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Chapter 49 Destroy the strange girl through three views

I am one Leng
It’s most thoughtful of Ye Xiangyuan.
But I was drugged, and he did the same thing, so I was relieved.
Nannan said, "It’s a good thing he told me, otherwise I would have to worry."
We chatted for a while, and I felt much better.
I spent the next week at home.
Zhou Yi and Ji Shu both let me rest for a few days. I also want to be quiet and simply ask for leave from school.
Nannan went out to cover for me.
Of course, it’s no problem that she graduated from college and taught sophomores in one of my majors.
But I wonder why she has such an interest.
She explained that she was too idle to find something to do, and she was going to change to a teacher next year.
It’s really hard to be a teacher. Although a university teacher is relatively better, it’s not easy. It’s necessary to do projects and evaluate professional titles …
Section 45
But Nannan is not a monkey. She must have thought about it for a long time. Besides, her father is the principal, and she must have analyzed the interests with her.
So I didn’t persuade her again.
Send me a WeChat after South-South class that day [Ye Xiangyuan came to the school to find you]
I suddenly remembered that I had an appointment with Ye Wen to meet at the weekend to learn about Ye’s family affairs.
Unfortunately, an accident put the plan on hold.
And now I’m hesitant to promise Ye Xiangyuan agreement, so I’m not in a hurry to see him.
I thought for a while and called him.
Ye Wen laughed. "It’s not urgent that I happened to pass by, otherwise I will contact you directly."
That’s true. It’s not like he doesn’t have my number.
We hung up without saying a few words, and nothing happened that day.
In fact, I will be embarrassed to think of that person that day.
品茶After a week, I almost recovered and went back to school.
Zhou Yi actually gave me words to give me a re-examination.
I’m not surprised that he can get my mobile phone number, but I’m surprised that he is so upset.
I know he didn’t contact me to see the far side of the leaf.
But now I don’t want to talk to Ye Xiangyuan at all
Talking to him will remind me of that crazy day …
So I declined.
Zhou Yi didn’t insist, which relieved me.
And Ye Xiangyuan never came to me, just like he disappeared.
The anxiety in my heart gradually subsided.
But at this time, a post flowed out of the net.
The theme of the post is "One Destroy Three Views and Strange Women"
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