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Yun Qianxue and others couldn’t help laughing when they listened to Lele’s conversation with Yan Yan. "Don’t listen to Mommy’s singing before going to bed after Yan Yan, or miss Brother Yang when you save it."

Yan Yan shook her head like a rattle. "Don’t, don’t, Yan Yan won’t be able to sleep without listening to Mommy."
Lele was very hurt when she heard Yan Yan’s words. Yan Yan would rather listen to Mommy’s singing than spare a little time to miss him.
Yan Yan seems a little unhappy when she looks at Lele. She hurriedly patted Lele on the shoulder placidly. "Brother Yang, don’t be unhappy. I will miss you when I go to the bathroom."
Yun Qianxue and others couldn’t help laughing at Yan Yan’s words. Lele looked at this girl with a black line on her face. It was really angry and funny.
He couldn’t help but bow his head and give her a heavy kiss on the face. "You should think about it when you eat, not only when you are in the bathroom."
Yan Yan "…"
Ling Mohan’s family sent an Chen’s family back to Wancheng Lele, unwilling to leave Yan Yan and live in Wancheng directly.
He can’t wait to be with Yan Yan all the time. He is worried that when Yan Yan leaves, he doesn’t know how long it will take to see Yan Yan.
Lele is now a fourth-grade student. Ling Mohan has already given him a mobile phone.
Lele doesn’t like playing mobile games as childish as that, but Yan Yan is different. She likes playing games with her mobile phone very much, but An Chen and others worry that she will play with her eyes if she watches her mobile phone too much, which often stops her from playing games.
And Lele likes Yan Yan and will compare with her. She said that she would like to play Lele’s mobile phone. Lele naturally handed it to her without saying anything.
There is no game on Lele’s mobile phone. Yan Yan rummaged for a long time and didn’t find anything interesting. She was just about to return her mobile phone to Lele when a message came in from Lele’s mobile phone.
At this time, Lele just had something to leave. Yan Yan didn’t see Lele, so she helped pick up the words.
"Hello," three-year-old Yan Yan is still very polite and knows how to say hello when answering the phone.
The other party heard Yan Yan’s voice stunned. After two seconds, she heard a dissatisfied female baby sounds "Who are you?" What helps Xu Yang answer the phone? "
Yan Yan felt that the other party was very rude. She replied discontentedly, "Who are you? What do you want to call Brother Yang? "
"Yang elder brother? So close? Who are you from Xuyang? " The other party asked discontentedly.
Yan Yan wrinkled her cute nose and pie pie. "Why don’t I tell you?"
"You rude kid, how can you just answer others’ words? Where is Xuyang? You let him answer the phone. "The other party obviously recognized Yan Yan as a little child.
Yan Yan heard people say that she was a kid, and she was obviously unhappy. She was so angry that she returned to the other party with a sentence, "Why don’t I let my brother Yang pick you up?"
The other person was obviously very angry. You could hear the other person inhaling from the words. It took a while before the other person asked, "Tell me who you really are?"
Yan Yan sat on the sofa and shook her calf. Obviously, the anger of the other party made her feel good. She walked over and said, "Guess what?" She also deliberately dragged out the ending, as if she would never give up until she grieved the other party.
"You … you you kid …" The other party was so angry that I didn’t know what to say.
Yan Yan stretched out an index finger and shook it gently, even though the other person couldn’t see "No, I’m not a kid. You guessed wrong, sister. You keep guessing."
"You put Xu Yang on the phone" has reached the level of gnashing teeth.
"hmm? What did you say?/Sorry? Let who answer the phone? "
"Put Ling Xuyang on the phone"
"Who is Ling Xuyang?"
Finally, the other party was severely cut off by Yan Yan’s anger. When Lele came in from the outside, she just saw Yan Yan throwing her mobile phone on the sofa.
"Isn’t the mobile phone fun?" Lele asked
Yan Yan shook her head. "It’s no fun. By the way, Brother Yang just had a sister calling for you."
桑拿会所☆, Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Happiness ends.
"Who is it?" Lele casually asked, Lele is not very caring about Yan Yan Ji. He wants to spend some time with her while Yan Yan is still in the city.
"I don’t know if you can read it yourself." Yan Yan returned the mobile phone to Lele to let him see it for himself. After all, Yan Yan is still young and she can’t read the mobile phone.
Lele took the phone and turned it on, and then put it on. "Nothing is the most annoying girl in our class monitor, regardless of her."
Yan Yan curiously tilted her little head and asked, "What’s bothering your monitor?"