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The first one is Huo Jiujian, who indicates that he has entered the ruins of Shenhuang but has lost his way.

Then the second note was full of complaints.
"Are you kidding me? Do you have a friend like you? After I came in, the map root couldn’t find you, and I don’t know where to hide. I’m now in the desert. Is there a big bird attacking me and a sand whale using me as bait? If I show my identity, no one will talk to you. If you don’t die, get over here. I know you want to go wherever you want. This place is dying. It’s really drunk without a baby to find."
A pile of complaints shows that Huo Jiujian’s mentality is exploding badly, and you are really a little happy to see that his mentality is uneven and he replied coldly with the word "waiting"
Chapter one hundred and eleven While waiting.
When Huo Jiujian received your crazy voice, two ice-blue horns jumped out of the forest. I can’t see from what angle, but it is certainly a kind of spirit beast.
The angle attack power is not high, which means that even if he carries it hard purely by physical strength, he will leave a trace at most.
Knowing that he may be killed, he still exposes his position, and he can understand that the horn owner protects his home. Facing such a spirit beast, Huo Jiujian respects it from the heart, so he has no intention to fight back.
He did invade the territory, but the terrain of the remains of the God Burn is really complicated and there is no exact map. He also strayed into this place, and these spirits and beasts kept attacking innocently, even if they were not prepared for any big move when delaying, or luring the enemy to attack in depth.
There is nothing to take to attack the practice. In terms of defense, it is purely a multi-layer defense of Xuanli and power. Huo Jiujian was harassed by this kind of anodyne attack all the way. Otherwise, you have to pretend to be decent before you are crazy.
Complaining with you crazy is purely because you are always dissatisfied with the spirit beast, which really doesn’t cause too much trouble.
After getting lost, he strayed into this desert because he felt that the fluctuation of the mysterious force of Jun Kuang really came here. Only then did he conclude that there seemed to have been a huge battle before, and at the same time, Jun Kuang had passed through another magic practice here. Although it was extremely powerful, since Jun Kuang had the spare capacity to make the magical power, it meant that he won easily.
But the avatar means that he must have recovered Huo Jiujian and immediately reached this conclusion.
The so-called returning to the truth is the first step into the realm of God.
Dominating the realm can be regarded as a great accomplishment, so that you can stand on your feet in this world. It doesn’t mean that the practice is over. There are only a handful of strong people in the realm of truth, and even the super gods who have won the honor of being useless.
Returning to the truth and becoming an adult’s spiritual realm seems to be a great realm, but this great realm is not cultivated. The level is not cultivated to a certain extent, and it will definitely be promoted. It is like a madman wandering in the spiritual realm for 100,000 years. It is obvious that epiphany and opportunity are important at the beginning of returning to the true realm.
Huo Jiujian’s self-study is not bad, but it is nothing compared with Jun Kuang, so just as Jun Kuang is very dependent on him in politics, he can also rely on Jun Kuang very openly when fighting.
So after he got lost, the first thing he did was to inform Junkuang, and then he complained to Junkuang and told him to wait for him. He’d better wait in the same place. Although this man may not be reliable in speaking and doing things, he is not the kind of guy who teases people at will regardless of the occasion. Huo Jiujian thinks it is necessary for him to wait like this.
There are more and more sand whales attacking in the forest, and his feet are surrounded by a large area. In the day, there are still many big birds waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack if they stay in the hinterland of the desert. Even if they are not attacked, Huo Jiujian decides to go into the forest and attack his "children" who are not stingy with their beautiful horns.
"I’m going" is when his mind moved and swept by the forest, only to find that there was an excellent hidden layer of prohibition. Suddenly, he bumped into the prohibition and appeared several cracks, but he soon recovered gradually, leaving him with a red nose.
He calculated that the direction was south.
"Oh, this is not hitting the south wall, but if you break the ban directly, will it scare them?" He muttered back and forth in circles.
Therefore, it is not convenient for sand whales near the boundary to jump around Huo Jiujian, which can be regarded as a demonstration, and the big birds have not attacked Huo Jiujian again, even though this place is at the border of territory, all races will not invade each other.
He got into the forest by accident and didn’t want to invade the forest so savagely, so he could temporarily hold back his emotions and see if there was any way for the guys hiding in the forest to accept him as an outsider normally.
"Good boy, are you hungry? I have meat here." He turned his hand and threw out a piece of animal meat.
The spirit beast lay down for a while, and soon began to dry up and lose water, and the oil in the flesh began to leak out, and the best taste was lost.
Huo Jiujian didn’t try so hard to stare at the strong light while waiting to take out a water bag and pour some water into his mouth as a supplement.
After a while, he threw another piece of meat, which was a little smaller than the previous one.
According to his guess, it is impossible for these cautious spirits to get close to each other easily in a few hours.
However, this is his measurement, but in fact, the meat failed to attract the spirit beast in the forest, but attracted the big birds in the sky, and soon he was surrounded by a large number of birds
Huo Jiujian looked at it carefully and found that these big birds are not wild birds, but look more like larvae of the same race, and in terms of attack power, they are not much better than ordinary birds.
If he is happy, he can immediately call out Xiao Ji. With the momentum of the descendants of Tongying, Xiao Ji Qing Luan can suppress them and cannot move.
Does the Lord need my help? Xiao Ji whispered that he also took a little interest in this larval big bird because he found a little familiar feeling from these birds
Forget it. Do you know what race they are? Is there any taboo? Huo Jiujian sighed in his heart. The young birds have limited tolerance. It would be bad if they were accidentally scared.
Nothing. If you eat anything, Xiaoji said confidently
In this case, Huo Jiujian turned his hand and took out a large piece of meat and tore it into strips to feed the young birds, but the young birds got out of the way in a very orderly way to let a darker young bird eat first.
I’m afraid this guy is the future leader of this group. Xiaoji is awake.
Understand that Huo Jiujian tore a piece of meat and held it in his palm. Be careful, he still made a layer of protection by Xuanli. After all, even a young bird, its beak is still very sharp.
The young bird seems to be quite proud and coldly wind Huo Jiujian as if he were looking at something. The worm cocked his head and looked at Huo Jiujian with a face of disdain.
Although Huo Jiujian doesn’t mind, Xiao Ji is impatient after all.
"Love to eat or not" is a high-pitched cry. The virtual shadow of Qingluan rises slowly from behind Huo Jiujian, and it is hard to resist momentum and coercion at first sight.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Bad friends meet particularly jealous
There was a hint of displeasure in this imposing manner, which made the birds panic for a while, and it took more than a dozen breaths to calm down.
桑拿会所The first young bird seems to realize that qingluan is not easy to offend it, and its blood tells it that qingluan is very dangerous. If it doesn’t understand me, it may not survive today.
Out of fear of Xiao Ji, he stared at Huo Jiujian for a while and bowed his head and picked up Huo Jiujian’s hand meat.
Huo Jiujian tore a piece of it and ate it. It seems that he still maintains the demeanor of a leader.
"Well, you can take this leg to eat." Huo Jiujian fed the leader and gave it a huge beast’s hind leg.
"It’s strange how there are no adult birds in this place that need young birds to hunt by themselves." He picked his eyebrows, obviously asking Xiao Ji.
I’m afraid that adult birds can’t hunt by themselves, or for some reason, almost all of them are annihilated. I can’t feel the adult breath. The figure of a child is gradually solidified on the right hand side of Huo Jiujian
Smell speech Huo Jiujian not a sigh "that’s really"
"There must have been a great war here before." Xiaoji thought carefully. "Speaking of it, the avatar seems to be able to restore some dead things to the living. There seems to be no way to do this."
"Yes" Huo Jiujian nodded his head.
The young birds they see are the last remnants of the fierce wind and sand eagle family. Most young birds have little qualifications to fill the ordinary raptors because of their thin blood. Only the leading one caught Xiaoji’s attention, otherwise he wouldn’t bother to show up. After all, Huo Jiujian was also sent away. It’s all the same what kind of spirit beast to feed.
"But that leader even has a lot of connections." Xiao Ji pondered, "I can feel from his body that the primitive blood is recovering, and it is reasonable that his identity is noble." A dying race finally unexpectedly appeared an atavistic strong man, which is probably a relief.
"Do you know what kind of bird it is? Is it worth raising as an adult bird?" Huo Jiujian didn’t think about it.
"He’s a bird, but he doesn’t have much blood superiority except that he’s physically stronger, but it’s necessary to lead the way in the future." Xiao Ji can conclude that "if he catches the auction while he’s a young bird, he’ll surely get a good price for the race. I’m not sure if he’s never seen an adult."
Huo Jiujian was not disappointed when he heard this. "Since there is such a thing, I think it’s better to keep it." He looked at the departure direction of the birds. "They are not easy to get worse when they are born, and they are still in their infancy, and there are such outstanding leaders. If I want to catch it, it will be easy, but his young birds are likely to lose their backbone, and when the whole population disappears, I will be damned."
"Heaven just doesn’t care about such a trivial matter" Xiao Ji gouged out Huo Jiujian and said grumpily.
After all, Heaven is a crazy old partner. Most of the time, we still have to thank one or two for this bitter friend. Even if Huo Jiujian makes any small mistakes, he will be forgiven. Heaven cannot blame Huo Jiujian for natural selection. This is common sense.
"You this character?
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How is it getting colder and colder? "Huo Jiujian shrugged his shoulders regretfully." Come on, let’s see what’s in the forest. "
They’ve seen the size of a sand whale, and their jumping ability is amazing. Huo Jiujian was almost blindsided by them several times, and it’s not so easy to feed such a big guy.
The ice blue angle no longer attacks Huo Jiu’s sword forest. It seems that there has never been any noise. Generally speaking, the spirit beasts don’t understand the hidden breath, so they can almost see through their hiding place at a glance.
"mainly rush in?" he asked