At this time, secrecy is the most important thing. If you want to know the truth, why don’t you think about your own thoughts?

Yourself, thoughts?
Breathing is a little short, but Natsume can continue to insist on this amount of exercise, and hard work is victory. This is an old saying.
My vision suddenly widened. After crossing the Woods, I successfully came to the path near the beach. The street trees on my face were not only decorated, but also fixed the water and soil.
Looking from here, you can see the uniform houses. Because it is night, most of the people in the house are lighting their lights, echoing the sea and moonlight.
Now, it is a straight line distance. After crossing here, you will cross the steps and walk to the beach.
At this moment, the former Xia Mula distance Shidao also rushed over. His head was covered with many weeds, and Xixian really brought them for him.
Don’t look at two people, but meditate alone, thinking about what Natsume just said.
Think for yourself?
Everyone has already confirmed his idea, and no matter how to change it, he can’t shake it.
Your wishes and your wishes for the evening string may conflict in many ways, so you will please hold yourself.
Please, Natsume …
I am white
Come true, my wish.
I was asked by the girl, and I understood the girl’s wish, Natsume, and shouted at this moment.
Try your best to surpass Shidao, surpass everything, and reach the seaside faster with a target.
spa会所It doesn’t matter whether the two men compete for victory or defeat, but Natsume wants to win and get to the beach first.
There is no commitment and no other ideas. Natsume just wants to be faster.
Because of being a hero?
Because of being an idiot?
Or is it because of yourself?
Natsume swings her feet, holds her strong hands tightly, tears her muscles with all her strength, pulls her nerves, and rushes to the shore and the sea.
Hero or ordinary, which is the best?
I can’t confirm it, because Natsume is a greedy person and likes both very much.
But today, you will choose to be a hero after all.
Don’t betray her expectations, don’t want to make her sad, so I finally choose one.
Go ahead
Confusion and doubt will stop you.
Step on the step surface, and then force, the whole person flew.
Together with Ye Yaya, the two men took the lead in landing on the soft beach, and as a result, perhaps this is the case:
A116 Fireworks Pray and Their Ideas Collapse
Sweat flowed down his forehead, and bitter taste permeated into his mouth.
In the shouting just now, Natsume seems to have bitten his mouth and caused bleeding after the wound broke, and the rust smell came in with the invasion.
Kneeling on one knee and panting, Natsume felt like an idiot. He was so hot that he forgot that it was a cold seaside. He stroked the sea breeze and took away the skin sweat, leaving a cool feeling.
Almost like himself, Shidao sat on the step surface, fanned by his hand, and he looked very tired. It is estimated that he also had a lot of physical strength.
Natsume looked at him and smiled at each other, then Natsume raised his right hand.
I won
Shi Dao smiled and nodded, and the whole person sought gas to overcome his fatigue.
After staying in the same place for a while, Natsume got up and took the original waist bag, which contained fireworks and other props purchased before.
Two fairy girls playing by the sea were called back, and Natsume took out fireworks and waved them in front of their eyes.
Want to play? Two?
Of course, but it is estimated that Xixian won’t play, and it will definitely make fireworks everywhere.
No, you idiot. Didn’t you knock over those foods and fruits when you were eating? Finally, I was forgiven for working and losing money.
That’s evening string wrong! Who told you to be a fool? Xixian said when he was eating that he would never grow up again!
Doubt, this is not, of course? Idiot’s aim is to grow up, I can be sure of that, but I can’t guarantee it.
Who wants to guarantee it, fool?
After the noise is over, come to the conclusion that we should still play fireworks together.
Natsume is responsible for holding fireworks and long tube lighters, while Shidao is responsible for holding buckets.
After bottled water, putting the finished fireworks into it to extinguish the seedlings is a aftermath. Even at the seaside, don’t worry, but rules are rules.
Distribute the fireworks to three other people, and Natsume let others come and pick up the fire after lighting himself, and the whole department was lit.
Most of them are holding fireworks, and the burning fireworks and sparks are extremely visible on the dark beach, lighting up this small place.
Squatting on the ground, Natsume was holding a fireworks hand, and the dazzling light took away his consciousness in an instant.
There was also a memory of setting off fireworks in Natsume. It was a memory of setting off fireworks in a nearby hill with my family.
Small light, but lit up the past buried in the bottom of my heart memories like a flood burst its banks and hit Natsume’s brain.
Young body, tender hands, gentle face, all the past stories make Natsume feel a little painful and futile.