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"Chu Shi’s heart for Miss Gu is really admirable, but" Jiang Yu Qi was about to say something, Shuiyun Hibiscus suddenly spoke, "The late at night trespassing in Lanwang Palace and someone invited him out."

The words sound just fell and dozens of black guards appeared in the dark, holding sharp cold mans sword and pointing to Jiang Yu’s prayer.
Jiang Yu qi suddenly startled and then smiled deeply. This woman’s decisive wit is much higher than that of the male. It seems that this time he trip worthwhile.
Chu Chengxuan was so happy to watch this scene that she had a better temper than Huang Fuda, but she was not always caught off guard. She had different ways and means to things and people, and she was always overwhelmed. This Jiang Yu prayed that she would not suffer. Today, he could not pass. He had a lot to watch.
"It seems that the princess of the county is even more impatient than Chu Shi and can’t talk more about her personal relationship." Jiang Yu qi got up slowly.
"I don’t sleep in the middle of the night and shoot the breeze with you here. You are the Duke of Zhou." Shuiyun took a white look at Jiang Yu and sat there calmly.
Dozens of dark guards flew up and drew their swords, jumped out of Jiang Yu’s body, and the dark guards followed him and surrounded him for a while. Jiang Yu’s prayer could not help but deal with this woman’s sincerity.
"Who is the Duke of Zhou? What do you want to talk to him about?" Huangfuda suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Shuiyunjin with dribbling eyes. When did she know a Duke of Zhou? Why didn’t he know what it was?
ShuiYunJin language greatly turned supercilious look, even eat this kind of vinegar she absolutely.
"I occasionally meet the Duke of Zhou in my dream, so I can just pull it at will."
Huangfuda’s face was slightly dark, and she met in silence.
"King Lao County, why do you turn your back on this woman?" Jiang Yu Qi finally got a look here in the fight over there.
"Qi Wang Jingcheng, since he had a good time, then go on playing and let’s have a look at the excitement." Huangfuda rarely looks back.
Jiang Yu qi wry smile who is this family? Men can’t offend women, let alone offend them.
Chu Chengxuan couldn’t sit still when he saw this battle. He flew up and joined the war circle. With Chu Chengxuan joining Jiang Yu Qi, it was even more miserable.
"Who is the Duke of Zhou, a woman?" Huangfuda turned a deaf ear to the movement over there. He just wanted to know who the Duke of Zhou was, and he had to throw the Duke of Zhou into the sky.
Shui Yunjin is deeply impressed by Huang Fuda’s persistent attitude of coaxing. "What if I tell you? You can’t beat him."
Yet a suspection.i da was livid, and this woman regarded the Duke of Zhou as heavier than him. "Say it again, woman."
"I repeat, you can’t beat him." Shuiyunji’s words were heavily sealed before he finished, leaving no gap, making a determined effort to wrap the soft lip, sucking and biting the hot breath, soaking the lips, feeling his sharp teeth, Shuiyunji whimpering and crying, and Huangfudi seemed to have a hard time, then probing into the tip of his tongue to find the fragrance and softness, which was out of control.
I’m not feeling well. It’s even late. Sorry, ha:
Chapter 75 A trap
The kiss ended in panting, from the initial punishment dissatisfaction to the final lingering erosion of the bone.
Shuiyunjin fell softly into Huangfuda’s arms, and she thought that because of the duke of Zhou, she almost suffocated Huangfuda’s overbearing kiss, what was all this?
"I’ll pick you up when I get back to my room." Huangfuda is also breathing slightly, and her eyes are like clouds, setting her face deeply and shallowly.
Shuiyunjin stared at him relentlessly, and when she recovered, she would have to settle accounts with him.
On the other hand, Jiang Yu prayed for his last dying breath. Chu Chengxuan didn’t even give him a gasp. He thought that it would be his frontier defense to guard Bian Yang and shouted, "The princess of the county has something to say. Let’s sit down and talk slowly about what you want to hear."
Smell speech ShuiYunJin looked up at the eyes to say that Jiang Yu praying for martial arts is not bad. After all, it lasted for so long. "Well, we can’t be too rude when you treat your guests back."
Dozens of dark guards stopped and disappeared for a moment.
Seeing this, Jiang Yuqi’s face was ruthlessly smoked several times.
But how can ChuChengXuan miss such a good opportunity? The sky is dark and the two slender figures are roaring. Jiang Yu Qi is finally relieved that he is no longer under attack between Scylla and Charybdis.
Roof JiSen also green two people eagerly looking at the reality, they also want to sell Nai county princess don’t give them a chance.
"Chu Shi, if you want to pester me like this again, the number of times I go to the general’s office will increase, and I will learn that Chu Shi lai Shi wants to come to the general and will not be rude to drive me away with a stick." Jiang Yu Qi said unhurriedly.
ChuChengXuan suddenly stop this also how to beat grandma Jiang Yu qi he is such a weakness in the future.
"The king of Lao County is finally willing to wake up." Jiang Yu prayed and caressed his body, and the brocade robe came up slowly, especially when he saw Huangfu Da’s all smiles, and her voice was full of ridicule.
"If you are not tired, then find a dark guard practitioner. There are many practitioners in my courtyard." Huangfuda caught a glimpse of Jiang Yuqi.
"Did I marry your woman?" Jiang Yu qi showed his attitude very wisely.
"Pray for the king to sit down," Huangfuda said faintly.
Jiang Yu qi sighed and looked at the thick night. In front of him was a pair of "dirty" couples.
Jiang Yu prayed that the smile on his desk would recede. "I think you’ve already met Tian Shi."
"He’s dead," Shuiyunjin said.
"I know that if it weren’t for the princess of the county, he must be alive now. I just got the news that he was dead before I knew that the city and the princess of the county were so hidden." Jiang Yuqi smiled gently.
"What?" Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows slightly.
"If he dies well, I will pay him back. My hand never expected to lose his life because of the princess of the county." Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened.
Shuiyunjin didn’t say anything and raised an eyebrow to signal Jiang Yu to pray.
"You should all know that he is from autumn Guan Yue, but the true identity of autumn Guan Yue wants you to know that she is Jiang Qiuwu, a geisha wearing a human skin mask, hiding in Yangcheng for a long time in the next year, secretly plotting against the etiquette to achieve her ulterior motives." Jiang Yuqi confirmed that Jiang Qiuwu was autumn Guan Yue.
"She is your Nanliang people who are not in the palace for a long time. You haven’t found out how you are praying for the king." ChuChengXuan glanced at Jiang Yuqi and his face was dark.
Jiang Yu qi had to say, "She can dress up as autumn Guan Yue, and naturally someone walks around in the palace dressed as her face."
"Then what do these have to do with us?" Shuiyun Park raised her eyebrows slightly, and she knew that Jiang Yu’s visit was not simple, even more than dealing with Jiang Qiuwu.
桑拿会所  title=Jiang Yuqi looked at Shuiyunjin with a slightly heavy eye. He smiled. "Shouldn’t the princess of the county ask if Jiang Qiuwu is a close friend?"
"Qi Wang is well prepared. It seems that Jiang Qiuwu’s whereabouts have been under your control over the years." Huangfuda’s voice was faint.
"If I don’t take precautions, I’m afraid my head will fall to the ground already, and there will be no chance for you to sit here." Jiang Yu qi seems to have a wry smile.
"When you first entered the capital, those who tried to kill you were Jiang Qiuwu. She wanted to get rid of her stumbling block, and if you wanted to stay high, it seemed that there was no royal chaos in Nanliang with us. Shouldn’t Nanliang solve it?" Shuiyunjin knew what Jiang Yuqi was up to, but she just didn’t want him to succeed so quickly. Jiang Yuqi came prepared, and he deliberately arranged it from the palace banquet to marry Gu Chenxi.
"The princess of the county will be so clean. Jiang Qiuwu Changyong has mastered a lot of secrets of important officials in the DPRK for many years. If necessary, she will be forced into the palace. She has made great contributions. Your confidants around her have all seen how many hidden piles have been buried in the former residence. If she wants to make waves in the capital, it will be another bloody one. These county princesses all know it, but I am not aggressive."
Jiang Yu qi’s face was calm and deep, and his eyes didn’t flash or hide. He looked straight at Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin was pale and said nothing.
Jiang Yu prayed to see the deep eyes break into a faint light. "If Wang Heng had the help of Nanliang State and he wanted the throne at his fingertips now, would it be the princess of the county who wanted to see it?"