I can’t move my eyes, and I can’t open my eyes. Grandpa tried to get rid of the one hundred estrus ducks and almost tried his last strength to say, Change!

To regain consciousness, Master Shan quickly opened his eyes and then narrowed his head slightly to avoid the colorful Se around him.
This is a mystery.
The long and narrow angle of view allowed Master Shan to get used to it for a while before he could see his surroundings clearly.
It’s like a crack between two tall buildings that are close together.
If it is less than ten meters wide and long, you can’t see the margin.
Ten meters away, black paint is twisted, folded and chaotic.
Look up and see the top in the same way
The ground is white se fine sand, and one thing is looking around. Grandpa’s eyes are slightly condensed and his body can’t help but shake.
Dozens of meters away, there are a lot of pale and dead bones piled up.
All kinds of weapons, armor, tents, pots and bowls have everything at most, or bones.
The beetle’s corpse is left with a long horn and a halfdemon, and the skeleton is gray with a machete, the drow j and ng spirit.
73 weird
My eyes are slightly dim, and my eyes are on a pile of familiar things.
Microhealing potion, lowlevel healing potion, lowlevel mana potion
Things were thrown aside at random to put them in, but the rings and pendants were gone
Besides these, there is a strange plant growing on the surrounding ground.
Twometerhigh R incarnation white Se trunk is straight and regular with five branches, each of which bears a strange fruit.
Fingers are thick and pure white, and Se is like a muscle tendon, which is entangled into a small cage.
Inside the cage, there is a ball of R incarnation white Se, which is like a living thing going round and round and bumping around in the cage of muscle tendons.
Every time it hits the muscle tendon, the white Se ball will splash out a lot of light foam, and the light foam will float to the ground, and the white sand will slowly blend into it. If you look closely, you will find a few more white sands.
Master Shan’s eyes are slightly condensed and he doesn’t know that he is in the ground now, but one thing he knows is that another human body is still seriously injured.
Step cautiously towards the pile of bones
桑拿Picked up a deformed iron helmet and threw it at the chaos.
The roots of the iron helmet turned into powder without even lifting a ripple.
Master Shan rolled his throat and tried to make his huge body feel a little safe in the cracks.
Master Shan thinks that this assembled strange body is not much stronger than an iron helmet. He quickly walks to his own things and grabs a bottle of lowlevel therapeutic medicine to open his mouth.
With a healing potion in his mouth, Master Shan turned into a human body.
Burst fell to the ground, and it was as expected that the human body injury was more serious than imagined.
ding! The abnormal state method of restoring blood volume at 2 points is eliminated!
ding! The body is eroded by turbulence and loses 3 points of blood per second!
Fill a bottle of lowlevel treatment again and the blood volume will recover completely, but the abnormal state is still there.
Even if you change into that state, you are still consuming the blood of human body. If you look at it from time to time, the consequences will be worrying.
A small cloth bag is tied to the chest in the microtreatment and lowlevel treatment department for easy access.
The soles of your feet fell slightly into the white sand mountain, and ye bowed down and stepped all over. jǐng looked around.
Sweaty palms, small arms, slightly vertical blades, and sideways movement can attack at any time.
Look at what you get after a long time.
Surrounded by that kind of white Se plants, hundreds of meters are littered with a lot of debris and messy things. It is estimated that these people are all taken captive by that strange humanoid just like Master Shan.
Think of the evil eye throwing things at that time, I guess it should be preparation? Think of a weird place around you that should be a crack.