Acupoint massage to lose weight

Acupoint massage to lose weight

Acupoint massage can lose 12 pounds a month – 26 pounds of weight, there will be no rebound phenomenon that some people worry about, fat people do not eat, they are hungry, eat to increase weight, acupoint massage to lose weight, do not eat or hungry, eatIt is not fat. After acupuncture and massage, the human body is absorbed inside after being decomposed.

After people get absorbed with these high-protein nutrients, there is no feeling. Why do you say that you are not fat?

Because the package is slightly digested and absorbed between the organs, the function of the organs is strengthened. The things you eat don’t have time to store them, and the organs are absorbed. So it is not fat, and after acupuncture and massage, people’sLong-term adjustment, not as big as the previous capacity.

You can’t afford it if you eat it any more. After acupuncture, the acute nerve is more sensitive than before. When you eat more, it makes you feel painful, uncomfortable, and notices that the situation is happening, causing you not to overdo it.Eat more, because the internal absorption capacity of fat people is poor, the nutrients that are eaten are less absorbed, and the body will store these excess nutrients and convert them into sputum, which is the reason for fat people to gain weight.


hzh {display: none; }  正常人所吃的食物经过脏腑的吸收,转变成气血和营养物质,供给体内正常的需要,肥胖人与之相反,所以说正常人越吃越有动力,肥胖人The more you eat, the more you add to the burden of the viscera, which contributes to the thickening of the blood.

  I hope that through the conditioning of the meridians, the dirty and strong, improve the quality of life, acupuncture and massage can help you trim off the ideal body shape: 1, such as endocrine disorders, poor metabolism, resulting in skin sputum and red spots, facial skinRough.

  2, the lower jaw bone is wide, narrowed by massage, fat face, round face, shrinking beautiful face of melon.

  3, the excess excess meat under the face, after the work disappears, the neck is short and thick, can be done through work to become normal, the shoulder width is wide and narrow.

Black thighs are too thick, and the massage is thinner.

How do older women choose underwear?

How do older women choose underwear?

How to choose the daily necessities of the elderly, especially the close-fitting clothing.

Old people should choose white underwear.

You can even check the body’s disease.

  Women wearing white underwear are conducive to the discovery of the disease.

Because the physiological function of the elderly is gradually declining, some diseases are often unexpected, especially many gynecological diseases can identify variables through the change of leucorrhea color.

  For example, patients with cervical cancer often present with watery leucorrhea, yellowish color, sometimes accompanied by bloody secretions; trichomonas vaginitis, the color of vaginal discharge is grayish yellow, grayish green; fungal vaginitis, vaginal discharge is like bean curd.
  Therefore, choose underwear to try not to choose underwear with color or pattern, brake to see the color of the leucorrhea, find the disease as soon as possible, and see a doctor in time.

  Warm reminder of amenorrhea 1?
After 2 years, you should check the secretions on your underwear in time, pay attention to your own body changes. If you find that your body is abnormal, you should go to the hospital for treatment. It is best to do a vaginal cervix or TCT examination every year to find out early and treat early.
  Women, especially middle-aged and older women, should not wear all kinds of colored underwear.

This is because women wear a variety of colored underwear, the leucorrhea caused by it is often not easy to distinguish, which affects the early detection and treatment of some gynecological diseases.

  For example, when women are suffering from trichomoniasis or fungal vaginitis, the color of their vaginal discharge will turn yellow-white or watery; when women have cervical cancer, their vaginal discharge will become abnormally cloudy, even with red or yellow.
It can be seen that the resulting vaginal discharge is an early signal of many gynecological diseases and a means of diagnosing many gynecological diseases.

In the middle-aged and elderly women, the ovarian function is significantly reduced, and the natural defense ability of the vagina is greatly reduced, so various pathogenic bacteria can easily invade the body.

  Therefore, women, especially middle-aged and older women, are best to wear white cotton underwear, do not wear a variety of colors, red, pink, green, blue, gray, black and yellow colored underwear, stepping on the patient’s vaginal discharge and timely discoveryA variety of gynecological diseases, early detection and early treatment.

  Too many elderly friends often don’t pay much attention to wearing them. They save their inertia for a lifetime. They often find it cheaper to buy underwear. They don’t pay attention to the size, style and color of underwear.

In fact, although the underwear is small, it has a healthy and close relationship with the elderly.

  How do older women buy underwear?

  In terms of material, it is best to choose pure cotton underwear.

Due to the poor permeability and hygroscopicity of the chemical fiber underwear, the sweat of the perineum is not easily evaporated, which is very beneficial to the proliferation of bacteria and inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

However, it should be reminded that although cotton underwear absorbs sweat, it is not easy to keep dry and weak in constitution. Older friends who are sweaty should pay attention to timely replacement.

  In terms of color, it is best for older female friends not to choose underwear with color or pattern, and it is best to wear pure white underwear.

This is because, when wearing colored underwear, the color of the leucorrhea that symbolizes the expectation of the elderly is often not easily discernible.

  Leucorrhea is an early signal of gynecological diseases that many elderly friends are susceptible to. For example, patients with cervical cancer often show abnormal vaginal discharge, red or yellowish; elderly people with trichomonas or fungal vaginitis, the color of their vaginal discharge will change.Yellow or white or watery.

If you wear a pair of white underwear, the old man can check the color of the leucorrhea in time without delaying the illness.

  The loose and comfortable pants are the most suitable for the elderly.

This is because the blood circulation of the elderly is relatively poor, and the briefs and briefs are listed, which can reduce the binding and friction on the thighs and facilitate blood circulation.

  The waistband of the underwear should not be too tight. The waist of the elderly often passes through, and the underwear with tight waist is easy to block the blood circulation of the abdominal organs.

In addition, it is best to choose underwear with a waistband higher than the umbilicus of the abdomen. Older friends must pay attention to the warmth of the umbilicus. Otherwise, the navel may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other various diseases.

窈窕 Lesson 1 – Eat to breakfast

窈窕 Lesson 1 – Eat to breakfast

The first lesson to become a healthy and beautiful girl is to develop a good habit of eating breakfast.
Don’t blame, thinking that you can save you a lot of calories by eating a meal in the morning.
On the contrary, after the night organ organization operation consumes the energy stored in the dinner on the previous day, it supplements the appropriate calories, not only has the good physical strength to cope with high activity, but also gets enough glucose nutrients in the brain, and it can be refreshed all day!
Decided to have breakfast!
But in all kinds of early mornings, what exactly should I eat?
  First of all, you need to eat the calorie calories needed to meet your physical fitness, and then eat the nutritional needs that match your life and work form. Every day of healthy and beautiful girls is cultivated from breakfast!
早餐守则:热量计算 算出你一天需要多少卡路里以维持身体基本动力,将1/3的热量分配在早餐摄取,别担心过多卡路里造成脂肪堆积的问题,白天的代谢率高,营养易吸收,热能Easy to digest.
  Breakfast Code: Compound Sugars Heat up the complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain products such as whole wheat bread.
This starch is easily decomposed and quickly provides the energy you need and a variety of nutrients.
  Breakfast Code: Moisture Replenishment Moisture supplementation is also important in the morning.
The nutritionist suggested that one-third of the water needed for one day should be replenished in the morning. Before you eat, come to the cup with 200cc of boiling water to activate the stomach, or eat the cup-assisted yogurt.
  Breakfast Code: Light meals with too much oil and fat will slow down the blood circulation and reduce blood oxygen levels.
The recipe for breakfast should be light and balanced, and if you can’t help the crispy taste, you can eat it once or twice a week.

Drink plenty of water after the fall, the body has 5 major benefits, want to be healthier, remember three no, four principles!

Drink plenty of water after the fall, the body has 5 major benefits, want to be healthier, remember “three no, four principles”!

“Autumn March, this is Rong Ping, the weather is urgent, the atmosphere is clear.

“Autumn high air, dry air, it is easy to cause dry nose, dry mouth, dry skin, and even sore throat and other symptoms due to lack of water.

Drink plenty of water after the fall, the body has 5 major benefits, want to be healthy, must drink plenty of water!

Benefit one: replenish body moisture, dry air in autumn, people are easy to get angry, hurt, drink plenty of water, help to replenish body water, as well as throat and lungs.

Benefit 2: Anti-cold autumn is also a season of high cold, and drinking more water can promote the body’s metabolism to accelerate, promote sweat, urine discharge, but also conducive to body temperature regulation, implanted bacteria in the body, virus discharge, have the role of preventing colds.

Every time you catch a cold, the doctor will say: Drink plenty of water!

Benefit 3: Desalination of pigmentation After a summer of “exposure”, many people have a lot of spots on their faces, affecting mood and appearance.

It is easy to get angry in the autumn, including liver fire. Drinking more water can both “fire” and fade the stain.

It is best to drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning to promote the discharge of feces, which is more conducive to beauty.

Benefit 4: After the stomach is cured, the ability to recombine and digest will be restored. In turn, people’s appetite will be transformed, and poor control will cause stomach problems.

Drink plenty of water, preferably warm water, drink before meals, have the effect of nourishing the stomach, and even prevent eating.

Benefit 5: Promote sleep from the inside out, feel warm, it is easy to fall asleep.

Take a hot bath before going to bed, or soak your feet with hot water, or drink a little warm water, you can fully warm the discomfort brought by Xijiang and promote sleep.

Drink plenty of water, the benefits are many, remember “three no”: 1, do not drink cold water in the autumn time gradually cool, drink cold water into the body mucosa suddenly cold, vasoconstriction, causing discomfort, and even diarrhea.

Drinking water temperature is preferably 10-30 °C.

2, do not drink sweet water “sweet water” more sugar, is a high sugar, high transfer of drinks, is not beneficial to the body, but also easily lead to obesity, causing chronic metabolic diseases.

It is best to drink boiled water, and put some honey, lemon slices, etc. in the fall.

3, do not drink too fast, too much into the body inside the water, will quickly change the blood, increase the burden on the heart; it is also easy to cause snoring or bloating.

Drinking water is best to sip, drink slowly, and drink more, which is more conducive to body absorption.

Drink plenty of water, the benefits are many, remember the “four principles”: 1, drinking water in the morning, to pass the metabolism of one night on an empty stomach, the body has lost a lot of water, and the food in the stomach has been emptied into the interior, thisWhen you brush your teeth and drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach, your body can quickly absorb water and achieve the effect of replacing blood.

Moreover, there is also the initial role of scouring, promoting fecal discharge, improving and alleviating constipation.

2, drink more fire, Runfei tea “autumn dry” is the characteristics of autumn, people are easy to get angry, then, drink some water to lower the fire, run lung tea, drop fire is a good choice.

1 fire: drink dandelion black tea dandelion, cold, return to the liver, stomach, there is heat and detoxification, to the role of fire and inflammation.

After fermentation, it is made into dandelion black tea, which greatly reduces its coldness and is more suitable for long-term health replacement.

Dandelion has a “natural fire grass” made, good at reducing liver fire, diarrhea stomach fire, on the mouth caused by fire, bad breath, mouth bitterness, as well as mouth ulcers, sore throat must have curative effect.

Dandelion, also known as “natural antibiotics”, has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, which can inhibit and treat any antibiotics in the body, and has certain antibacterial effects against Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.

Drink 3-5 cups of dandelion black tea every day, which can reduce fire and reduce inflammation. It is one of the autumn generation teas.

2 Run lung: drink Luo Han Guo tea Luo Han Guo, return to the lung, large intestine, have lungs and cough, Shengjin quenching thirst, it is suitable for lung heat or lung dry cough, whooping cough or heat injury and thirst.

Modern research has found that Luo Han Guo contains a sweetener 300 times sweeter than sucrose. It does not produce transformation. It is suitable for diabetes, obesity and other people who should not eat sugar instead of beverages.

3, in the exercise bogey of fierce water after drinking water, the body temperature suddenly rises, a lot of sweat is discharged, then, should drink water properly, relieve the feeling of physical fatigue.

Water regulates the normal circulation of blood and tissue fluids, dissolves nutrients, supplies them to physical energy, disperses and transfers, regulates body temperature, and increases endurance.

Remember, avoid violent drinking during exercise, which will increase the burden on the heart, drink water during exercise, should be intermittent, small mouth.

It is best to drink some water before exercise.

4, do not thirsty but also take the initiative to drink water “autumn dry” consumption of Yinjin, will lead to dry skin, a lot of body fluid loss.

For young people, lack of water can lead to dry skin, dry throat, discomfort, dry mouth and other discomforts. However, for the elderly, body fluids are about 15% less than young people because of the dysfunction of various organs.Therefore, the elderly have poor heat balance and heat resistance.

If the water is not replenished in time, it is prone to physiological water shortage, and the viscosity of the blood increases, which will affect the normal circulation of the blood, and may easily induce cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

Remind the elderly, don’t wait for the thirsty to drink water, and always take the initiative to drink water to meet the body’s water needs.

The pictures are all enlarged, if possible, please contact and delete, thank you!

Beware of emotional disorders

Beware of emotional disorders

The survey found that some people are prone to emotional depression, lazy drowsiness, dimness and so on in winter.
And appear year after year, which is medically known as winter emotional disorder, more common in young people.
Especially women.

  Experts believe that prevention of winter emotional disorders can be conditioned from three aspects: strengthening nutrition: in a cold environment, the body’s oxidation process is strengthened, the body needs high levels, and the lack of vitamin C and B vitamins affects the body’s ability to resist cold.It also affects human brain function and mood.

Therefore, in the winter, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with vitamin E, as well as vitamin Bt, vitamin Bz beans, milk, peanuts and animal offal.

  Exercise: Through physical exercise, the blood flow of the coronary arteries is significantly increased, thus ensuring the blood oxygen supply of vital organs such as the brain and heart, and making people energetic.

Exercise can alleviate tension, anxiety, depression and other conditions caused by autonomic dysfunction.

  Extending the illumination: shortening the winter illumination time is an important cause of depression. 4 The study found that when the night falls, the secretion of melatonin in the pineal gland of the human brain is enhanced, which affects the emotion of the eight, and light inhibits the secretion of this hormone. Therefore,Prolonging the light can prevent and alleviate winter emotional disorders and is also good for health.

Fruit wine and fruit, which is the healthiest?

Fruit wine and fruit, which is the healthiest?

In the domestic market, more and more fruit wines have appeared in recent years, such as alcohol and plum wine.

To talk about the love of fruit wine, I am afraid that the country is better than Japan.

In Japan, almost all fruits can be made into fruit wines. Nutritionists point out that with white wine, beer index, fruit wine, the nutritional value is higher, and the health benefits are better.

  All fruits can be made into fruit wine in the eyes of the Japanese, wine and fruit wine are two different things.

In addition to grapes, wines made from other fruits are called fruit wines, and the fruits of the wines range from green plums to strawberries, mangoes and even bananas.

  In Japan, fruit wine is often produced by each family.

From the first year to the early summer, the supermarkets in Japan will be filled with large glass bottles, rock sugar, shochu, vinegar, etc. These are the tools and raw materials for making fruit wine. Housewives buy it back, plus fruit, you can followA certain proportion of the fruit wine is blended.

After the fruit wine is adjusted, it is put into a glass bottle for storage. In the late summer and early autumn, the bottle of wine is turned into a thing that the whole family expects.

  Even if you don’t make fruit wine, it doesn’t matter. In any Japanese liquor store, there is a special fruit wine counter. The wines of 枸杞, 荔, peach, watermelon, lemon, pomegranate and other flavors are filled with large bottles and bottles.
  Alcohol is low, and although healthy alcohol contains alcohol, it is very low compared to white wine, beer and wine, generally 5 to 10 degrees, and the highest is only 14 degrees.

Therefore, it is considered by many Japanese adults to drink soft drinks after a meal or before going to bed.

  Professor Nakata of the Department of Agronomy and Life Sciences at Hirosaki University in Japan pointed out that fruit wine is simply a wine made from all the nutrients in the fruit, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids needed by the human body.

Sometimes even raw fruits can not absorb the nutrients, but can be absorbed through the fruit wine, because the nutrients have been completely dissolved in the wine.

Professor Nagata said that fruit wine contains a lot of polyphenols, which can inhibit the accumulation of excess and excess meat by inhibiting the accumulation in the human body.

In addition, with other alcoholic scores, fruit wine has a more pronounced effect on the care of the heart and the regulation of female emotions.

  It is best to drink salad or biscuits in Japan. The sales volume of fruit wine is 10 seconds a year. Some people completely love to drink fruit wine, and the method of drinking is very particular. Generally speaking, it is necessary to drink ice in summer and warm in winter.Drink hot fruit wine.

However, according to doctors from the Maeda Internal Medicine Hospital in Japan, although fruit wine is good for health, it contains a certain amount of alcohol, so it is not advisable to drink too much. It is best not to exceed 1 liter at a time, especially when drinking. Avoid avoiding fasting.It is good to use a little vegetable salad or biscuits to make a drink, and it tastes better.

  In addition, fruit wine is a lot of sweet and sour, so it is very popular among women, but doctors remind that women should not use too much fruit wine before menstruation, otherwise it will lead to excessive bleeding.

Autumn hands and feet peeling off is too annoying, teach you a little trick, easy to help you trouble


Autumn hands and feet peeling off is too annoying, teach you a little coup, easy to help you trouble

[Autumn hands and feet peeling is too annoying, teach you a little coup, easy to help you trouble]Autumn is a dry season, many people will appear skin and foot peeling phenomenon, in general, peeling is not needed for treatment, a week or two canSelf-healing.

However, in some cases, it is more serious, which will affect life, especially the lady who loves beauty. How to show the person with a good hand is a good indication of self-respect.

For the more delicate skin, every headache in the early autumn, because the palm of the hand will peel off this season.

Moreover, they are much more peeling than the average person: the skin of the palm is almost replaced.

In severe cases, the tender meat inside is exposed, and if you accidentally touch it, you will lick the blood.

Because of this situation, in the unit affecting work, at home can not do any housework.

The home became messy, not like it, and the friends came to the door and felt very embarrassed.

Here, I will introduce you to a recipe for peeling off the skin. After a week of testing, you will be able to relieve your troubles.

Usually, we only know that garlic has the effect of seasoning and sterilization. As everyone knows, in the United States, garlic ranks first in health care before ginseng and ginkgo.

Garlic is cracked in the foot and the skin of the hands and feet is peeled off. The secretion of the palm gland in the palm is relieved and the treatment effect is repeated.

The specific method is: according to the size of the wound area of the affected area, the appropriate amount of garlic is mashed into mud and applied to the peeling place.

Then wear disposable gloves.

On the back of the hand, several small holes can be cut with scissors to facilitate ventilation and perspiration.

Change the garlic once a day.

Those with mild symptoms can be cured every week.

Afterwards, apply hand cream or plain oil to reduce the use of the affected area within a few days.

It should be noted that if the patient’s skin is allergic to the skin and is allergic to garlic, then this method can be supplemented.

Moreover, when using this side, the palm of the hand can not have bloodshot, otherwise it is very prone to infection.

Master the health and longevity of the four health regimens

Master the health and longevity of the four health regimens

Guide: Chinese people’s health care, in addition to the existing health care knowledge and health practices, mainly Chinese medicine health.

TCM health is the life experience of the Chinese people for thousands of years. It is an important part of human life science and a profound and profound study.

It is now an era in which TCM health education shines.

  The rise of health care in recent years has a certain social and historical background.

  First, in the process of running a well-off society, the aging of the population will soon come, and health and longevity will become a huge social demand, spending money to buy health and form fashion.

This phenomenon is impossible until the problem of food and clothing is not solved.

  Second, the whole society’s health concept, health concept, medical model has not yet undergone a new transformation, and the disease medical model still dominates. Although “main prevention” is the focus of health work, it has not achieved the “main” actual part.Health care has been in a spontaneous state for a long time, and it has been quite passive in the face of huge social needs.

  The third is that a small number of people are sensational, and the speculation of speculation is rampant, and some tricks have emerged.

  What is the true essence of TCM health education?

I want the experts to do a comprehensive overtaking.

I am here to talk about a few related opinions: First, TCM health science needs to solve its basic principles and core content, and it must be related to the spirit of the times, environmental changes, and real life.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” pointed out from the height of “the teachings of the ancient saints”, “virtual evil thief wind, avoiding sometimes, faint nothingness, sincere qi, spirit instinct, sickness and never.”

This health-care thought, from natural environmental factors to mental and physical psychology, has made clear requirements and is extremely targeted to the excessive tension and fatigue syndrome that occurs in contemporary social life.

The relaxation, relaxation, and relaxation that are now said are part of the “darkness and emptiness”.

But to say that, to do it, it is actually very difficult to practice.

It is very difficult to achieve complete relaxation, radical relaxation from the mind, and no certain ideological foundation.

In addition to the fierce competition in real life, the Chinese people’s traditional morality pays attention to introversion, modesty, ignorance, and cautiousness are being played down and lost. Now advocated is Zhang Yang, brilliant, rising, “a soldier who does not want to be a marshal.Not a good soldier, the pursuit of blockbuster, fame, so it is difficult to do “hidden and less desire, peace of mind and not fear, work and tireless.”

  Second, TCM health education suggests the general rules of human health care, health and longevity, and improving the quality of life and quality of life, but the general rules must be closely integrated with the individual’s age, physical fitness, health status, and customs, so that they can be personalized and personalized.The way to keep in good health, not to be generalized in a dogmatic manner, across the board.

It is best to find the basic and major factors that affect your health and win in the most effective way and with the greatest perseverance.

In history, Zhuge Liang is the most well-known “dark and vain”. He can’t do it without being tired, only to live to 54 years old.

Zeng Guofan has a deep health theory. He puts forward that “health is less irritating” is very reasonable. He advocates using “hot water to wash feet” before going to bed. It is also effective and easy, but only lived 62 years old.

Therefore, there is a distance between having health knowledge and sustainable practice.

What we advocate is the combination of knowledge and action. The health of a person is appropriate.

It’s too late to ignore the health, deliberate health, and excessive health.

The true health life is to naturally melt the concept of health in daily life, without revealing the traces, and become part of the rhythm of life without pretending to be a gesture.

Lu Guanglu, a master of Chinese medicine, told me that Mr. Yu Youren has several deputy pairs (calligraphy), “not living in health, but also in the world.”

I think it’s wonderful!

Mr. Yu Youren was an old man of the Revolution of 1911. He died in Taiwan in November 1964. At the age of 85, he was considered a high life.

Is it true that Mr. You Ren is not healthy?

Does he really not advocate health?


He just did not specialize in devoting to health, actually lived a healthy life in accordance with the laws of life, and only lived in the country or lived in the downtown area, and lived in the same place as the gods.

This is the highest level of health.

  Fourth, people’s health life should start from improving the lifestyle, starting from the simplest and most subtle, starting from the youth age and starting from the health of daily life.

The most important one is to have self-control ability.

The so-called “persistence” is a matter of perseverance!

People often say, take your legs and hold your mouth.

I think it is not easy for a person to control his mouth.

Ultra-low calorie food makes you eat more and more thin

Ultra-low calorie food makes you eat more and more thin

Weight loss has become a concern for many people, and everyone knows that if you want to lose weight, you will consume more calories than you absorb.

So what food calories are lower?

The following small series will recommend several ultra-low calorie foods for you to make you eat more and more thin!

  Ultra low calorie food low card diet food 1: bitter gourd calorie content: 19 calories / 100 grams of bitter gourd is definitely the first choice for summer diet foods, it contains vitamin C, and the content of light and sugar is very low, very suitable for dieters.
The reason why eating bitter gourd can lose weight, of course, can not be separated from it and low card and help to suppress the appetite.

In addition, bitter gourd can also promote gastrointestinal motility, detoxification and slimming effect.

  Low-calorie diet food 2: Leek calorie content: 26 calories / 100 grams of leek contains a lot of vitamins and crude fiber, can improve metabolic peristalsis, treat constipation, is an ideal diet food.

In addition, every 100 grams of only 18 calories of leek can also eat more and not fat!

Amaranth fried bean sprouts is a very nutritious healthy weight loss recipe!

  Low-calorie diet food 3: Pineapple calorie content: 41 calories / 100 grams of pineapple contains essential vitamin C, carotene and other nutrients, can help protein digestion, can decompose the body’s accumulated feces, to reduce excess meat is veryGreat help.

However, due to the increased acidity of spinach, eating too much is too healthy and beneficial!

  Low-calorie diet food 4: Papaya calorie content: 27 kcal / 100 g papaya melon is the ideal breast food, it is also the leader of slimming!

Papaya contains papain which can decompose trace amounts. Regular consumption can help you reduce your intake and trace accumulation. It is one of the ideal healthy weight loss foods.

  Low-calorie diet food 5: Cucumber calorie content: 15 calories / 100 grams per 100 grams of cucumber containing only 15 calories is inevitably a low calorie diet food, and it contains a lot of vitamins and cellulose to help you eliminateConstipation and accelerating the important substances that burn fat.

From a nutritional point of view, cucumber skin is rich in nutrients and properly preserved raw food.

  Low-calorie diet food 6: Celery calorie content: 12 calories / 100 grams of hot summer weather, people are easy to get angry, it will easily lead to constipation problems.

Constipation is an important factor in obesity in the small stomach, and it can also damage your skin.

Celery can help people to lax and improve your skin. It is a super food for beauty and body.

  Low-calorie diet food 7: Spinach calorie content: 24 calories / 100 grams of spinach contains a large amount of plant crude fiber, which promotes the body’s peristaltic effect, which is conducive to bowel movements.

In addition, the nutrients contained in spinach can promote the body’s metabolism, which plays an important role in accelerating metabolic combustion and reducing metabolic accumulation.

However, spinach is a very oil-absorbing food. If you don’t want too much oil, you should choose a relatively low-fat cooking method!

  Low-calorie diet food 8: Eggplant calorie content: 21 calories / 100 grams of eggplant is rich in antioxidants, can help you speed up the body’s metabolism, very effective for fast weight loss.

In addition, the low transients of eggplant and a large amount of cellulose can also help you increase satiety and reduce absorption of other foods, so that you can achieve natural weight loss.

Men’s Sexual Life Health Knowledge

Men’s Sexual Life Health Knowledge

Men sometimes don’t look as strong as they look, their tall and straight bodies, and their broad chests require careful care.

For modern men, a series of daily clothes, food, shelter, and health care “tips” have been opened.

  Clothing is not suitable – tight-fitting briefs from the physiological structure, because the male testicles in vitro, the scrotum wrapped around the testicles will constantly adjust the temperature, so that sperm production and replacement is lower than 2 °C in the body.

In general, the temperature of the retinal pill can only be maintained at 35 ° C to produce sperm, and only at this temperature can the sperm be viable. If the temperature is too high or too low, the function of the retinal pill will be affected.

If a man wears tight briefs, it will fix the scrotum close to the abdominal cavity, so the function of adjusting the temperature of the scrotum will be limited. At the same time, if the retinal pill is always close to the warm abdominal cavity, the temperature of the abdominal cavity is higher than that required for the normal function of the insulin pill.Temperature, will cause spermatogenic dysfunction, leading to infertility.

In addition, if the underwear fabric is poor in gas permeability, the chemical fiber material with poor heat dissipation will keep the scrotum in a sealed state, the air will not circulate, and the bacteria will easily multiply and cause urethritis.

In the long run, the sperm quality will be poor and the activity will be low.

  It is not appropriate to live – a long-stay toilet modern people’s daily life, many people have the habit of sitting in the toilet to read books and read newspapers.

Sedentary toilets are bad hygiene practices and have a particularly strong impact on men’s physical health.

Because the defecation action is the body’s reflex action, it is the systemic movement of the human brain to the defecation center to coordinately participate. If the person sits on the toilet reading and reading the newspaper for a long time, it will ignore the intention, so that the defecation movement of the whole body is not coordinated, and there is a feeling of stopping the intention.

Therefore, the rectum loses sensitivity to the stool pressure stimulation, which causes difficulty in defecation, long stools dry, and forms habitual constipation over time.

For men, this bad habit is especially harmful to the prostate.

Because the sedentary toilet makes the defecation time prolonged, the lower abdomen and the pelvic cavity are easy to be congested, so that the varicose veins in the rectum and the anus form a group of acne and long-term constipation. The fecal compression will cause the blood circulation of the prostate to be blocked and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

Sitting on the toilet for almost a long time, men’s sedentary in daily life will have an effect on the prostate.

Such as sedentary computer, playing mahjong, long-term cycling and other activities, it is easy to make male perineal congestion, congestion, resulting in hemorrhoids and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

  Yi-steaming bath Because the anatomy and anatomy of the male perineum is more complicated, the penis, testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles and other reproductive organs are concentrated here.

Therefore, if you take a bath and soak these genitals in hot water, you can remove sweat, bacteria, mold and harmful microorganisms, effectively treat or prevent dermatitis, urethritis, scrotal inflammation and hemorrhoids and anal sac.In particular, it has a significant effect on preventing prostatitis and can delay the aging of men.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, safflower, pueraria and other stagnation and blood circulation drugs can be placed in the bathing water to expand the blood vessels around the prostate, increase the blood supply, and relieve prostatitis.

Experts pointed out that regular “sitting bath” can achieve a certain physiotherapy effect.

  Food is not suitable – strong tea coffee carbonated drinks in food, as a man should try to stay away from the “not suitable” variety.

Too many “hot drinks” are not suitable for men.

The first is tea, especially kung fu tea.

This is because tea contains ingredients such as theoamine, which excites the prostate and causes the prostate blood vessels to be sensitive and active, which may easily cause inflammation or recurrence of the prostate.

In general, the thicker the tea, the higher the rate of inflammation of the prostate.

It is usually coffee, which also contains ingredients that are prone to excitement of the prostate. It is easy to cause enlargement of the prostate. Men who drink more coffee usually have a feeling of urinating.

Again for carbonated drinks, this is the type of list that is included in the “junk food”.

Inflated carbonated beverages contain little other nutrients other than sucrose.

Carbonated beverages mainly contain carbonic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, and human body fluids in an acidic state, while the body body fluid is in an alkaline state, so the actual carbonated beverage is not conducive to the elimination of human fatigue, and is also easy for male semen.The alkaline state causes interference.

Studies have also shown that the combination of acidic substances, additives, preservatives and caffeine in carbonated beverages will reduce sexual capacity to a certain extent and limit sperm motility.

Therefore, alcohol, alcohol can easily cause gonadal poisoning, damage spermatogenic cells, inhibit male sex hormone synthesis, reduce androgen, leading to decreased sexual function and even impotence.

  Suitable – eating chocolate For men, chocolate is a good health food.

This is due to the rich carbohydrates and milk fat contained in it, which will generate heat in the body.

Modern scientific research reveals that this cream will emit a special sweet and fragrant smell, which catalyzes the production of an immunoglobulin antibody in human saliva, thus increasing the body’s ability to resist wind, bacteria and viruses.For men, it is suitable food.

  It is not appropriate – electromagnetic radiation for men, in life, pay special attention to stay away from electromagnetic radiation sources, which is determined by its physiological characteristics.

In daily life, large electrical equipment and household appliances with electromagnetic radiation are everywhere, and nuclear magnetic resonance equipment in hospitals, home TVs, induction cookers, microwave ovens, office computers, mobile phones, etc. all emit powerful radiation.

Electromagnetic waves act on the human body and directly generate electromagnetic induction, which interferes with the activity of the receptor enzyme on the cell biofilm, causing cell morphological variation and kinetic energy damage. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause male germ cells and sperm motility to decrease.And the number is reduced.

Men should pay special attention to stay away from electromagnetic radiation. This is because male chromosomes and females are slightly weaker and more likely to cause changes in the immune system. Secondly, male germ cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

Therefore, as a male should try to reduce the chance of contact with electromagnetic waves, unless it is necessary to maintain a certain safe distance, usually more than half a meter.