Beijing · International Fanner "Short Videowedstrijd

  Deze korte video-collectie-activiteit is bedoeld om een ??partij nieuwe korte video te verzamelen, van verschillende velden van China en het buitenland, het perspectief van verschillende leeftijdsgroepen, de verhalen van Beijing, internationale uitwisselingen, internationale geesteswetenschappen, volksuitwisselingsactiviteiten, enz. Xiaowa, tonen de "internationale fan" in Peking City. Nadat de korte video is gescreend, bevordert de nieuwe vooruitgang van Beijing de constructie van het internationale interactiecentrum door het publiek van het publiek van het buitenland.

  Makers kunnen persoonlijk of collectief zijn. (1) Indiening van video Korte films binnen 2 minuten, resolutie: 1920 * 1080, codering: H264, Codenato: 9000kpbs, ondertitels: vereenvoudigd Chinees (/ Engels). (2) De inhoud van het inzendingswerk is gezond, actief, vanuit verschillende perspectieven en toont het beeld van de goede internationale stad van Beijing, met de "internationale fan" van Beijing.

  (3) Het werk is onderhevig aan auteursrecht en de bijdrager kan worden gebruikt voor non-profit gerelateerde promoties. 1. Dit evenement wordt gezeefd door het personeel van 2. De jury samengesteld uit experts, enz. Van de experts, Guangming Daily, en combineert de eerste prijs samen.

  Het evenement geeft certificaten en productiesubsidies uit voor de winnaars, Review: First-Class Works (3/1000 yuan vóór belastingen) Tweede prijswerk (5 delen / 800 yuan belasting vóór belasting) (10) Afdeling / 500 yuan per persoon) Heb ook het beste themawerk, de beste Creative Award, de beste editor, de beste fotografie-prijs; in aanvulling op "Beste populaire werk" (200 yuan per persoon) voorafgaand aan de rangorde van de competitie voor de rangorde van het verzamelde platform punten; de organisatieprijs, een speciale bijdrage-prijs.

  Het bekroonde werk zal subsidies ontvangen (als de accountinformatie niet als een gegeven) wordt verstrekt, worden de winnaars gepubliceerd in de en geven een certificaat in de prijsuitreiking (om een ??bijdragenrechten te waarborgen, neem dan contact op met de winnaars Na de snelle handplatform accurate accountinformatie, identiteitsinformatie en originele video verzenden naar de opgegeven mailbox).

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Celebrate the opening ceremony of the Chinese Communist Party to set up a hundredth anniversary

Original title: Celebrating the Chinese Communist Party to set up a hundred years of excellent stage art work show opened this newspaper Beijing April 20 (Reporter Zheng Seagull) On April 20, the Ministry of Central Committee, Culture and Tourism Department, China Literature Art The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China will be held, and the National Opera "Yimeng Mountain" was staged at the National Grand Theater. This exhibition activity surrounded the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively built a well-off society and realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, and carefully studied the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference, focusing on Excellent works of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, and socialist development history. Among them, there are both revolutionary subjects such as the Beijing Opera "Li Dazhao", the "Red Boat", the drama "never disappeared radio waves", and the actual works such as the opera "road", drama "deep sea", symphonic concert "Pudong symphony" "Wait.

There are only national opera "poverty alleviation road", "poverty alleviation road", the color stadium "New Liu San Sister", the flowers, "peach blossoms", etc., have also focused on the national opera "Angel Diary" of the Nagano Pneumonia epidemic.

In addition, the "Red Latin", Opera "White Hair", Yu Opera "Chaoyang Ditch", ballet "Red Niangjun" and other audiences will also appear again.

These works exhibit the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party of China from different perspectives, great achievements and valuable experience, and vividly tell the historic leap of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people from standing, rich and strong.

  This exhibition work covers the Beijing opera, Kunqu, local opera, drama, children’s drama, opera, dance drama, musical, symphony, national concert, etc., there are 140 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Excellent repertoires, have a wide range of representative, 50 of which will be concentrated in Beijing major theater. The exhibition activities will meet with the vast audience in the style of the theater performance and online student. Online development is based on cultural and tourism websites. "Carry out the play interaction.

The exhibition will last until July, adhere to the principle of public welfare benefits, the fare of the aater is more than 50%, and the online student is free to watch.

  "People’s Daily" (April 21, 2021) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

Copper beam: After the winter, I will be busy "Little Pueraria" to support the rich dream of growing grown.

Hualong Network – New Chongqing Client November 18th (Special Correspondent Zhao Wuqiang) On November 17th, in the Qinghai Village, Chongqing Tongliang Baoyyang Town, Chongqing, the villagers picked the Pueraria Pueraria in the morning to the side of the road, sold to before Tong Liang Tianxing Village Food Company, acquired.

"Half a month, my home has to dig more than 4,000 pounds of Ge Gen, and the income is 67,000 yuan.

"Zhang Xinggui, who has several banknotes, said," Mo Xiao looks like this ugly, I don’t have a few, I added a income for my family.

"After the winter, the peasants took the hillside in the towns of Tongliang District, white sheep, second ping, and hillside, and the scene of the guee shore shore was visible everywhere.

Gegen helps farmers get rich.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photos are one of the original origins of Gegen, my country, and has been a hundred years. Since the 1990s, the towns, Erping and other towns put Powage as the specialty industry of farmers’ income, and further enhanced production and quality by introducing excellent varieties, scale plants, and scientific management, and the copper lunar powder was rated as geography Identify the product.

At the same time, the processing industry has also developed very well. Tong Liang Tianxingzhai powder created a modern processing workshop, developed more than 10 varieties of Pueraria, Geka Surface series, and is listed as tourism products in the district. Developed Puerade products.

According to Zhao Wuqiang, Pueraria is introduced that Pueraria is a seed plant, and the Ministry of Health is named medicated. In addition, there is no addition to the ecological environmental protection, which is a natural pollution-free food, which has also become the main product of the processing of copper-tier specialty agricultural products, which is favored by consumers.

In the Tongliang Tianxingzhai Food Company Processing Factory Dam, full of new Gegen, which is returned from the field, more than 10 workers sorted Gegen, after cleaning, then enter the processing of pulverization, degeneration, grinding, drying, etc. Become a snow white pase. Daligen dug in farmers. Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photo "Last year ‘double" activity, the district leader has highly introduced Tianxingzhai powder, expanded the popularity and influence of copper-bearing special agricultural products, and the company’s borrowed efforts expanded the need to meet the needs of the market.

Qin Diping, the person in charge of Tianxingzhai Food Company, said that the number of purchases in this season is more than a thousand tons.

In order to help farmers increasing, the company opens the vehicle to the entrance of the village community and the farmer, so that the farmers are sold at home.

In the waterport town of powder, powder, powder, pink, to the peasant, including 3,000 yuan of farmers, and more than 10,000 yuan of income tens of thousands of dollars.

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2021 Chinese New Secretary Annual List Release

This newspaper (Reporter Yue Tang Yan Haoyan Zhao Lin) November 30 Gifts, hotels in Guizhou, B & B and food (blocks, restaurants, snacks) are selected for 2021 "Honeycomb Travelers." "In recent years, the people in Guizhou, the hot springs, camping, mountain sports, etc., are popular with vast majority of travelers, and have become the ‘new secret" of tourism.

Zhang Meiji, Director of the Provincial Wenchuan Hall Promotion and Exchange Cooperation, introduced that tourism is a service industry, the core is in the "food and entertainment", high-quality enterprises to promote the development of Guizhou tourism in Guizhou, playing Important role.

The "Choice of Honeycomb Travelers", based on the real travel sharing of hundreds of millions of users in the honeycomb platform, relying on the big data algorithm, aims to spread, interactive, interactive, and related transactions and products service quality, consumers Multi-dimensional words such as reputation, selection of Guizhou tourism scenic spots, hotels and cow, which are favored by Chinese travelers.

The "2021 Chinese New Secretary Annual Plan List", the Asili Grassland in Guizhou, the two places in the Duck Pool River Bridge, including the third of the Ashi Grassland. At the same time, 10 hotels in Guizhou List, Guiyang Hengti Hotel, were released in the 2021, and the 821 hotels in Guiyang Hengtou were selected. The Huangguo Shootnon, Huaxing Mountain B & B, and other 20 homes and other 20 budgets. Search B & B, Old Kui Acid Tangfu (Provincial Foot Road), etc. Zhang Meizhen said that through the "choice of honeycomb travel", it will encourage more Guizhou to travel to visitors as the core, planning to build more better tourism products, let tourists enjoy the beauty of Guizhou and experience Guizhou characteristic humanities, feel A warm hotel services, more featured benefits, more attractive sarcles and snacks.

(Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Changle Town to carry out "Farming and Schooling for the revitalization of rural empowerment" Farmers Reading Festival and the "party forever" mass propaganda theme educational activities online

This afternoon, the National Reading do Haimen, Civilization organized Changle Town cultural center, a new era of civilized practice, official public Kawamura Integrated Cultural Center hosted "Farming and Schooling for rural revitalization of forming" 2021 Reading Festival farmer-cum "party forever" mass propaganda theme educational online activities held in Changle town official public Kawamura.

The event to take the line to observe the way, the village Farm House ranking administrators to actively organize people to watch through the active participation of small micro-channel program, good results. The event demonstrated civilized rural wind reading of video in a "civilized country blowing wind" in the prelude.

Video vivid display with the construction of a rural farm house, culture hall, stage and other people’s positions, upgrade, spiritual and cultural life of the people are also increasingly rich thriving scene.

This year is also the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, Changle Town since early began to actively promote the party history study and education within the scope of the town. Town retired veteran Hong Jian troupe composed of a positive response to the call, at the same time strengthen their own learning, based on years of working life seen and heard, combined with rural revitalization beautiful style, created a group mouth Allegro "learning Party, the party of a century gift birthday "and San Juban work" more study, the more light Party heart ", with warm accent to express love for my party Sincere, Imagination rural revitalization beautiful blueprint. Farm House building, in reading the farmers to build positions while focusing on the quality of training Farm House administrator of culture. Activities, ranking the village administrator have to show their presence, some antiquity brought melodious songs to sing for us, some are a team brings a magnificent poetry readings, in its own way is a tribute to founding a century, demonstrated outstanding achievements of rural cultural construction in the new era. Activities also set up the National Party and reading knowledge quiz, not only enhances the fun activities, but also to transfer knowledge more effectively. The last event, the Changle Town folk groups – May light dance team, for everyone to bring a waist drum performance "gathered." Festive music, fire clothing, neat drum sound and stage actors from the heart smile, people instantly feel like being in the harvest of rice fields, farmers feel the people are gathered together, Qi Qingfeng received joy, to show a new era , the new face of rural thriving.

Rural revitalization, Xing not only economic, physical, and more people are farmers who Manner! The event by the distinctive song and dance performances, poetry readings and other programs, praised the great achievements of founding a century, to express the real people the I think and feel, highlights the reading for rural revitalization enabling true meaning.

De kunst van songwriting

Sunli (links), CEOofNaxosChina, presentsacommemorativeeditionofthealbum, EssentialArtSongsofDingShande, toYuHe (secondfromleft), CEOofKukeMusic, tenorZhangJianyi (thirdfromleft) s110thbirthanniversary. [PhotobyJiangDong / Chinadaily] AnewalbumcelebratesthelateDingShande, ahugelyinfluentialandprolificChinesecomposer, pianistandmusicaleducator, randpianistDingShande (1911-1995) inShanghaiinthe1980s. "Idon ,, anditwasverydarkoutsideduringthenight," . saysHeymann "IrememberthatthereweretwoboysplayinginthebiglivingroomofDingsnice OldHouse." ThatshowHeymann, 85, iscreditedwithfoundingNaxosin1987 ,, whodoesntplayinstrumentsandcantreadmusic, launchedtherecordlabeltodistributerecordingsmadebyhiswife, JapaneseviolinistTakakoNishizaki, die, sincesettlinginHongKongin1974, hasbecomewell-knownforherperformancesandrecordingsofChineseviolinpieces ,, HeymannstillkeepsintouchwithDingsfamilybyworkingwiththe "twoboys" -Dingsgrandsons: Yulong, aveteranconductor, andYuHe, founderandCEOofKukeMusic, China, the110thbirthanniversaryofDing, analbum Getiteldesssen tialArtSongsofDingShande, n, allcomposedbyDing, thealbumisperformedbyChinesetenorZhangJianyi, sopranoHuangYingandpianistWeiFugen. "AlloftheartsongshavethedistinctivesoundofChinesefolkmusic ,,", NaxoshadrecordedandpublishedmusicalworksbyChinesecomposers, includingBrightSheng, TanDunandChenQigang, smusicpiecesarealsoincludedinNaxoslargecatalog, suchashissymphonicpoemSpringandthepianosuiteforchildrenHappyFestival, bothperformedbyDingsdaughter, pianistDingJiannuo, alongwithhisLongMarchSymphony, performedbytheSlovakRadioSymphonyOrchestraunderthebatonofconductorYuLong. "em," saysYuLong. "Iwasveryluckytogrowupwithhimandreceivemusicaltrainingfromhim, whichhadaprofoundlifelonginfluence.".

65 jaar van Chiang Kai-shek is de reden waarom "Laten we weer naar Kashmir prinses incident"

Core Tip: Dit artikel is overgenomen uit: Phoenix Network geschiedenis, auteurs: grote wind nummer · Zeer geschiedenis, de oorspronkelijke vraag: In 1965, Li Zongren terug naar het vasteland, hoe om te ontsnappen Chiang Kai-shek, 53 jaar geleden, 20 juli 1965, voordat de rijksoverheid voorzitter Li Zongren, mevrouw Guo Dejie kwamen uit het buitenland, de Raad van State Premier Zhou En kwam tot de luchthaven welkom. Met Li Zongren, is er ook de secretaris van Li Zongren, de secretaris van Li Zongren.

In juli 1965, onder de zorgvuldige opstelling van premier Zhou Enlai, Li Zongren (het woord buurman) brak door de zware risico’s en resoluut terug naar het vasteland van het moederland.

Het is zich ervan bewust dat Chiang Kai-shek, die in Taiwan, gaf een moord om de secretaris van de Kwomintang Geheimhouding Bureau, en onmiddellijk ge?nterpreteerd een multinationale achtervolgende van Li Zongren! In 1955 en 1959, de oorspronkelijke secretaris van de secretaris Li Zongren was ver weg van het vasteland twee keer, en hij sprak met Zhou Enlai. eerste actie Cheng Siyuan werd genomen door Li Zongren, dat was zo sterk als zodanig een belangrijke stap, en er was geen discussie vooraf. In 1959, heeft Li Zongren gedachte veranderd, en de dame Guo Dejie zal worden voldaan met de Verenigde Staten en de geheimen van Cheng Ziyuan, en verder begrijpen van de Chinese Communistische Partij in het vasteland, en daarmee bijgedragen aan toekomstige keuzes. In december 1963 werd Li Zongren gerangschikt in de Rijn, en Li Zongren gerangschikt in Zürich, Rome, Itali?.

Cheng Siyuan heeft vlieg van Hong Kong naar Zurich.

De volgende dag, Li Zongren en Cheng Ziyuan rijden, langs de rivier de Rijn. In het gesprek, Cheng Siyuan overgebracht Zhou Enlai ingenomen met de greetation van Li Zongren terug naar China.

Cheng Siyuan zei: De heer Zhou zei dat ik vroeg u, over de vraag Dehong terug naar het moederland, zei hij vier: Ten eerste, Li heer Li terug in het moederland komen, ten tweede, terug kan komen, kunt u terecht bij de Verenigde Staten;. derde het kan worden in Europa weer de vierde plaats vestigden, kunt u later gaan als je wilt om terug te komen, kunt u terug te komen.. Kortom, kom naar vrijheid, niet beperkt.

Zhou Enlai hoopt ook dat je terug moet naar de Verenigde Staten op tijd deze tijd.

Op 27 januari 1964 werd Frankrijk opgericht in China. In de winter, heeft China met succes ontplofte een atoombom in de Robue gebied. Motherland vasteland zei in het nieuws, en de ambities onder het hek van Li Zongren begon te schudden.

Op 12 december 1965, Li Zongren publiceerde een open brief in de VS "Pioneer Tribune", adviseerde de Amerikaanse regering op te geven het beleid van de Waiti, moeten volgen de Franse regering snel de relatie tussen China en de Verenigde Staten aangepast. Li De is een over-politieke achtergrond! In Taiwan, is Chiang Kai-shek zo gespeculeerd.

Hij nam meteen twee dringende maatregelen: een vaste-bar.

Hij bestelde de nieuwe vertrouwelijkheid directeur Zhang Yanyuan stuurde een speciale persoon om het toezicht op de Li Zongren versterken Als Li Zongren bleef een aanval op de Chinese Republiek China of er waren tekenen van de CPC, het kan heel goed worden opgelost.;

De stress van Bai Chongzhen gaf Li Zongren de telegraaf te onderdrukken Li Zongren een poging om te proberen. Twee soorten Bi-vormen, Zurich, maart 1965, Li Zongren schreef Cheng Xiyuan het leven in Hong Kong, uitte zijn wens om terug te keren naar het vasteland van het moederland. Beijing, Zhongnanhai.

Zhou Enlai ontving een bericht van Cheng Siyuan uit Hong Kong, en bevestigde dat Li Zongren terug naar het moederland. Aan het begin van april, Li Zongren kreeg feedback in de Verenigde Staten, en plotseling extatisch.

Li Zongren begon zijn wortel plan uit te voeren. Op 13 juni, Li Zongren had een goede reputatie van de uitgaven met zijn vrouw en te vertrouwen op een goede staat van dienst in de Amerikaanse immigratie bureau, en ging naar Zwitserland eerste. Voor het verlaten, heeft hij vliegt terug naar het vasteland met vrienden Wu Shangyu, en Wu Shangying helpt bij het tweede kind Li Zhi Sheng gevolgd Zurich brengen. Op hetzelfde moment, Cheng Siyuan kreeg een telefoontje van Li Zongren, Li Zhixian, uit de Verenigde Staten, was in Hong Kong, en de goederen op de hoogte, is het in deze tijd geweest, Cheng Siyuan begrijpt dat Li Zongren heeft ging naar Europa.

Adhere to system thinking construction big safety patterns provide strong guarantee for building socialist modernization countries

■ National security work is a very important task of party rules in the country, and it is also a very important task to protect the National Taimin An.Do a good job in national security work in the new era, to adhere to the overall national security concept, seize and use the important strategic opportunity of my country’s development, and put national security throughout the process of all aspects of the party and national work, planning with economic and social development. Deployment, adhere to system thinking, build a large security pattern, promote international security and world peace, to provide strong security for building socialist modern countries ■ Party’s 19th National Plenary Session "Suggestions" first put coordinating development and safety into the 14th Five-Year Plan "The guiding ideology of my country’s economic and social development, the special chapter made a strategic deployment, highlighting the important position of national security in the party and national work.

This is determined by the historical orientation of my country’s development, the situation of national security is determined. Since the establishment of New China, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to development and security, and always control national security work closely in the hands.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , Strengthen the top design of national security work, improve national security policies, improve national security laws and regulations, effectively should have a series of major risk challenges, maintain my country’s national security overall situation, Xinhua News Agency Beijing, December 12, China, China Communist Party On December 11th, he did a good job in the second sixteen collective learning in national security work. The Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping emphasized that the national security work is a very important task of the party’s country’s spirit, and it is also a very important task for the protection of the National Taimin An. Do a good job in national security work in the new era, to adhere to the overall national security concept, seize and use the important strategic opportunity of my country’s development, and put national security throughout the process of all aspects of the party and national work, planning with economic and social development. Deployment, adhere to system thinking, build a big safety pattern, promote international security and world peace, and provide strong protection for building socialist modern countries.

Yuan Peng, Dean of China Modern International Relations Research Institute, explained this issue, proposed a work recommendation.

Comrades of the Central Political Bureau listened carefully to his explanation and discussed. Xi Jinping delivered a speech when he hosted his studies.

He pointed out that the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session "Recommendation" first puts the guiding ideology of overall development and safety in my country’s economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan, and a strategic deployment is made by the specialist, highlighting national security in the party and the country. An important position in the overall situation.

This is determined by the historical orientation of my country’s development, the situation of national security is determined.

Xi Jinping emphasized that our party was born in the national internal affair, and the importance of national security was unforgettable. Since the establishment of New China, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to development and security, and always control national security work closely in the hands. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Strengthen the top design of national security work, improve national security policies, improve national security laws and regulations, and effectively have a series of major risk challenges, maintaining my country’s national security overall situation. Xi Jinping put forward 10 requirements on the implementation of overall national security concepts. First, adhere to the absolute leadership of the party’s safety work, and adhere to the central government’s centralized unified leadership leadership, strengthen overall coordination, and put the party’s leaders throughout the national security work, promote the party committees (Party group) at all levels (Party Group) National security responsibility system is implemented.

The second is to adhere to the national security road of Chinese characteristics, implement the overall national security concept, adhere to political security, people’s security, national interests, and the purpose of people’s safety, the purpose of political security, economic security, and defend national sovereignty and The territorial integrity, preventing the resolution of major safety risks, providing strong security in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The third is to adhere to the tenet of people’s safety, and the national security is for the people, all rely on the people, give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of the broad masses of the people, and always maintain the safety rights of the broad masses of the people, and always use the people as the basic power of national security. Convergency to maintain the power of national security.

The fourth is to persist in coordinating development and safety, adhere to development and safety, and achieve high quality development and high-level safety, and through development and improve national security, in-depth promotion of national security ideas, system innovation, and create economically The safety environment of social development, more of the safety factors in development, striving to achieve development and safety dynamic balance, comprehensively improve national security work ability and level.

The fifth is to persist in political security in the primary location, safeguarding the safety of political security and system security, and more actively doing well.

Sixth, insist on the promotion of safety, coordinating traditional security and non-traditional security, playing national security work coordination mechanisms, using national security policy toolboxes.

Seven is to persist in preventing national security risks in highlighted positions, improving risk foresee, pre-judging capabilities, and striving to discover and dispose of hidden dangers that may bring significant risks.

Eight is to persist in promoting international common security, high cooperation, innovation, rule of law, win-win, promoting the establishment of common, comprehensive, cooperative, sustainable global safety concept, strengthening international security cooperation, improve the global safety governance system, and construct universal safety Human fate community. Nine is to adhere to the national security system and capacity modernization, adhere to the power of reform and innovation, strengthen the rule of law thinking, build system complete, scientific norms, effective national security system, and improve the ability to use science and technology to maintain national security, continuously enhanced shaping The ability of national security trends.

Ten is to strengthen the construction of national security cadres, strengthen the construction of the national security front party, and adhere to the construction of political construction as a leadership, to create an indestructible national security cadres.

Carrying AIGO mobile solid state drive S7 Pro high speed transmission does not fall

What is the first impression of a hard disk? Is it a square box of the four four square? Or is it a thick and heavy brick? It is undeniable that everyone’s impression of the hard disk is the case, but for the demand for work, everyone has to accept it silently. The space occupied by computer files and electronic data is in geometric facts. It is a geometric multiplication. It relies on the storage of the computer. It is not enough to reduce the traditional hard disk of the computer storage burden. choose. If there is a mini easy to carry, the mobile solid-state drive of the small business card appears in front of you, will you choose it? Don’t be shocked, don’t question, it is our protagonist in this period: AIGO mobile solid state hard drive S7PRO (1TB). Maybe you still don’t know this mobile solid-state hard drive, then, the next detailed introduction, everyone must browse, because Aigo National Goods will bring you a product that meets you all fantasy for mobile solid state hard drives.

Mini portable small business card AIGO Mobile Solid State Drive S7PRO Highlights The highlights of S7PRO is mini easy to carry, its size is smaller than a normal business card, ** product size makes it easy to put into pockets, only slap size Move the solid state drive, thoroughly interpret what is easy to carry. At the same time, 1TB’s large capacity allows the AIGO to move SSD S7PRO to install all kinds of large, small games, and can be carried at any time, no matter where you have fun.

Of course, the size of the size and large capacity can also help everyone’s mobile phone realize slimming, easy to complete the mutual task of the file, not only saving the space of the mobile phone, but occasionally chasing a drama is also a good choice.

High-speed transmission 2 seconds 1GB is small, will it affect the performance of moving solid state drives? At this point, everyone does not have to worry, and the AIGO national good thing is dare to do so small, naturally there is a secret recipe.

AIGO Mobile Solid State Drive S7PRO uses a high-speed interface, its read speed can be as high as 560Mb / s, the write speed has reached 500MB / s, which means that the 1GB file can be completed in 2 seconds, really doing Pressure transmission, backup large files. You can meet the storage needs of Vlogger and photographer material, save transmission time, and improve work efficiency.

Stable transmission does not fall across a lot of other mobile solid state hard disks, there will be problems in the transmission process, far from failing to efficient, high-speed transmission, and often have a painful lesson of lost files.

In response to this problem, AIGO mobile solid-state hard drive S7Pro reopeically reopened the TLC write algorithm. It can guarantee the full high-speed copy, reaching the smooth transmission of the speed, the purpose of not being lost, will never affect the work efficiency, can meet the designer The storage needs of large office software users such as engineers, illustrator, prevent file loss and save a lot of space for the computer. In view, AIGO mobile solid-state hard drive S7PRO is not only small and convenient, but also the read and write speed is also surprisingly fast. The high-efficiency transmission of 2 seconds 1GB can also guarantee that the whole process does not fall, does not lose files, and there is no place to pick up Start. If your work makes you inseparable from moving a solid-state drive, if you want to move a solid-state hard drive to alleviate your storage pressure, choose Aigo Mobile Solid State Drive S7Pro, which will be a choice that makes you love. For details, please click:.

Chengdu and Chongqing in Sichuan and Chongqing provinces held simultaneously in the middle of high-speed railway construction start-up activities

  September 26, Chengdu and Chongqing in Sichuan and Chongqing provinces held simultaneously neutral high-speed railway construction start-up activities to the video connection method. The picture shows held in Chengdu, the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail midline (Sichuan Section) to start the construction of the event.

Reporters Ouyang Jie photo September 26 morning, Sichuan and Chongqing provinces held simultaneously with video connection method Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail construction midline start-up activities.

Chongqing Party Secretary Chen Miner, the Sichuan provincial party committee secretary Peng Qinghua, respectively in Chongqing, Chengdu attended the event, and separately announced the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail center line (Chongqing section) (Sichuan section) construction started. STUDYING National Railway Corporation chairman, Chongqing Mayor Tang Liang Chi, Sichuan Provincial Committee, Governor Huang Qiang speech at the event.

  Tang Liang Chi on behalf of the Chongqing municipal government, the project started construction congratulated, thanked the State Railway Group and the relevant state ministries. He said the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail is a major midline transport infrastructure projects Xi Jinping, general secretary personally deployment, is leading the Twins build economic circle, symbolic, demonstration project.

Project construction is to start concrete actions to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping request, Sichuan and Chongqing masses is the long-awaited thing, Sichuan and Chongqing to build integrated and comprehensive transportation system, strengthen the dual-core lead the Chengdu-Chongqing, regional linkage, build "along the way" and the Yangtze River economic belt development, promoting western development a new era of a new pattern, it has an important supporting role. Over the past year, Chongqing and Sichuan in compliance with the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on transportation work, accelerate the "four network integration", accelerate the construction of "1 hour commuter circle" Twins economic circle on track to build high-speed rail construction step on the fast track. Chongqing will strengthen, Sichuan joint cooperation and the National Rail Group, strive to promote the completion of the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail center line Chengdu-Chongqing high-quality development of new channels, the service road of happiness people in Sichuan and Chongqing high quality of life, and take practical action to General Secretary Xi Jinping, turn in a satisfactory answer to the CPC Central Committee. Huang Qiang on behalf of the Sichuan provincial government congratulated the project started, thanks to the State Railway Group and the majority of participating in the construction. He said the Sichuan-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, firmly establish "a game of chess," thinking, and Chongqing were singing "Tale of Two Cities", a group of Chengdu-Chongqing region to promote economic development circles Twins major planning, major projects, major platform , landing the implementation of major reform measures. Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail is the construction of the center line of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone regional Twins another sign, demonstration projects, is one way of carrying the mission, cooperation and win-win way, people’s livelihood and well-being of the road, will further reduce Chengdu, Chongqing, two large time and space from the city to better meet people’s new expectations of a better life. We will fully grasp the Chengdu-Chongqing section of the line high-speed rail construction in Sichuan, promote economic development Twins Circle Chengdu-Chongqing region to speed up the effective potential.

Along the local government to carry out territorial responsibility, earnestly safeguard elements of land acquisition and capital; provincial departments should enhance the overall awareness, sense of responsibility and sense of service; the project owner to refine the program to accelerate the construction; all construction units to compaction compaction safe production responsibility to ensure the quality and environmental protection, and strive to put into operation as soon as possible, to play a benefit.

  STUDYING said Twins economic development circle Chengdu-Chongqing region is a major national strategic Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee. As a national strategic railway, pilot, major critical infrastructure, shoulder major responsibilities in the service of the national strategy. Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail center line is an important part of my country’s eight vertical and eight horizontal high-speed rail along the Yangtze River main channel and two auxiliary passenger two main channels.

Planning and implementation of the project to further shorten the time and space from the Chengdu-Chongqing, Chengdu and Chongqing to strengthen the position of the center of the city to speed up the development of important growth of high-quality western form of very great significance for deepening the key to high-speed rail technology innovation, science and technology to enhance the self-reliance of my country’s railway the ability to also play an important and leading role model to explore.

To Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important instructions to follow as a fundamental, the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail as a neutral "Fourteen five" key project of railway construction, law compliance to further step up the completion of the preparatory work, land acquisition and demolition, environmental assessment, soil and water conservation aspects work harder, Lu Di joint efforts, the starting point for the project promote the implementation of high standards of quality and lay a solid foundation, and strive to build a high-speed rail center line Chengdu-Chongqing-Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle area of the Twin Cities construction of landmark projects.

  Accompanied by enthusiastic applause, Chen Miner, Peng Qinghua, respectively, announced the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail center line (Chongqing section) (Sichuan section) construction started. Before the event, Mr Peng, Huang Qiang at the scene heard the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail-related planning and construction of the center line briefing. According to the National Development and Reform Commission approved, Chengdu-Chongqing neutral high-speed rail hub of Chongqing North Railway Station from the west leads, by the Chongqing Science City, District Tongliang, Dazu District into the territory of Sichuan Province, introduced by the Anyue, Lezhi, Jane York Metro Chengdu hub of Chengdu North Railway station. Line line length is 292 km, the design speed of 350 km bridge and tunnel accounted for 85% of the total project investment of 69.3 billion yuan, the total construction period of 5 years. Deputy general manager of the national railway company Li presided over the launch of new activities along the Yangtze River railway company chairman Ma Spring Hill on behalf of the flats for a position statement. Sichuan leader Shi Xiaolin, Rowan, Wang Yihong, leader of Chongqing Wang Fu, Li Mingqing, Duan Gang, Lu Kehua, Zheng Xiangdong, Wang Fengchao leadership in Chengdu, Sichuan and Chongqing, provincial and municipal authorities and local responsible comrades of the relevant central agencies in Sichuan, in Sichuan enterprises institutions and some provincial state-owned enterprise responsible comrades attended.

(Reporter Shuai Shou Li Miao) [Editor: Jiang Yan].