You really won’t? Yun Qianxue looked at her with a grain of salt and sighed in a low voice. "Good dad will go home."

Yun Qian Xue was relieved.
An Chen and Yun Qian Xueyuan wanted to take Fang An home, but Fang An didn’t promise, but asked them to send him back to Fang Jia.
Gu Rong is, after all, his wife Gu Rong died, and he can’t be absent.
桑拿An Chen and his wife sent Fang An to the Fangjia gate and watched Fang An enter the hospital before they drove away.
Yun Qianxue couldn’t help but feel a little sad by car. Anchen vacated one hand and held her little hand gently to comfort, "Baby, don’t think too much. Everything will be fine."
Yun Qianxue nodded. She looked at him and chuckled, "Don’t worry, I’m fine."
An Chen squeezed her hand lightly and said, "I’m glad you’re okay. I don’t want you to be unhappy, okay?"
"Well, I know you are always so kind to me."
When Anchen and Yun Qianxue came home, they accidentally found that Han Muyang had come, and his mother was with him.
"Aunt Muyang, why are you here?" Anchen saw Han Muyang and asked doubtfully.
Han Muyang looked at Anchen with an awkward look. Anchen frowned. "Muyang has something to say."
Han Muyang sighed and pointed to the lady beside him. "Chen, this is my aunt, not the woman who provoked us before my mother. It’s probably her daughter."
An Chen and Yun Qianxue listened to Han Muyang’s words and suddenly looked at the lady in surprise. This lady looks so much like Han Muyang’s mother. If Han Muyang doesn’t say anything, they don’t know that this is not Han Muyang’s mother.
Han Muyang looked at Anchen and Yun Qianxue in shock and gave a wry smile. He looked at Anchen with some difficulty. "I know that woman has done a lot of bad things, but can you sell me one favor and let us meet her?"
Aunt Han Muyang listened to Anchen’s words and pleaded, "Aunt Chen, please let me meet her? I have been dreaming about her all these years. "
"What the hell is going on?" Anchen asked doubtfully.
If that woman is Han Muyang’s cousin Han Muyang, they should know that it’s only now that they come to recognize their relatives.
It turns out that Aunt Han Muyang ate forbidden fruit with her lover more than 20 years ago and then got pregnant. Who knew that the man left irresponsibly after she got pregnant? It was a very serious problem to get pregnant before marriage in those days, but she was reluctant to abort the child but did not dare to let her family know.
Later, she secretly gave birth to the child. After giving birth to the child, she dared not take the child home, so she put the child at the door of a church in the hope that good people would take the child away and raise it.
Later, she had her own family life, and she lived happily. Gradually, she stopped thinking about children. As she grew older, she kept a secret in her heart and began to torture her in her midnight dream.
When she heard her sister talk about a person who looks exactly like Han Xiaojing pretending to be Han Xiaojing, her heart stirred up waves.
Summoning up the courage, she told the Han Muyang family about it, and today Han Muyang took her to find the door.
Han Muyang told Anchen the whole story, hoping that Anchen could see him and let his aunt meet her own daughter.
Anchen looked at Han Muyang and whispered, "I have given that woman to Yifan to deal with. I don’t know if she is dead or alive now. I haven’t cared about that woman since I gave the person to Yifan."
"To … to Yifan?" Han Muyang’s voice is a little shaky. The Xiao family’s handling of prisoners is cruel. He can’t imagine what will happen now when his cousin falls into Xiao Yifan’s hands
An Chen nodded. "Well, go and find Yifan."
Han Muyang listened to Anchen’s words and pulled his aunt away in a hurry.
After Han Muyang left, Yun Qianxue couldn’t help but sigh, "I didn’t expect that the woman who turned out to be Han Muyang’s cousin was lucky."
An Chen nodded. "It’s really surprising. Before, I wondered how the world could look so human-like. The similarity has reached the point where the two of them turned out to be cousins for a long time."
Aunt Han Muyang finally had a thing with Molly. Chen and Yun Qianxue are no longer in the heart. If that woman is really Han Muyang’s cousin, Chen doesn’t mind that Aunt Han Muyang will take her away. After all, it is also a poor woman. It is also a woman who has been left with no slag by Fang Jinwen. Let her go.
Time passed quickly, and a year passed unconsciously. In this year, Anchen and others lived safely and smoothly. This is the happiest year since they came to G City.
Qiao Ying is pregnant with two treasures. The fetus in her belly has been six months, and the baby will be born in more than three months.
During this period, Anhao and Anchen are very busy. They are busy handing over the work. Although An Fengnian has always insisted that Anhao and Anchen be the president and vice president of Anshen, Anhao and Anchen still insist on going back to Wancheng.
Although the city of G is an Jin Yao Gen, for An Hao and An Chen, the mayor of their city was born. For them, they have no feelings. What’s worse, their city has their own careers. In particular, An Chen Chenguang Group founded the company with his own hands. That is, he spent a lot of effort to establish the company. He can’t leave his company alone for a generation.
What’s more, wherever they go, they always think that Wan City is their paradise, so they don’t want G City to stay no matter how good the year is.
They said that if Anshi needs them, they will lend a helping hand. Anshi’s existing Anbin and the girl who has settled down are also very capable. It is not a problem for the family to work together to manage Anshi.
So while Yan Yan was on summer vacation, An Jinyao’s family decided to return to Wancheng.
After a busy period, Anhao and Anchen finally finished the handover. Early in the morning, the helicopter landed on Anzhai lawn.
Ann’s family knew that An Jinyao’s family was leaving, and they all seemed reluctant to leave. They walked to the hospital together and said goodbye to An Jinyao and others.
In this year, Gu Junting went through many tests and finally became Anhui’s husband. I am afraid that the husband and wife will know what the test is.
Adults will still feel sad about separation more or less, and so will children, just as Xiao Rui is watching his sister and brothers leaving at the moment, and he is looking at Yan Yan and others with big bright eyes.
In the past, these children used to get together and play together, and their feelings gradually deepened. What’s more, they still have blood brothers and sisters.
Yan Yan, Si Cheng and Si Yang are fine. After all, they are going back to Wancheng together. In the future, they will grow up together and play together, but Xiao Rui is different. After Yan Yan and others leave, he is left with a child. He will naturally be more sad.
He burst into tears when his mother told his sister and brothers that they were leaving. An Hui comforted him for a long time before she coaxed him.
Yan Yan walked beside Xiaorui and touched Xiaorui’s face and smiled. "When Xiaorui’s sister wants to go home, you must go to her sister’s house to play with her. My sister’s house is very fun. My grandmother said that I am a little princess in the castle. If you go to my house, you will become the king in the castle."
Small farce eyes a bright "really? Is sister’s house really fun? Can you bring Xiao Rui? Small farce want to go now "
"This ….." Yan Yan is difficult. She looks at Yunqian Snow as if asking Yunqian Snow for advice.
Yun Qianxue came over and she touched Xiao Rui’s judo. "Xiao Rui, if you want to go with us, of course, you can. But your daddy and mommy don’t seem to go with us at present. If you are willing to give up your daddy and mommy, my aunt will be happy to take you."
Anhui crouched down and put her son into her arms. Judo "Little Rui is lovely and will take you to your sister, brother and younger brother when daddy and mommy have it, okay?" Mommy is very reluctant to part with Xiaorui. If Xiaorui goes home with her sister, Mommy can’t sleep at the party because she misses Xiaorui. "
Without Gu, Gu Junting has become a 9-to-9 class 5 family, but they are not so free when they want to travel far away.
Although very reluctant, Xiaorui is very sensible. After listening to Mommy’s words, he doesn’t make an honest nod. "Good Mommy, then you must have it quickly. Xiaorui will miss her sister and them very much."
Xiao Si Yang came over and handed a remote control car to Xiaorui. "Brother Siyang knows that you like to play with this car. Siyang will give it to you."
Xiaorui shook his head. "Xiaorui doesn’t like this car because of Siyang."
Everyone can’t help but be surprised that Xiao Rui is sensible. Yun Qianxue touched Xiao Rui with a gentle face. "Xiao Rui is so sensible, but this is a gift from Siyang. You can accept it. If you like it, your aunt can buy it for him again."
Xiao Rui looks at Yun Qianxue and seems to want to confirm the authenticity of Yun Qianxue’s words. Xiao Si Yang has stuffed the remote control car into his arms. "Brother Rui, you will think of me when you play this car after you take this."
At this time, Xiao Si Cheng also came to Xiaorui. Xiao Si grew up more and more like An Hao, but he was a three-year-old child with a cool expression.