to the chase and said, "You go and kill Chu Feipeng."

Then came Pan Dong’s harsh voice "You are not qualified to order me"
Chen Shudao: "Do you think you can still live if I publicize your betrayal of Ye Er?"
Pandong didn’t speak.
Chen Shudao "It’s like this when I give you two days."
In less than a minute, the amount of conversation information is huge.
I looked Pan Dong in surprise.
He is still calm.
桑拿论坛It turns out that he already knew Chen Shu.
And … Chen Shu said he betrayed Ye Xiangyuan …
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan again.
Section 242
He looked as usual and couldn’t see what his mood was.
It suddenly occurred to me that Ye Xiangyuan said that rape was with him and Ye Li’s card was also his close person.
Is Pan Dong the traitor?
It occurred to me that when Ye Sanye sneaked into Qinyuan and took me away, Pan Dong deliberately pretended to faint. Could he have done that because he wanted to let Ye Sanye go?
But he showed it to Chu, at least to prove that he was still on Ye Xiangyuan’s side.
I didn’t think much about it, and the third recording was released again.
This recording is a key record of Chen Shu ordering another killer to kill Chu Feipeng.
All this has to do with Chen Shuyou.
I looked at Chen Shu, and his calm face didn’t know what to think.
No wonder he was absent-minded. Maybe he knew he would be targeted like this?
But I’m not as scared as his face.
Maybe it’s because I did too many bad things that I expected this day.
I thought I would wait until this lawsuit was over before giving the information my grandfather gave me to the police and letting the law deal with him.
It seems that this is not necessary now.
Pan Dong said a few words after giving these three decisive evidences to the effect that Chen Shu asked him to kill Chu Feipeng, but he didn’t promise Chen Shu to find someone else.
Later, other people’s cards also produced evidence that He Xinlong framed Chu’s ship.
Generally speaking, Xinlonghe doesn’t want to turn over again.
When the last witness finished his testimony, Li jiaqi got up and left directly. He didn’t wait for the verdict.
His face was horribly black, and he gave Ye Xiangyuan a gloomy look before he left.
The outcome, of course, is that Chu won the lawsuit.
Chen Shu and Xinlong, the old man, were detained in court
After waiting for them, of course, it is the public inspection machine for interrogation and legal sanctions.
Old Xinlong was very excited and kept shouting injustice.
Chen Shu was horribly calm. He looked back at me and Ye Xiangyuan before he was taken away. His eyes were strange.
I’m a little scared.
But he quickly gathered his eyes, and I wondered for a moment if I was delusional.
After that, I didn’t delve into it. It’s impossible for him to send someone to kill us, is it?
Even if he wants to kill someone, it’s not that easy to succeed.
Just like Li jiaqi, he always wanted to step on Ye Xiangyuan, but he still lost.
Now Li jiaqi is estimated to be distressed about how to shut up Xinlong, the old man, and not send him out.
But this is not what I want to worry about.
Chu won the lawsuit, which is the most exciting.
And I didn’t expect such an amazing reversal at all.
Although I expected that Ye Xiangyuan must have another move, I underestimated his affairs and means.
This is simply unilateral crushing.
The ironclad evidence is thrown out, and the other party doesn’t even have a chance to argue.
It took me a long time to recover from such a shock.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me with a smile. "I didn’t hear what I just thought."
I grasped his hand tightly. "You …"
I don’t know what to say or ask.
I always feel that words can’t express my thoughts.
He smiled and touched my face. "It’s time to go back. If we can make it, we can have lunch with grandpa and them."
We have just gone through a lawsuit that may completely bankrupt Chu’s ship, a thrilling trial that may threaten the whole Chu and Ye’s conspiracy.
But he’s so light as if he’s just been manipulated, but he can’t go home to eat with grandpa and them
I mumbled something to my lips for a long time and sincerely said, "You are amazing."
He seemed to be amused by me and pinched my face. "It doesn’t feel bad to be worshipped by my wife."