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I never thought I would have to face Ye’s family alone so soon.

Although I know that Ye Xiangyuan brought me back to deal with them, it’s still too fast …
Of course I’m afraid. What can I do?
Can’t hold his skirts and cry and beg him to stay.
He touched his face. "Ye Wen will also help you when the time comes. If you need anything, just look for him."
I gently um one.
Ye Xiangyuan looked down at my eyes as if to see the bottom of my heart.
I don’t mind exposing my worries to him, but I still try to squeeze out a smile at him, "I see."
He kissed my lips. "When the time comes, Dong will bring two people to teach you something about firearms. You can tell him anything else you want to learn."
It’s the first time I’ve learned to shoot, and he still remembers it
I couldn’t help looking at him with a shiny face.
He smiled slightly and kissed me again.
After that, we went to see Sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
Sister-in-law sat stupefied and Xiaojin snuggled up next to her and quietly dismantled a model plane.
There were female guards in the house guarding me and Ye Xiangyuan, and they didn’t talk or take Xiao Jin away, so they let him stay with his mother.
Ye Li called the servant to call us at dinner.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
品茶论坛I took Lv Nian Ye Xiangyuan and held Xiao Jin. We walked into the restaurant and saw Ye Li sitting in the main seat. On his left hand side were Ye Sanye and Li Qingqing, but I didn’t see Teng Jun.
Ye Li took his eyes and swept us, pointing to his right hand position "sit down"
After we sat down, he turned to Ye Sanye to "call your mother for dinner."
Ye Sanye frowned and stammered, "Mom said she was uncomfortable …"
Everyone can recognize Teng Jun’s temper during the day.
She tried to give me Mawei, but I slapped her, but Ye Li didn’t come to her place. No wonder she made sex.
Chapter 94 Simply castrate your husband
"Nonsense!" Ye Li slapped the table. "It’s rare for a family to get together, so she has many problems!"
I can’t help seeing him.
Knowing that Ye Xiangyuan and Teng Jun don’t deal with him, but also maintaining superficial peace gives people a pleasant feeling.
I don’t understand what he really thinks.
Will his decades of cracks be repaired by this reunion dinner?
During the period of Ye Sanye, Ai Aidit got up and went upstairs to call Teng Jun.
I can see that Ye Sanye didn’t dare to disagree with his father.
Or so far, he is very timid in front of his parents and wife.
Because Ye Li didn’t move chopsticks, a table of people were waiting in a polite way, including Li Qingqing, Xiao Jin and I, and sister-in-law who pretended to be sick.
Ye Xiangyuan casually picked up chopsticks and began to eat.
I saw Ye Li’s mouth moved and didn’t scold after all.
Ye Sanye came back soon, and Teng Jun appeared after all, although he looked pale behind him.
This surprises me.
It seems that she is still very docile in front of Ye Li
Teng Jun sat at the head of Ye Sanye.
On the left is Teng Jun and Ye Sanye, and on the right is Sister-in-law and us.