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Li Guoliang rubbed his painful temples and looked at Fang Relan’s swollen cheeks. Finally, his eyes moved to his son’s face and he thundered, "Look at your aunt’s face! If she hadn’t stopped this slap, she would have hit Xia Xue in the face! Don’t you feel bad if Xia Xue is beaten? "

Father reprimanded Li Zhenyu for silence. He pursed his lips and didn’t refute a word.
"I can forgive your mother again! Get her out of this house! Don’t say anything about her moving away and you moving away! If you are not afraid to grieve your grandmother, you will move with it! " Li Guoliang said that he would no longer look at his son lying angrily and close his eyes.
Seeing that the situation is so cold, Xia Xue has nothing to regret. Anyway, she can do everything Li Zhenyu did. Whether she can protect Du Hua is not her concern.
I don’t know why Xia Xue agrees with the old lady Li’s statement that Du Hua is too sharp to make public and arrogant. No wonder Li Guoliang’s favor is far from Fang Relan’s. If it weren’t for Li Zhenyu, I’m afraid this family would not be in Du Hua.
Looking at the tough attitude, there was room for everything. Father Li Zhenyu’s face was even colder, but he finally turned stiffly and walked straight to the door without saying anything.
Xia Xue followed Li Zhenyu out of the ward and Li Zhenyu suddenly stopped to look at Xia Xue.
See Li Zhenyu look Xia Xue know he has something to say at this time.
Sure enough, after a moment’s silence, Li Zhenyu asked, "What is it that mom quarreled with you?"
He learned that Du Hua would never have lost her temper in front of the old lady if something had not happened that made her mad. She knew that her family was in a dangerous situation and was extremely unpopular with Li Guoliang. The old lady had never liked her. Even if she had more opinions about Xia Xue, she would not have a face in front of the old lady and Li Yuanfen.
Xia Xue thought for a moment and truthfully replied, "Because of Lu Shasha’s miscarriage!"
"What? !” Zhen-yu li unbelievable "lu sasa abortion her what is it? What’s wrong with her! "
Although the breakup with Wu Tianyou also broke down, because he and Du Hua belong to personal privacy, Xia Xue doesn’t want to disclose the situation at will. Li Zhenyu or Du Hua’s own son, if he knows that his mother has an illegitimate child outside and that illegitimate child is Wu Tianyou, it is estimated that there will be chaos again, so she is silent for a long time.
It wasn’t until Li Zhenyu’s eyes showed impatience with color that Xia Xuecai slowly tunnel "I don’t know! For specific reasons, you can ask Aunt Du that she can give you a letter reason! "
Li Zhenyu stared at Xia Xue’s eyes. Her eyes were as clear as spring water, and there was no hypocrisy or deception. She never lied to him about breaking up or getting back together. She was always honest with him.
This is really an incredible thing. Maybe Du Hua can tell him the real answer! He had to find Du Hua and ask her what she was smoking!
"Let’s go! I will go shopping with you! " Xia Xue couldn’t help but stare at Li Zhenyu’s words.
Shirley’s family was gone too far to chicken fly a dog to jump two elders in hospital. Xia Xue never imagined that Li Zhenyu was still in the mood to accompany her to go shopping. The man’s heart was really unpredictable. "No … no! Let’s go and see grandma! "
"Sailing said grandma need quiet aunt to accompany her is enough! Let’s not bother for the time being and wait for her to be quiet for two days before going to see her! "
"Oh, so that’s it!" Xia Xue nodded and said after a slight hesitation, "Aunt Du’s things …"
"Nothing!" Li Zhenyu looked faintly and his tone was even lighter. "Dad didn’t drive her out of Li’s house for the first time. Every time she can cheat, she should be able to hide this time!"
When Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu left the hospital, she caught a glimpse of a familiar shadow, which almost blinded her.
That figure is very much like Wu Tianyou! If she’s not mistaken! What is he doing here? Is Lu Shasha also hospitalized here? But yesterday, the racecourse just performed that scene, and it’s really not a shame to have the cheek to live under the nose of my cousin in the military hospital!
By calling Wu Tianyou last night and denouncing Du Hua this morning, Xia Xue can guess that these two people must have been bewitched by Lu Shasha, but she just lacks patience and interest to explain this misunderstanding to these two people and hasn’t solved it yet.
After a short time, did she consider whether to explain to Du Hua? After Li Zhenyu, she didn’t want a root, so she wouldn’t be a "child" and Du Hua. After all, Du Hua is Li Zhenyu’s biological mother!
Wu Tianyou quickly flicker into the ward. He saw Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu just now!
Although it is a glimpse, she is familiar with the beautiful image as if she were engraved in his heart, and she will never be wrong! The cool guy next to me is Li Zhenyu! He tried to avoid them, so he didn’t want to reveal his whereabouts. In fact, he came to this hospital to visit someone.
Into the ward, I saw Tang Xiongqi drinking with his arm around a hot tender model. The two of them fed each other and cuddled and teased.
Because he was planted in Xia Xue’s hands twice, Tang Xiongqi felt humiliated and suffered a belly injury. He has been in the hospital for rest. He wants to wait until the wind has passed and everyone forgets his bad luck before leaving the hospital. But Tang Xiongqi is a unwilling lonely person. Where can he keep his pillow alone? If the injury is slightly better, he will call his girlfriends to accompany him to drink and tease and lead a life of drunkenness and debauchery.
However, Tang Xiongqi soon found that there seemed to be another person in the ward. He caught a glimpse of Wu Tianyou from the corner of his eye, and he was so dismayed that he pushed away his tender model and waved her away.
"I hate pushing people so rudely, and I don’t know anything about pity!" Tender model is where crazy in love is willing to leave her proud little chest and want to stick it again.
"Get out!" Tang Xiongqi put his palm against her and pointed to the door and said, "I’ll write you a check when you come over later!" "
Seeing that Tang Xiongqi pulled his face and knew that there was no tender model again, he pursed his mouth and reluctantly went to bed. "People like you, but it’s not your check!"
"I know that you are really late to let you come and continue to hurt you!" Tang Xiongqi coaxed her a few words and finally sent her away, only to look at Wu Tianyou again.
Wu Tianyou gave up his seat before Tang Xiongqi spoke, so he was very rude to find the most comfortable place to sit. He was not in a hurry to speak, but looked at Tang Xiongqi coldly, and seemed to gloat.
桑拿会所Tang Xiongqi was not annoyed. He pulled out a cigarette and threw it to Wu Tianyou first, then lit one himself and sneered, "Let’s talk about it without going to the Three Treasures Hall!"
My woman is personally in charge.
"I don’t smoke!" Wu Tianyou puckered up his handsome eyes and showed disgust. He always looked down on the Tangs, and he didn’t like the Tang Xiongqi people. Today, he took the initiative to find others. He really wanted to do a lot of things and said a lot of insincere things.
Take a drag on the smoke Tang Xiongqi spit out the smoke. "Let’s get down to business! I heard that your child was killed by the surname Li. Do you hate him? Ha ha ha! "
Watching Tang Xiongqi open his mouth, Wu Tianyou wanted to give him a fist, but he resisted the impulse to hit someone and said coldly, "Don’t you hate him?"
"hate! Of course he fucking hates it! " Tang Xiongji slammed the bedside table with a fist and smashed the vase on the surface. A little nurse smelled it and came in to see it, but he yelled, "I’m chatting with my brother. What are you doing running in? Get out! "
So the little nurse was driven away.
"Tang Xiong" Wu Tianyou barely raised his mouth, revealing a subtle irony. This Tang Xiongqi is uneducated, has no manners and has no patience. How can he blame him? But how many people dare to challenge Li Zhenyu in Yuncheng? Although Tang Xiongqi is hateful, he is not weak and timid. He is looking for him and is ready to form an alliance. "Today’s visit does have something important to discuss! But it’s not my personal vendetta. There is still a way out for Brother Tang to develop Yuncheng in the future. "