Ouyang Yutian also turned to look at Yule from time to time and ate with relish. Many times, she wanted to take a bite, but she finally suppressed it.

I can’t get past it! At this time, there was finally a man in the restaurant who accused Yu Lexing of being a suitor of Ouyang Yutian, but he finally chose to give up after being rejected by Ouyang Yutian several times.
Later, I heard that goddess Ouyang was with a very talented boy majoring in media photography, and he couldn’t help feeling sorry for the world, and finally he was with another girl who liked him.
Today, he and his girlfriend came to a restaurant for dinner and saw Ouyang Yutian and her boyfriend. He also held a blessing mentality, but after seeing Yu Le treat Ouyang Yutian like this, he endured it for a long time and finally couldn’t see it.
There was a leader, and there were many boys in the restaurant, too, so they accused Yu Le of not being.
No matter how strict your girlfriend is, just eat some ice cream and fried chicken legs. What’s the big deal?
That is, if they are not nutritious and unhealthy, why does your boyfriend eat so delicious!
Dude, girlfriends are used to spoil you. It’s not right to do so.
Yu Le’s mouth twitched slightly. Isn’t it just eating a buffet? How can you make so much trouble?
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Chen Wei story
Yu Le turned their eyes at Ouyang Yutian as if to say that being beautiful is easy to get into trouble.
Ouyang Yutian’s cheeks are also slightly red. Seeing so many people accusing Yu Le, Ouyang Yutian also got up. You all misunderstood Yu Le. It’s all my fault.
All the boys are even more angry when they see that Ouyang Yutian is still putting in a good word for Yu Le at this time.
Don’t you feel guilty when you look at other girls being bullied by you and finally helping you!
Such a good girlfriend can’t find her love with lanterns. I’m not saying that you and I are practical. Don’t pinch me back and I’ll give you kneeling keyboard. I’m really angry now.
That’s it, girlfriend. Except for my female ticket, the world is such a buddy. Why don’t you know how to cherish it, dear? I’m educating this buddy. Don’t kiss me. Don’t kiss me.
More and more men around are accusing Yu Le, and now women’s interests in this society have been respected.
Although they are boys, they will also contribute to the protection of girls.
And Yu Le is the male chauvinist who still lives in the old society!
夜生活We must educate him well today
Seeing that Ouyang Yu’s sweet voice has been covered, Ouyang Yu’s sweet voice is almost crying. Yu Le finally got up and took Ouyang Yu’s sweet hand with a calm face and looked around, saying flatly together …
Thank you for being so concerned. My girlfriend and I are sometimes you don’t know how things get into trouble, so don’t give me such a big hat so quickly.
I love my girlfriend very much, and I love her more than you do. Yu Le has been able to tell the lie completely, and even Yu Le himself was almost cheated.
While they have already seen through things, Xu glanced at Yu Le.
Is she your girlfriend? You won it back by playing games. It’s still valid for one month.
Do you love her very much? I heard that you let her wash your smelly socks every day.
Cai Xiong is the only one with a face of bitterness, and his mother’s egg is forced to drink a mouthful of dog food.
Ouyang Yutian looked up at Yu Le’s face and seriously told so many people that he loved himself. His face suddenly became more red as an apple. Did he tell me what he meant in public?
Why am I so determined not to give her ice cream and fried chicken legs? It’s not because I’m male chauvinist, Yu Le continued at this time. It’s because girls can’t eat these things for a few days every month. She was in pain for a night last night. I took care of her for a night. Do you think I dare to hurt her health because of her little gluttony?
Ouyang Yu’s sweet face turned red when he heard Yu Le’s words. How can such a thing be told to others casually?
Smell speech all this just know that everything is a misunderstanding, xu at this time is also up chin sit down is a misunderstanding.
The female companions around the men dragged their boyfriends to the stool with one hand, all kinds of grievances and complaints.
Why didn’t I see you take care of me like this when I came here these days? Look at how considerate other boyfriends are in this respect.
What? You also stopped me from eating spicy food in those days, and I didn’t listen.
You won’t be overbearing.
Be strong.
Man, one o’clock!
Those earlystage men have regretted their death, and they stopped talking when they knew it. Now they have to be told by the tigress next to them. I want to be strong, and you have to be as gentle as someone else’s girlfriend. Every time I speak louder, you take out a knife and peel an apple. How can I be strong …
Yu Le, you didn’t go back to the dormitory last night to take care of Ouyang Sao? At this time, Xu is also poking fun at Yu Le Dao
No wonder I said that no one in the dormitory turned out to be taking care of Ouyang’s sisterinlaw. Huang Xian also pondered and laughed.
Ouyang Yutian’s face is already red at this time.
Yu Le rolled his eyes at this group of animals. suspension spring, a group of people who don’t return to the dormitory late, has the nerve to say me.
Wu Min also poked fun at a few words, but Cai Xiong, Chen Wei and Chen Yun were silent.
Cai Xiong didn’t tell everyone that he was envious and jealous.
Soon the meal was finished and the money was divided. Now everyone has an idea to go back to the dormitory to sleep!
It’s not enough to sleep for a few hours after a long night’s sleep.
Xu, after they returned to the dormitory, it was almost five o’clock in the evening. As soon as they climbed out of bed, they fell asleep. I think they are ready to sleep until the next day, that is, Monday.
Before going to bed, Yu Le also apologized to the audience on the live broadcast and said the reason for not broadcasting live, so she went to sleep.
I don’t know how long I slept, but a burst of urine hit Yule, and I got out of bed and watched it for a while. It was almost midnight.
I just climbed out of bed and almost didn’t get scared to death. Seeing Chen Wei sitting in front of the bed, he was holding a mobile phone in his hand, and the screen of the mobile phone was on. He just looked at the screen of the mobile phone quietly.