I shivered and quickly put out this crazy idea in my head and withdrew my gun.

Father, I sincerely looked at him. Your marksmanship suddenly improved a lot.
He finally said, But still … can’t I kill you?
Kill me? I clenched my gun hard. Are you really going to kill me?
Father is afraid of you … His eyes were full of fear.
I was shocked that this fear was much more real than when I faced Han Sui or Lu Bu.
What are you afraid of? Afraid of being king by yourself, is your family proud of you? !
You’ve been different since you were a child … Marten recalled the past. There are both arrogant ideas and decisive courage. I’m really afraid … I’m really afraid of you …
I walked silently for three steps and crushed a clod. Don’t worry … I won’t. I depend on you.
He trembled, Really?
I nodded. I’ll be your loyal name.
Marten breathed a sigh of relief and patted me on the shoulder.
But in contrast, I also put my arm around his waist. I want the dancer that Wang Yun gave you.
It’s not good to be addicted to womanizing … He inculcated, You see, your father never liked this thing …
Zoushi Zoushi Zoushi … I read low.
Oh, oh, I’ll give it to you. He quickly promised to give up my fight.
If I had known this, I would have accepted it? I patted my ass and left the field.
Your name is The Story Of Diu Sim? I asked with a smile
She nodded gently. Master?
How old are you? Asking age is a necessary step. I really don’t like older womenoh, it’s a personal hobby.
Bitch sixteen this year she bowed her head.
My heart is cold. I’m one year older than me. What a nuisance …
Ah? The Story Of Diu Sim also said, Forgive my concubine for trespassing. Was she born in Xiping for six years?
Oh, no, July 14th, five years in Xiping I even said the specific date smoothly.
She shook her head. My concubine was born in Xiping for five years, but she was three months later than the master.
夜生活Then how do you say sixteen? I am overjoyed.
Hey? Isn’t it? She asks.
Zheng, I quickly mentally calculated that 191176 = … 15, yes.
You said it was a nominal age?
She looked at me stupidly without knowing my words.
Come on, it’s good to know that you are younger than me. I laughed and laughed, even if it was a day younger.
The Story Of Diu Sim looked at me smirking and puzzled.
I touched the bar, pushed up my flabby muscles, and announced to her the rules of Ma Fu dancer. In the future, even if you tell me, my dad won’t listen to him except to meet and greet him, especially … forget it. Does he have the guts?
Yes The Story Of Diu Sim still seems to have doubts, but he still agreed.