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"I recommend Lu Zhan conductor!" Tianlan grabbed Mo Li’s words, and he didn’t want to be the conductor himself. He tried two games and failed.

"You said recommendations will recommend me where the captain? !” Mo Li slammed the table loudly, and all the workers looked here to know what had happened.
"This group match is a life-and-death battle. How can we continue to fight under the unified command? Don’t you care if you win or lose? "
Lu Zhan was also angry. He was seldom angry, but Mo Li’s attitude made him serious.
He clung to the mouse and was so angry that he didn’t leave home. He looked at the surge of two lines of soldiers and didn’t know where he should go for support.
"Hehe, it’s not that my dragon dance team won without bonus and lost the blame. It takes 12 hours to cross the domain and half the earth’s labor and capital. If I can’t get a penny, I can still be famous and my salary can’t be honored. What the hell?" Don’t leave the keyboard with your hands and hold your arms and smile at Lu Zhan.
"You …"
Lu Zhan also slammed the table. If it weren’t for the live broadcast, he would almost get up.
He can accept himself more than cherish the glory of the championship. It is just a chance to be famous in his eyes.
There are also various sounds in the summoner’s canyon in the headphones, but Lu Zhan won’t listen. His ears are ringing around Mo Li’s words and his chest is undulating and he feels insulted.
"Yes, it’s not your game, but it’s my game. I’m here with the goal of winning. Even if it’s hard, I won’t give up. You can go without fighting. You’re not here to make trouble with the players."
Lu Zhan gritted his teeth and said word for word that he finally knew what the national competition was developing so slowly.
Kang Jie said that the water race was deep, but he didn’t expect it to be so deep. The ambush of the second team or the gambling in Seoul gambling house was all about the game
But Mo, the oldest member of the team, said such a thing to make him accept it completely.
He has no desire for glory after all. It’s a chance to be famous here. Without him, it’s hard to fight.
If the former Lu Zhan and Mo Li broke up, it has now become a complete draw a line. Lu Zhan hates to take a side test and doesn’t want to sit with him.
"Do you think so?" Lu zhanwen
"I …" I didn’t expect Lu Exhibition to ask myself how many spirits turned red again since the start of the game.
"I ask you do you think so? And Sky Blue Sheng Qiang, what do you think? " Lu Zhan continued to ask
"The elder brother of the exhibition said that I won’t say anything more. I’m not here for glory but for myself! They all say that I don’t deserve to represent China, but I want to prove my ability. I want to prove that I can! " Xiao Shengqiang said
桑拿会所"Good brothers!" Lu Zhan nodded. Xiao Chengjiang was a champion like him.
"Maybe I can hit anywhere, but I’m outside the professional arena. I don’t slack off when I play in my arena. Star Games is also my career." Tian Lan thought about it and expressed his opinion.
"good!" Lu Zhan nodded again. Tianlan and his ideas are completely different, but it is enough to say that he is not slack.
"I don’t want to come, but someone has chosen me to come, so I can say that I am here to make money." Burning Night finally came up with his own statement
freezing point
No one in the whole team said a word, and Xiao Chengjiang opened his mouth and didn’t find anything to talk to. He saw that Lu Zhan looked very pale.
Burning Night didn’t explain much, but this sentence has proved that he and Lu Zhan are not the same person.
"Don’t you get a prize for winning the championship? Will give us "a long time to show Lu said slowly.
"If I have money, I will do it." The red face of young people has faded with another unspeakable expression.
Lu Zhan smiled bitterly. He didn’t know what to say. It should be certain that the total night burning is the champion.
At that time, five of the Riven Metal Masters in Huangda Wild Road Group returned to the normal alignment state.
From the outside, it looks very harmonious, but this is no longer the right date. The South Korean team has been holding a group for a long time, but they still do.
Although Lu Zhan, Tian Lan and Mo Li, who used to command with their eyes, occasionally said two words of command instructions, now all three of them don’t talk, and the whole team has turned into a headless fly.
"What the hell is going on here?"
Su Huanjen, captain of the team in the stands, frowned and worried about the situation of the star team.
Chapter 665 Unexpected shout
He sits with Zhang Haifeng, and Zhang Haifeng has another screen in his hand. The match between Southeast Asia and Europe is being broadcast live. For the time being, the two teams are in balance, but Europe is better at team fighting, and it is more likely that Europe will win in the later period. If we keep going like this, China will be able to advance even if it loses to South Korea.