The ruling gods saw that Ling Feiyang was bitten by a green snake and was able to continue fighting. His eyes showed awe. The old man suddenly gave a whistle in the middle of his mouth, and the bushes next to the altar immediately gave a "rustling" sound!

Ling Feiyang looked up and found that the black spider had laid a Zhang greatly spider’s web on his head and was proudly preparing to catch turtles in a jar. Another toad saw his brother’s dead hind legs and slammed angrily at Ling Feiyang. His long tongue suddenly rolled out at Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang’s right hand came out of the disease, and unexpectedly, a poisonous gas in the toad’s tongue was immediately ejected from the toad’s mouth, but Ling Feiyang did not care, and then he slammed the toad’s force on the centipede’s back!
The toad was dozens of times larger than the centipede, and the centipede was immediately smashed into several pieces, and all the toad’s viscera were broken and snorted, killing the centipede’s back.
At this time, a huge thing suddenly rushed out of the bushes next to it, but it turned out to be a giant scorpion that was half as tall as a man!
Ling Fei Yang was shocked to see that the giant scorpion’s two tongs were clipped to himself like scissors, and hurriedly retreated backwards. This giant scorpion suddenly had a three-foot long scorpion tail and swept over to Ling Feiyang!
This scorpion tail is like a whip sweeping the altar rubble, which is no less powerful than the martial arts expert attacking Ling Feiyang and dare not neglect to use a trick "Luo Shen Ling Bo" to fly out of the scorpion tail!
This giant scorpion seems to understand martial arts. The scorpion tail suddenly stops and hides a poisonous needle in the coccyx, just like a sharp spear stabbing Ling Feiyang in the chest!
Ling Feiyang has been stopped by a spider’s web behind him. The retreat suddenly reached for this poisonous needle and then the capacity was dragged back! The huge body of the giant scorpion immediately flew backwards and hit the spider web!
The black spider jumped up suddenly and escaped the fatal impact of the giant scorpion, but the spider web was hit by the giant scorpion and covered the giant scorpion!
Black spider became angry from embarrassment and spat out more than a dozen silk threads in succession, and wrapped them around Ling Feiyang’s neck. But this spider silk is far less tenacious than gold silk. Ling Feiyang’s palm even waved like a sword to cut off these silk threads.
Without these silk threads, the black spider lost its dependence. The giant scorpion was struggling to get rid of these silk threads, but it didn’t see it. The spider stepped on the spider’s belly and the black spider was immediately trampled to powder!
This giant scorpion has still failed to get rid of the cobwebs, and it has completely failed to attack Ling Feiyang’s dark capacity. It has always been pushed by the giant scorpion with a trick of "Kang Long has regrets"!
"Ling Xianggong is merciful!" LanYuZhu suddenly rushed to block ling float in the sky!
Chapter 172 Yang refers to VS flame knife
This move of "Kang Long has regrets" is so powerful that even martial arts experts will probably be beaten with broken tendons and broken five zang-organs. This is a scorpion!
Fortunately, Ling Feiyang heard the cry of LanYuzhu and hurriedly admitted his palm. Fortunately, this giant scorpion did not suffer the same fate as the green snake, toad, centipede and spider.
"This giant scorpion culture is not easy to be grandpa’s favorite pet. Don’t kill it!" Blue jade bead call way
The white-haired old man in the middle of the altar hurriedly came forward and tore off all the cobwebs of the giant scorpion’s body and gave a whistle. The giant scorpion stopped attacking crazily and honestly climbed into the bushes next to it.
"We lost. Go ahead!" The old man sighed and said to LanYuZhu.
"Thank you five grandfathers!" Lan Yuzhu gave a gift to the ruling god Sou Yingying, and Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun walked on through the altar.
"Eldest brother, why did you let them go!" Green snake barbary asked the giant scorpion barbary
"Yuzhu doesn’t even have the heart to kill me, a giant scorpion, saying that she is still a good-hearted old lady. She must have been cruel to the two elders for a reason!" Giant scorpion road
"Eldest brother said yes, we don’t want to be wrong about Yuzhu. Let’s wait and see!" Spider barbary also said
At this time, Ling Feiyang and other three people have followed the mountain road to the top of the mountain, but they have been ordered by the ruling gods not to besiege.
There is a bamboo house built on the top of this mountain. It is the residence of Monjero, the high priest. Ling Feiyang and other three people walked into the bamboo house and saw Monjero lying alone in bed. It looked sick all over his face. Obviously, the injury of Ling Feiyang’s palm "Fei Long Tian" has not improved.
When Monjero saw the three men entering the room, his face immediately showed horror. At this time, the cult of five evils had surrounded the bamboo building. Monjero barely sat up from the bed and struggled to call out, "Somebody bring me the three of them!"
All the foreign teachers in the house looked around and didn’t go into the house to arrest people. Lan Yuzhu walked slowly to the bed and said, "Monjero, it’s time for you and me to settle accounts!"
"Basruk, you haven’t come to save me yet!" Monjero suddenly shouted out of the window.
As Monjero voice a figure from the bamboo building outside the broken window and a palm to the blue jade bead chest shot up!
Ling Feiyang used a trick "Kang Long has regrets" and "Bang" before grabbing the step, and this person got a palm. This person turned a somersault backwards and then firmly went to bed, but Ling Feiyang was barely steady after three steps backwards!
Ling Feiyang felt a slight pain in the palm of his hand and seemed to have a burning feeling. He looked up and looked at the man. He saw that he was about fifty years old, wearing a pale yellow satin robe, and his left shoulder was covered with a wool vest, and his right arm was bare. His right sleeve was wrapped around his waist, and he wore a golden top with a pointed fox fur hat and colorful woolen cloth boots. He was dressed as a Tibetan.
"He is the master who killed Master Kuchan that day!" Yuan jun immediately recognized the man shouted
Although it is the right one, Ling Feiyang has judged this person’s work!
Basruk is the first master of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect and the fourth generation of King Kumo Mozhi of the Tubo Kingdom a hundred years ago. Because the Tubo Kingdom was torn apart as early as the Northern Song Dynasty, Basruk has been living in a vast area with a sparse population. King Yaze’s Tribal Law shows his ambition. A year ago, Temujin Yaze’s tribe formed an alliance and sent people to visit Ningma Sect, recruiting Basruk to his post of "commander in chief" and ordering him to sneak into Dali to engage in sabotage activities.
Basruk came to Tianlong Temple to ask for the sword score of Six Veins Excalibur, but failed, so Ningma sent unique martial arts "Flame Knife" to kill Master Kuchan, the abbot of Tianlong Temple, and then he was sent a message by the Emperor of Dali to wanted Basruk, so he found the bait of Monjero, the high priest of the ruling cult, to make him take refuge in Mongolia and benefit the ruling cult poisonous insects to slaughter the monks and soldiers in Tianlong Temple.
However, he didn’t expect that Monjero had been trying to get rid of the leader Lan Yuzhu, which just benefited this opportunity. When Lan Yuzhu was in prison, Ling Feiyang, a prisoner of the ruling Sect, joined forces with Ling Feiyang to help him fight back and get the acquiescence of the ruling gods, which pushed Monjero into a corner.
Basruk had to rescue Monjero, but he didn’t recognize that his plan had failed because he was sure enough. He believed that his martial arts "Flame Knife" would definitely kill Ling Feiyang and Lan Yuzhu!
His self-confidence is not due to the wind, because he relies on strength!
At this moment, Basruk has slowly raised his right palm, but a flame has emerged in his heart, and the flame is burning more and more brightly, gradually forming a fireball!
Ling Feiyang saw the fireball rising slowly in the palm of Basruk’s hand and suddenly shouted at LanYuzhu, "Get out of the way!" At the same time, an arrow rushed forward to push Yuan Jun out of the bamboo house with his hands on his back!
LanYuZhu immediately jump leaping at the same time, this fireball has flown out from the palm of Basruk and hit a bamboo chair behind LanYuZhu, which suddenly burned up!
Basruk missed the palm of his hand and immediately shot a fireball at Ling Feiyang to avoid the fireball falling to the ground and the bamboo floor caught fire immediately!
"Basrukhmo is going to burn down my room!" Monjero sat at the head of the bed and shouted, but Basruk ignored him and hit a fireball with one hand. The bamboo wardrobe near the wall also burned up!
Monjero rushed out of the bed and rushed out of the house regardless of his physical injury, shouting "Fire!"
Ling Feiyang and Lan Yuzhu were about to jump out of the door, but Basruk had already blocked the door with flames in his hands and attacked them respectively!
品茶Ling Feiyang condensed the force on the right index finger "before" and quickly pointed out two correct points. Two fireballs came head-on and were blocked by the wind, but they were gradually extinguished!
Lan Yuzhu took the opportunity to pick out the bamboo flute to bully Basruk, and the sharp sword bounced out of the bamboo flute and stabbed Basruk in the chest!
Basruk didn’t hide or flash, but the palm of his right hand was like a blade with a flame facing the tip of the bamboo flute. He heard a "clank"-Basruk’s palm was unscathed, but the blue jade bamboo flute was shaken out by the flame knife!