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However, things went far beyond their expectations. Oubei Yao Ouyang Yan’s army was wiped out and Oubei Yao died.

His body was thrown from a cliff into Crocodile Bay and divided up.
When Lu Qing received the news, even he was shocked. Oubei Yao died like this.
How is that possible?
"What about Xiaochen? Xiaochen?"
Lu Qingshen way;
"Ouyang family members arrested him. Seeing that his qualifications are excellent, they intend to train him into a ruthless killer";
Chapter 44 They provoked shouldn’t provoke people!
Qin Miao Miao white face warble way
"How is it possible that Xiao Chen won’t accept that they killed Oubei Yao and want Xiao Chen to be obedient and dream?
Lu Qing thought for a moment and then said
"There is a way for disobedient killers in Ouyang family."
桑拿会所"Removing the emotional leaves in brain cells makes people insensitive, even the memory will be disturbed."
"They’re going to cut into Xiaochen’s brain. No, no,no. Husband, help him."
Lu Qing patted her on the shoulder and said, "I’ve sent someone over. Don’t worry, I won’t let this happen. Your family will wait for news."
However, after two days in a row, there was still no news. Joanna invited her out for shopping and coffee. Although she went to the appointment, she looked very depressed.
"Meow meow, what’s wrong with you?"
Qin Miaomiao smiled at her and casually pulled a few words without explanation.
And she always seems to feel uneasy and her eyes are jumping as if something bad is always happening.
At this time, Xiao Liu suddenly walked to come over and looked pale and low.
"Little Lady’s pear garden was bombed."
"What are you talking about, Uncle Jiu? Is he okay?"
"Nine lords are missing."
Qin Miao Miao brain string immediately collapsed tight body waved the or Joanna hold her, she didn’t fall down.
"What about Uncle Jiu’s hands? Can they be linked?"
"A seriously injured man named Lao San has been taken to the hospital."
"arrange for me to meet his horse."
She’s changed all over, like a scabbard, and she’s sharper than ever.
Joanna’s eyes changed and faded;
"Do you need help?"
"Do you know the Ouyang family?"
"Know the biggest family in the mercenary killer world. Do you know where its lair is?"
Joanna smiled. "It will take some time, but I think Lu Shao might know."
"Joe, even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell me that Uncle Su’s nine is my adoptive father. His business is my business. I want to find out who he is missing."
Joanna’s eyes gradually changed low way
"Mercenaries do things without mercy. Suppose. I mean suppose."
Qin Miao Miao’s expression of eyes was extremely cold. "Then I’ll do everything I can to wipe out my lair."
"Sure enough, I like girls, so I can help you."
Qin Miaomiao went to the hospital and was seriously injured, but she could still talk. He gave her a key.
He spoke with difficulty: "All the Sujiayuan dark guards will appear when the ninth master is in trouble, but if the ninth master is missing, I can rely on you."
"How many people"
"It’s an elite"
"Be loyal to Uncle Jiu"
"If you lose your life, you can do it."
Qin Miao Miao took a deep breath and his face became more and more cold.
"Well, then let them get ready to shed their blood."
The whole pear garden was bombed. Yao in Oubei died. Ouyang Yan in Oubeichen was arrested. Can you say one thing?