People who lie in the trough and actually use others as shields can also be presidents? Masked legions of people also spit in succession, making no secret of the disdain in their eyes. It is so dirty that such a thing can be done.

When the people saw this scene and heard the socalled command of lean I, they stopped the siege of the masked legion together and stood up in the same place. When the white came over, their faces were even more disgusted than the masked legion, and they turned a deaf ear to his socalled president’s command. Instead, they silently gave up some to Ace Cadal
Their masked legions are all different from each other in the same guild. Of course, they are all familiar with the unlucky confidant. They know more about the confidant. I am lean in many cases, but the orders are all given by the confidant. Dako said bluntly that to some extent, the confidant is lean in my right hand and useful in my life. He has done a lot of things and offended many guild members.
But ….. That’s how when facing the crisis, I was a lean man and took him as a whipping boy without thinking? Isn’t this kicking down the bridge and killing the donkey? Is there anything more disgusting and chilling than this?
If we say that the poor performance in recent days is caused by the lack of ability to be lean all my life, we can barely bear it, although we are dissatisfied. After all, not everyone is born to be a president.
But what he is doing now is not a question of ability, but a question of people. Even his loyal cronies can do such a thing without hesitation. Do you dare to expect all his guilds to value the interests of all guild members? It would be nice not to sell the big guy.
What are you still doing? You dare to disobey my orders. Are you going to rebel? ?” Seeing that thousands of horses in hand, Ace Cadal, are getting closer and closer, no one came out to stop me from panicking. At the same time, I have long been anxious and out of tune. The baiwenhang are all baiwenhang who have raised you for nothing. I always warn you that if you die here today, no one will want to be better!
However, when I heard such an order, everyone still didn’t move. I just looked on coldly. Hehe, did you raise us? Did we raise you, the president of a glutton?
You! Be ace Cadal Tiger Claw flashing cold light shook his eyes to see bullying without a lean and inducements very good! From now on, all the highlevel posts will be removed. From now on, someone will sell them, regardless of rank, occupation and ability, and allocate guild positions in the order of hand!
As a result, everyone is still indifferent to this day’s competition for favor. Hehe, if you follow you, you will grow up to a higher position. What’s the matter? In the end, you’ll be the scapegoat like that confidant.
The lean man in this life has finally been completely desperate. Until now, he has not lost his hands. What will suddenly become like this? But he knows very well who all this started from.
I hate biting my teeth and my eyes are splitting. The whole face is ferocious and twisted. I am full of resentment. Once again, I put my eyes on Wu Shen’s words through my teeth. It is even more hateful. You wait for me today, and I want you to die … ah!
Words to a half time ace Cadal claws finally waved to accompany a scream seconds kill!
The whole world is quiet …
Listen I lean didn’t say that finish words looking at him lying on the ground body wu koo shrugged today can’t blame me? Is your own death …
Not dead, but digging your own grave!
Although it is clear that a lean body is not a good bird, Wu never dreamed that he could do something that offended public anger in front of everyone. This is simply mindless. It is not terrible for a president to die. Losing people’s hearts is the most terrible thing.
In addition, if he has joined a lot of guilds to guard the masked legion at the resurrection point, as I said, he will once again lift a rock and drop it on his own foot, and it seems to be quite heavy.
It’s not hard to imagine that after such a incident, the president base will be the first to compete for favor, and everyone’s performance just now is a good proof
At the same time, it is a good thing for Wu, which saves him a lot of effort. At this point, he doesn’t need to do anything anymore. It has become an inevitable trend that the shortterm platform will be vacant. Then former Wu has always suspected that the black hand behind the impeachment of his body will take action again, and at least he will find an agent, so he will be one step closer to the truth.
喝茶约茶Well, this kind of person is alive in the waves! It’s a pity that this is a game in which you can be resurrected after you die.
It is this kind of scum that should not be alive. The masked legion also called it one after another
And it’s even more complicated for people to look at Wu.
Although I was not a good bird, they all thought he deserved to die in their hearts, but how to say it, he is still the president of the real competition. In a sense, it means that the face of the competition is so killed by outsiders in front of them, and it is still their face that they can’t let Wu and the masked army leave so easily
But let them talk to Wu. After all, Wu is their old president, and now that the lean man is dead, the order will not count …
Ace Cadal seconds kill I lean in also ignore others came back with their heads held high, who also dare not stop, but at the same time, they are no one from silently closed the encirclement again and looked at the masked legion eyes suddenly don’t know what’s going on.
Wu also ignored them hey hey wryly to ace Cadal’s side with a hard face. That … Xiaobai, let me tell you something. Can you stop biting me after listening?
Ace Cadal leng is also a small asked what do you say first.
Wu apologetically said, Actually, it’s not a big deal. Do you know that there is a skill called’ member knot’ in the game?
Ace Cadal nods, I know.
Wu silently took a small step back and continued to laugh. Then you should also know that this skill is only available to guild members, right?
Ace Cadal didn’t say, I know that, too. So what?
Wu has secretly selected the’ member knot’ and silently took a small step back and said, No, nothing happened. I am going to fly back to White Tiger City with this skill, but you are np and can’t join the guild …
Speaking of which, I saw that Ace Cadal was panting and gaping at him. Wu Yi was clever and rushed to make a knot and Brothers took off! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Goddess landing
No matter the masked legionnaires or the daycompeting people, they didn’t understand why the gang of ace Cadal suddenly turned against each other and looked at each other.
But fortunately, the masked legion had already received Wu’s takeoff notice as early as before. At this time, I heard Wu’s propaganda, and at the same time, the air ticket had appeared. Of course, I chose OK without thinking.
Brush brush! White light is on.
In the blink of an eye, the masked legion disappeared like this, as if they had never been in a general field, scratching their heads, competing for favor with everyone and being furious, but they jumped at Ace Cadal, staring at each other with small eyes, and how strange it was.
And masked legionaries have a don’t fall in the headquarters is located in the southeast corner of the white tiger city 【 posture au 】.
When I first arrived here, the exquisite and unique environment and atmospheric architectural style immediately attracted everyone’s attention. I was all excited, looking in all directions, chattering and talking all the time, and I left the matter of Ace Cadal’s defection behind me.
Wow, this is our headquarters, which is simply’ highend atmosphere, lowkey, luxurious and rich’. I said, how did you cheat the director in such a beautiful place? Oh, no, how did you get it?
Yeah, look at this rockery. There are goldfish in this pond. It’s so chic. I’ve never been so extravagant in this place. After that, this place will be us, right, Great God?