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Foreigners are obviously better at expressing their feelings. Dyrus hugged Lu Zhanyi before leaving.

Is immersed in failure, Lu Zhan has little feeling for his hug.
"Enjoy the game. You are very good. We will have the same position in the future," Bjergsen also said.
"There will be opportunities," Lu Zhan replied politely.
From the expressions of the three people, Lu Zhan found that for the three of them, the game was more entertaining because it was not about their own club, and their expressions were relaxed.
But the significance of this competition to the land exhibition is different.
This is his first world series, and he has reason to win.
He’s a little fidgety, waiting for the handshake to end, and he can’t wait to go out and get some air now to get rid of this depressed gas.
The remaining two people are ad flame and auxiliary red maple
When they passed Lu Zhan’s side, they shook hands politely. When they reached Mo Li’s side, the flame suddenly spit out their tongue at Mo Li, and then they suddenly jumped away when they scratched their left index finger and scratched their right hand.
Don’t jump from his eyes. Although he didn’t understand the language, he immediately understood the meaning of fire.
This is a mockery. He finally played passively.
"What do you mean?" Mo Li asked in Chinese.
Flame obviously didn’t understand his Chinese, shrugged his shoulders and left here.
"What do you mean, people are laughing at someone’s skill!"
As soon as the flame goes, Xiao Chengjiang smiles and says to Mo Li.
"You …" Don’t stare at Xiao Chengjiang and point a finger at Xiao Chengjiang.
"I don’t know if I want you because I can’t command you." Lu Zhan went over and shook his fingers together.
"What are you going to do?" Don’t look at it from the left and look at it again. It seems that Xiao Chengjiang and Lu Zhanzhan are afraid to beat him. If this happens, I am afraid that burning the night will not necessarily help him, let alone sky blue.
But Lu Zhan didn’t mean to pester him. He quickly let go of Mo’s hand and went out.
"You go back and tell Priestess of Death that I have finished this game. He arranged the game after brushing the soldiers. You hit you, I hit me and we will not interfere with each other."
Lu Zhanyin never leaves his ears.
He didn’t go back to the players’ lounge and didn’t leave the venue. This time, he went straight to the gate of the venue.
Many sharp-eyed people have noticed the departure of Lu Zhan, but this land exhibition is not enough.
Even a reporter passing by was directly bypassed by him.
He has not failed for a long time, and now his heart is in a mess.
He has to get some air. He has had enough of the atmosphere in this team.
Chapter 617 Meet acquaintances on the streets of Paris
The moment Lu Zhan went out publicly like this, he broke with Mo Li completely.
Maybe Priestess of Death will come out and accuse and suppress Mr. Wu, but he has a guilty conscience.
For two consecutive games, Lu Zhan changed the early suppression style in lspl, and two different methods were used to brush two rounds. The soldiers have completed the tactical arrangement in Priestess of Death.
They can say whatever they want.
桑拿会所At least he has to finish the group stage.
However, according to the current situation, maybe they will have gone home after the group match.
Five teams eliminated one, but North America and Europe are similar in strength, and South Korea is stronger. They can’t even beat North America, so talk about Europe and South Korea?