A few people rushed along the extension direction of the roots of blood poisoning fruit trees as soon as they called.
No, this guy is faster!
But not far away, a few people face a heavy.
In the ancient forbidden area, the speed of shadow toad turned out to be faster.
Not far ahead, at the end of the hall, the roots of bloodpoisoned fruit trees extend into a notsowide tunnel, so that they can enter the tunnel. The shadow toad is huge, so it is a way to continue to hunt them down
品茶论坛But as far as the situation is concerned, they will be chased by the shadow toad before they get to the passage.
Chen Moqian successfully stopped the shadow toad with his gold imprint and black dragon strike skills, but the sea spear didn’t recover yet. Chen Mofa made the sea spear attack.
You can use a crossbow without using a sea spear.
However, the attack distance of the hand crossbow is more than ten meters, and the impact of the hand crossbow is very weak, and the effect of the gold mark will be very weak, so the shadow toad will not be stopped.
I’ll stop him and you take the opportunity to escape!
The partner of the broken blade is really the weakest and runs at the last edge. He knows that he has never escaped, so he may bite his teeth and say to the broken blade and others.
Good brothers!
The broken blade can’t help but feel a hot air fluttering, but it can’t help but envy the broken blade.
Such companions are hard to find with lanterns. If several of his companions are reduced to the same situation, will they do the same thing? The wind is fluttering, but I have no idea at all.
Stop the dead monster!
The companion of Broken Blade is a soldier. He doesn’t know what made the rare scroll glow with blood, and then he turned around and rushed to the shadow toad.
You have a good brother, Chen Mo cast a glance at the blood clan player and said to Broken Blade.
Although the broken blade and others are in danger, Chen Mo is still sure to get into the passage before the shadow toad chases.
The blood shadow teleported, the gold coin flashed, the phantom cracked, but he actually had a lot of means.
Who said it wasn’t! Broken blade nodded sharply
The rear broken blade companion intercepts the shadow toad, and the shadow toad is indifferent to it. Before attacking it, it can kill the player, but the eye broken blade companion failed to kill him in the first attack after making the magic scroll.
It was not until the shadow toad attacked for the second time that the blood clan soldier fell to the ground and died.
I missed an attack, but the speed of the shadow toad was greatly slowed down, and others took this opportunity to escape a lot of distance 3.
Shadow toad, who killed the blood clan warrior, chased after him again. After the rest of the people rushed into the passage, he still refused to give up and bumped into it. As a result, he slammed into the hard rock wall.
Rao, the shadow toad still doesn’t give up attacking several people. Its scarlet tongue suddenly sticks out. It sticks out more than 20 meters and reaches into the channel. It stirs wildly to kill Broken Blade and Chen Mo and others.
Shadow toad this attack surprised several people, if it weren’t for Chen Mo to play it by ear and quickly summon a bear pet to block the broken blade in front and the wind is fluttering, two people would not be able to react and be killed by shadow toad.
Thank you, brother.
To the channel out of the distance of more than 30 meters, after thoroughly settled in, the blade was broken and the wind was fluttering and said
Nothing Chen Mo gave.
There are four people left in ten people’s eyes, and then he will die alone. Of course, Chen Mo can save one.
Just now, even if his hand is broken and the wind is fluttering, they will still die if they can’t react. After all, bears and pets will help them resist an attack.
Let’s go find the poisonous fruit tree in the ancient forbidden area and get the poisonous fruit.
The silence a wave of his hand said to several people
Among the four people, he was suspected to be the strongest on the ground before, and just now he saved Broken Blade and others have no objection to Chen Mo’s words.
I wonder what monsters will be in the ancient forbidden area?
The broken blade followed Chen Mo behind him and looked around very uneasily.
Beside them is a large section of ancient huge roots more than one meter thick. This root is covered with a thick layer of bloody dust and blood poison. The roots of fruit trees account for one third of the size of the passage. It is unlikely that there will be too huge abnormal monsters like Shadow Toad here, but after the continuous pursuit of Broken Blade by Shadow Toad, people have left a shadow on monsters in the abyss area.
It’s better not to have monsters. Feng Piao couldn’t help saying that he was not much better than the broken blade.
Is it possible? It’s impossible to think about it. Here, it is said that there can be no monsters in the forbidden area in the Middle Ages! Broken blade despise cast a glance, the wind is fluttering.
Going …
Just before the broken blade said this, there was a burst of rushing sound in the front channel, and several bloody monsters appeared.
You crow mouth! Right front can’t help but coldly said to the broken blade
The broken blade looked at the passage and there were monsters or several people who couldn’t help crying.
Why does he have nothing to curse himself for? It’s really hopeless!
Be careful, it seems that blood bats seem to be difficult to deal with.
Chen Mo looked at the shadows that appeared in the wake way
The ancient forbidden area is the ground, although it is not dark, but the light is still not comparable to the outside.
Several blood bats appeared in the dark passage. These blood bats are not small, and each one is the size of a basketball.
For a bat, this size bat is quite amazing.
The number of blood bats is just four. Four blood bats are coming towards four people one by one.
Talent awakening!
In the face of the unknown monster broken blade, all three of them woke up without saying anything.
They were scared by the shadow toad, worried that they would be killed by the blood bat if they were not careful.
It is better to awaken talent to fight blood bats.
The passage is not predictable, and most of the paths are these blood bats. If they can find a way to deal with blood bats, they can deal with blood bats without relying on the increase of talent and skills.
Come into my team!