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I don’t feel sorry to thank him "for your trouble"

It seems that I haven’t been in a coma for too long. I still feel a little sore when I touch my forehead. See Ye Xiangyuan, there is no intention to close my eyes again.
We haven’t communicated since.
As soon as the bus arrived at the hospital, a young man came running. "It’s all arranged."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and turned to me. "He will take you for an examination."
I was so surprised that he arranged it so carefully that I quickly thanked him again.
The young man laughed. "Please follow me."
I followed him to go inside and looked back. Ye Xiangyuan had already driven away.
The young man seems to have a sunny personality and never stops smiling. He introduces himself voluntarily. "My name is Ye Wen and everyone calls me Xiao Wen."
I am busy. "My surname Ding is definitely older than you. Please call me Ding Jie."
He took good advice and said, "Ding Jie, we are going to shoot now. Er Shao has already greeted the hospital here."
桑拿Once upon a time, I guessed that Ye Xiangyuan’s identity was not simple, but a word could make the hospital handle affairs or military hospital, which is not something that ordinary people can do.
And Ye Wen around me looks cheerful but doesn’t talk much, like I see the kind of wealthy family who are specially trained.
I knew something in my heart, but I didn’t show it
Hou Ye Wen took me to see the doctor, who was very respectful to him, and I also enjoyed a top treatment.
The test results came back. I had a skin injury and didn’t hurt my head.
When the doctor prescribed the medicine and everything was in order, Ye Wen smelled me and sent me home. I declined, but I already owed Ye Xiangyuan a favor. I don’t want to bother others any more.
I want to thank him for helping me this time and meeting me at school.
Chapter 3 You vicious woman
When I came out of the hospital, I didn’t go home immediately, but went to Ningqi’s house.
His parents didn’t know about Wen Lu yet, and they treated me warmly.
I can’t help feeling sour in my heart
Although Ningqi is not a thing, his parents treat me very well.
I didn’t beat around the bush and just told you about cheating on Ning Qi.
Ning’s father and mother are both middle school teachers, and I know they are very upright people.
About is too shocked NingMa along while didn’t speak.
Ning’s dad asked calmly, "You said he had found a woman outside for two years and got pregnant with that woman?"
I, uh, I …
Actually, I suspected that Wen Lu was not pregnant, but seeing Ning Qi was so nervous about her and I was a little uncertain, so I didn’t say the question.
Ning Ma couldn’t help but scold a way: "Ning Qi, this little bastard, is so ignorant! And how that woman is so shameless! Even if you seduce a man, you dare to find a door! "
I secretly laugh at it. It can’t be Wen Lu’s fault that a slap in the face doesn’t ring.
Who knows who they are and who they hook up with first?
But I didn’t come here today to accuse Ning Qi. I wanted to settle this matter.
Ning Ma took my hand and said, "Good boy … don’t worry, I will teach you a lesson from Ning Qi."
I nodded and took her arm. "Aunt, don’t be too angry. Don’t scold him when he comes back. Listen to his explanation. Maybe he has difficulties."
Ning Ma kept nodding and boasting that I was sensible.