"I need you too!"

Hearing footsteps, she looked up consciously and saw mayor coming to her side. She jumped from her chair to him with joy. "You finally came out!" "
Mayor looked at her with complicated eyes, and his mood was mixed.
Ke Xin stopped in front of him to see that he looked pale. She asked carefully, "What’s the matter with you?"
He stayed there for a long time without answering. She was watching her eyes get darker and darker, and it became more and more unpleasant.
"Ray … mayor … what’s wrong with you?" The first time she said to herself, "You look very unhappy."
In just a few minutes, it was like half a century, and he always choked up when he wanted to speak. Who can understand the sad taste in his voice? Bitterness spreads to the apex of my heart. Looking at her, he is distressed and painful, but he always doesn’t want to say anything. He stretched out his hand and pulled her open arm, holding her tightly in his arms, and all his emotions were condensed in this hug.
His arms held her head tightly and pressed her shoulder. He said to himself over and over again. Do you know how much I love you? Kexin, do you know how painful this child’s coming has been for me? Baby, do you know how much I mean?
Scarlet eyes are slightly moist. What should he do? The first time he was so confused! Because this woman is the one he loves most!
Kexin’s stiff body should be pushed away when he holds her! She didn’t want to be held by her brother, but she didn’t do it. She didn’t push him away. She didn’t hate anything, but she didn’t reject it.
His arms are so strong that he hugs her so tightly that she can hardly breathe. She can’t see his expression, but she can feel his pain from his cold body temperature. I feel a little distressed. I just met this man not long ago!
"Kexin …" He told her to hold her arm tighter and wanted to rub her into her body.
"hmm!" She responded to his gentleness. Does he have anything to say to himself? If he is unhappy, she is willing to listen to him and share his worries with him.
Waiting for one minute, three minutes and five minutes … However, he has never written.
She’s the only one he’s not going to talk about. He spoke again. "Can we please go home?"
His voice was pleading, but he was serious and firm, and he shook his eyebrows happily. "Go home?" They just came out. Why are they going back? She doesn’t know that she understands the meaning and he says it is two concepts.
His voice was hoarse and astringent. "Well, will you come home with me?" Go back to their world with him.
She bit her lip as if this movement had become her habit.
This won’t work! He promised that he would take her to his brother today!
I tried to push him away several times in vain. She just said, "We can’t go back. I want to find my brother!" "
His throat is bitter, his eyes are dark and he has no luster at all.
His amnesia baby broke his heart to pieces.
But he doesn’t blame her, not at all.
"Well, I’ll take you to find …"
His words made her very happy, and her mouth was full of smiles. At this moment, she has long forgotten the inspection. Now her heart is this: "Thank you, Mayor, shall we start now?"
"Well, let’s go now!" He let go of her and took out her mobile phone from her trousers. "Wait here for me to join the car."
"hmm!" She smiled sweetly at him and looked forward to seeing her brother at once.
He turned his head and didn’t want to look at her again because her smile was extremely dazzling to him. He quickly walked down the corridor and stepped out of her sight to dial the phone. "What do you want, Wang?"
Mayor side left nanchen night came out from the shadows.
They just hugged, and all the pictures fell into his eyes.
He approached Kexin with heavy steps, like Satan in the dark night, with air conditioning all over.
Are they together again these days?
If I hadn’t come to the hospital to find her yesterday, I wouldn’t have known that she had left the hospital long ago and was still with him.
Damn it, he feels cheated.
She doesn’t have amnesia. She’s faking it!
He was cheated by this woman.
His face is as heavy as Yamaraja’s, damn woman!
Good. Dare to play with him. He wants her to pay.
At present, it is more and more clear that Junrong makes Kexin dream. Looking at this face, she is not sure that rubbing her eyes is really her brother. God, she saw her brother? And my brother is coming towards her.
It’s him! Did he come to pick himself up? Great! Great! I knew my brother would not lose himself! He said that he wanted her to stay with him for the rest of her life. She never forgot this sentence!
She was so happy that she didn’t notice his gloomy face at all.
Before he came over, she trotted over and sweetly called her "Brother …"
He glanced at her coldly, grabbed her wrist and left without saying anything! "Brother, where are you taking me?"
Seeing him pulling himself forward, she asked, "Brother, are we going home?"
She thought of mayor, so it’s not good to leave with her brother. She should say hello to him! Thank him for taking her in and bringing her to the hospital these days!
"Brother, and so on … I haven’t told mayor … well, brother hurts … hurts …" The wrist pain made Kexin cry out.
She said pathetically, "Brother can be happy and painful …"
This picture of her angered him even more. On the night of Nanchen, the palm of your hand seemed to break her bones again.
It’s foolish of him to be deceived by her appearance, or is it true that she has amnesia?
"Pain … pain …" She was frightened by the pain. She would feel more pain if she tried to pull her hand away from her brother’s palm.
Brother angry? This consciousness makes her so sad!
Because my brother was angry that day, too
Is he still angry about the baby?
Nan Chen pulled Kexin away at night and suddenly someone behind him shouted, "Wait, sir, I have something to tell you!" "
The snoring didn’t stop Nan Chen’s night, and he didn’t even turn his head back.
The doctors didn’t even know each other’s names after calling for several times, but they didn’t hear them running after them.
The doctor came after them quickly, panting and stopped them. "Sir … wait … wait … I have something to tell you!" "
夜网论坛"get out!" His lips and teeth popped out a word coldly.
Section 326
The doctor didn’t know what was going on when he opened his eyes. Did this gentleman say to him? I heard wrong. "Sir, you forgot me … I am …"