He waved and Thomas came over with the calf and gave it back to Weng Mamba.

Weng Mamba was excited and hugged her, but she couldn’t help crying. My parents are really the same. Now their father is reunited, which is really gratifying, but it also means that the contract between the two sides is over, and their positions have changed and they may have to continue to be enemies.
Weng Mamba: I thank you for giving me my son back, but you evil guy is still the number one enemy of our Niutou tribe!
It really is. Yes, Mo Xiaoxie is now considering whether to put out the other party without extra trouble, so as to save the wild animals. But if you think about it, forget it. After all, Weng Mamba got the highest credit this time, but it belongs to his son. It can also be said that he didn’t get anything except a large number of genus. He has been pitted badly enough. Forget it.
Devil Bazura: Since you are the enemy, you should find out my strength. Now I will let you go, but if you dare to turn around and attack me or my hand one day, you will be forgiven. Don’t blame me for being merciless!
Weng Mamba snorted, holding the baby and turning around.
Mo Xiaoxie added, But after you have done me a big favor this time, if you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to come to me. I’m welcome if you don’t have hostility!
Weng Mamba didn’t say anything, and gradually disappeared into the darkness in the distance with a few hands.
Although we won the final victory this time, the monsters who suffered heavy losses were not happy. Now even the old cow has left, which is really a bit unstable and lowspirited.
With Buou, it seems that he is the laziest one at ordinary times, but at the moment he came over on his own initiative.
Buo the ogre That bastard will definitely come back to life, right?
桑拿会所  title=Mo Xiaoxie knew exactly who he meant. Mo Xiaoxie said, Yes, no matter how many times you kill him, he will revive your child. I’m sorry for your loss.
You are so miraculous that you must know how to completely kill that bastard. Tell me!
There is such a method, but it takes a lot of strength and it is difficult to do it. If there is an opportunity, I will help you kill that guy.
No, I will do it myself! I will be strong! Definitely!
Looking at Buo’s determination, Mo Xiaoxie was taken aback. He is always lazy at ordinary times. He is so determined. It seems that grief has hurt him a lot.
By the way, Buo, I found that you are gifted in eating. If you want to eat, you can increase your strength and don’t wave this talent! You can’t eat the ground dragon meat and get stronger!
When I heard eating and hearing that I could become stronger, Buou’s eyes suddenly lit up. Really? It turns out that I am still a genius! Great! I want to turn my grief into strength. If I keep eating, the children can really get revenge! Before the words were finished, Bouo went to eat dragon meat.
Mo Xiaoxie vaguely felt something was wrong. He had almost seen Buou become a god of food. What should he do if he was not fed enough after that day?
While he was worrying about this urgent matter, Sofia suddenly came over and said, Master, the dwarf blacksmith has been put in the dungeon. You can go there at any time!
Hearing the news, Mo Xiaoxie couldn’t help touching the +14 diamond ring. It seems that we can reorganize our equipment now!
Chapter 24 Unlucky blacksmith
Cang yue cheng cheng Zhu cheng office
Harold sat in front of his desk with a gloomy face. He clenched his fist tightly for a long time and didn’t say a word, which made him very angry.
A holy area priest was killed by a golden demon and his equipment department was lost! This insulting loss made him furious!
Looking at Hu’s anger, Harold Wu Dusire couldn’t help secretly feeling funny. It was the first time he saw his uncle being so angry. It was a typical schadenfreude in Dusire.
Uncle, your set of equipment is not cheap, is it? There are tens of millions of lost cash alone?
This kind of thing is over. Don’t do it again.
But uncle, this is not necessarily a good thing. Without pressure, there is no motivation. Although we failed this time, we can get up again. I don’t know if you can get better equipment.
Has been silent Donna Milla mouth way Dusire don’t commit tomfoolery now is not to say that these times! Uncle, the devil has just taken the fortifications of Finland City, and they must be rebuilt. They are the most vulnerable before they consolidate the fortifications, and now is the best time for us to attack back!
Macire, the former duke of Finland, agreed and nodded. Miss Donna Milla’s analysis is correct. The devil got the magic well, and his strength is bound to increase greatly. If he develops his power in the future, he will inevitably raise tigers and attack here sooner or later, and the sunset province of Pale Moon City has been a military strategist since ancient times. If something happens here, I’m afraid …
Harold nodded with a gloomy face. I know all this, but now even if I lead the city soldiers to fight back, it is mostly run. That damn demon actually knows how to make the power of Baal not be underestimated.
Wu Dusire said, Uncle, are you afraid?
Wu Dusire! Donna Milla said seriously, How can you say that?
Although Harold didn’t want to admit it, he actually nodded. Yes, I’m really a little scared. I’ve seen monsters like Bazura many times, but he’s a little different. He makes me bumpy. If I can’t destroy him as soon as possible, I’m afraid it will be a big trouble for our whole sunset province.
Wu Dusire In that case, let my father send an army to crush him, but I dare not call you. When talking about his father, Wu Dusire seems to be full of fear.
Donna Milla immediately said, That’s not feasible. Now that the army of the Eastern Expeditionary Army of the Apocalypse Army is eyeing up at the border, we can’t fight because of such a trivial matter.
If Mo Xiaoxie hears the name of the apocalypse legion, he will fly into a rage. He was defeated by the apocalypse legion’s Western Expeditionary Army before he fled here. The apocalypse legion has always been a menace to the countries around the Rhine Empire. The southern part of the forest is their territory. The four apocalypse knights respectively lead the four expeditionary forces to attack the city and plunder the land for a long time. There is no day of peace. The whole mainland people know that everyone knows the name of the apocalypse is a kind of fear.
But this kind of thing Dusire didn’t take it to heart.
Wow elder sister this is a trivial matter! You and the dragon were both killed! Miss Gong He, the grand Lord of Sunset Province, will not be thrown to death if he goes out, especially those emperors and grandchildren in the Imperial City will be looked down upon by them, and the Lord of Macire has just said that the demon will attack here sooner or later, and there is still time for him to develop. We must destroy him as soon as possible!
Dore, the former captain of the city guard, Yes, we must uphold our faith and go forward bravely without fear of sacrifice, explosion of equipment and no chance to fight!
Wu Dusire Oh, Lord Macire didn’t expect you to have such talents! He patted Dore on the shoulder with admiration.
Macire spat out in his heart, You should draw a number equal to the number of men depending on your war and explosive equipment, and even praised him. It’s really a blind cat!
Harold said with a serious face, We must fight, but we can’t just play hardball. We can play some tricks, Donna Milla. It’s a good way to join some friends in the mercenary world to attract some fighting ability, but it’s not enough. It seems that we have to merge with that guy, Banjiao Yangxian.
Donna Milla after listen to can not help but be surprised and a monster lords? Uncle, are you crazy?
Harold suddenly smiled. There is no eternal enemy in this world with eternal interests! The HalfHorn Goat Fairy is not terrible, but the demon is different, and it would be a good thing if there is an opportunity to cut the strength of the HalfHorn Goat Fairy.
Finnish city dungeon
The torch swayed from side to side in the flowing gas, and water droplets came from the darkness from time to time.