"Don’t! I want to divorce you! " Nie Yutong found that in the face of Zhuang Junhui’s gentle treatment, her determination to divorce was somewhat shaken, and her tears were even more fierce. The grievances were overwhelming and she was completely submerged.

"Oh, you want to divorce me so much!" Zhuang Junhui simply picked her up and smiled and said, "Let’s go home and talk!"
After pondering for a long time, Li Zhenyu’s mind flashed with flashes of light, and finally he figured it out. He said to Xia Xue, who was with him, "There was another person in the bedroom besides us!"
"who?" When the words came out, Xia Xue felt incredible. "You don’t mean Yuxuan!"
"Yes, that’s him!" Li Zhenyu didn’t mean to joke at all. He immediately got up and called the family doctor, and the metal surveyor repeatedly searched for it.
The bracelet and anklet were all picked, and the metal surveyor kept ringing. After repeated tests and inspections, Yuxuan finally found a pocket bug in her armpit.
That bug is the size of a small grain of rice, and the armpit skin of a child can’t be found if it isn’t so seriously searched for roots repeatedly!
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"What are you going to do? We are a contractual couple! " Seeing some wild animal approaching with dangerous breath, she woke up in horror.
Without hesitation, he threw her down on the soft bed and smiled. "The contract doesn’t stipulate that I can’t exercise my husband’s benefits!" "
She belongs to the sheep, and he belongs to the tiger. The fortune teller said that they would not listen to the fortune teller’s nonsense together, and she knew very well that being with him was just like saying "the sheep went into the tiger’s mouth".
When black belly meets Leng Qing’s silence and confronts man show’s new love pk’s old love, a series of fierce collisions and sparks are everywhere, and wonderful love is performed!
17 is not dreaming!
桑拿网On that day, Luo Bin pretended to be a masseur and massaged Yuxuan. It was incredible that a bug was quietly implanted in Yuxuan’s armpit while people were unprepared!
Regardless of the public, it’s a miraculous challenge for him to say that the bug is so small that the baby’s skin tissue is so thin that he doesn’t hurt the child or make the child behave differently during the implantation.
Finally, the family doctor took out the rice bug and repeatedly observed Yuxuan’s armpit, concluding that "this is a simulated skin paste and it is not really implanted in the young master’s skin tissue."
I see! This is logical! Otherwise, Luo Bin wants to implant the bug into the skin and tissue roots of Yuxuan before anesthesia. It is impossible to stimulate Yuxuan slightly, and Yuxuan may cry.
The source of the leak has been found! No wonder the secret conversation between husband and wife in the morning can be leaked. It’s this bug that caused trouble!
Xia Xue thought of a new problem. Since her conversation with Li Zhenyu can be eavesdropped by Luo Bin, when they are intimate … is it not equal to live broadcast! Thought of here, Qiao face could not help but spat crimson-pervert!
"Robin, you pervert! Come at me and don’t hit my wife and children! " Lizhenyu growled at the pocket bug
I can see that Li Zhenyu was stimulated by Luo Bin. At this time, he lost his usual composure and was a little excited. Xia Xue and Yuxuan were the most important people in his life. He resolutely refused to allow people to covet their mother!
"Jin Woo calm down! If you mess up, wouldn’t it make Luo Bin more satisfied! " Xia Xue quickly comforted him and held his big hand tightly, hoping to lose his strength to him and let him calm down as soon as possible.
Li Zhenyu closed his eyes slightly, trying to calm down his heart and set off waves of anger. He had to calm his head as soon as possible to think about what to do. He opened his eyes again for a long time, and it was clear in Kurome. Although he calmed down, he still looked cold and gloomy.
Gently take Xia Xue into her arms and Li Zhenyu sighed guiltily, "You are scared with me because of the snow!"
"Don’t say such things! We are husband and wife! You should share happiness and hardship! You are what Yuxuan and I rely on. When will our mother be with you to face the ups and downs together? " Xia Xue stayed up and kissed his perseverance and gentle encouragement way
Feminine tenderness is a good medicine, which slowly relieves Li Zhenyu’s tension and violence. She snuggles up to his arms and he has the courage and strength. On how powerful the opponent is, he is willing to last stand.
Sister-in-law Liu led in a small, middle-aged man with a pocket tablet in his hand and put the words input fingerprint in front of Li Zhenyu.
"Snow puts your finger in the middle box!" Lizhenyu wake up way
"What is this?" Xia Xue was puzzled.
"This is intelligent fingerprint recognition! In order to prevent Luo Bin from sneaking into our house again in disguise, I have set up a fingerprint anti-counterfeiting system at every door. Everyone who enters or leaves our family, whether they are bodyguards or nannies, must verify their fingerprint identity! "
Xia Xue dazed, that’s a good idea! A person’s appearance can be disguised, but fingerprints can’t! Zhen-yu li this method is fundamentally put an end to the security risks, but it can be seen that zhen-yu li fear of robin is simply jittery.
Love for his wife and children makes the strongest man fearful. He is afraid that Robin will hurt his wife and children! To think that Luo Bin swaggered into the house to give Yuxuan a massage and paste a piece of imitation leather of the bug into Yuxuan’s armpit, he would feel a chill. If Luo Bin had done something to Yuxuan at that time, for example, feeding something to Yuxuan or injecting something, it would have made him crazy.
The same thing will never happen again. He decided to install an intelligent fingerprint identification system at home to prevent Luo Bin from entering the room again.