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Gao Zhiqiu "…"

Li Lili also smiled and said, "Yes, Zhiqiu must have high requirements for the other half, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu frowned just then another roommate came back and said on entering the room, "Zhiqiu Building has something for you."
"My words?" Gao Zhiqiu is one leng.
"Yes, my aunt asked me to call you. Go quickly."
Gao Zhiqiu suddenly couldn’t care about anything but home. She really didn’t know who else could call her.
Don’t … What happened?
She turned pale and immediately ran out without thinking about anything.
品茶论坛  title=When I arrived at the building, my aunt was watching and seeing her smile, which was amiable. "Senior students are coming, and your boyfriend is anxious."
As soon as Gao Zhiqiu picked up the words in the past and "fed" them into the microphone, a low and magnetic voice "It’s me" came from the other end.
"…" Gao Zhiqiu suddenly surprised to say a word and couldn’t help but look at the aunt.
She just said "your boyfriend" …
So does Yu Jinchuan claim to be?
"Why don’t you talk?" Yu Jinchuan sounded again.
Gao Zhiqiu busy "oh" a "total teaching …"
Section 72
"Have you got everything back?" Yujinchuan interrupted her.
Gao Zhiqiu said, "I got it back."
"That’s good."
After this sentence, he didn’t speak again, Gao Zhiqiu didn’t speak, and they both fell silent.
Gao Zhiqiu could vaguely hear the words there, but she could hardly help breathing. She thought of the night outside the barracks dormitory, and he smoked quietly with his back against the tree.
Is he smoking at the same end now as he did that night?
After a while, Gao Zhiqiu couldn’t help but say, "You …"
"You …" Yujinchuan even spoke at the same time.
Gao Zhiqiu stopped awkwardly and said, "You go first"
Yu Jinchuan asked in a low voice, "Have you had dinner?"
"What about you?" Gao Zhiqiu asked 1.
"Eat" Yu Jinchuan’s answer is very concise.
Then two people fell silent again.
Gao Zhiqiu didn’t know when to say something, and then Yu Jinchuan said, "I have to hang up in advance."
"Good again …"
The word "see" has been hung up before it can be said.
Gao Zhiqiu wait for a while held the microphone in his hand for half a day before slowly putting it back.
"Gao classmate, is your boyfriend a soldier?" Aunt suguan sound qi
Gao Zhiqiu looked up at the past and blushed and said, "No, he is not my boyfriend."
Aunt Boardhouse looked "I knew it". "He didn’t trust me when he sent you in that day and asked me to find you an ice pack specially. This young man is really nice and looks good …"
Barabara said a lot.
When I received it, Li Gao Zhiqiu still went to work in the fast food restaurant every day except for classes.
And Yu Jinchuan often comes over late to order a coke and sit in the old position without talking … When she is finished, she will accompany her to take the bus back to school, send her to the dormitory and turn away.
Sometimes if you don’t come, you will call her.
He doesn’t talk much all the time. Every time, he just asks about his study and physical condition …
Gao Zhiqiu felt that her contact with her family was not frequent with him.
Although she has never been in love, she, like every girl in seed of love, has read the little Taiwan Province romance novel and knows what a heartbeat is.
And every time I hear his voice, I look at his eyes, or they are a little close … Her heart is pounding and her face is very Yi Hong, and she can’t even speak neatly.
She knew … that she liked him.
So after two months, they remained the same until one day Yu Jinchuan suddenly called her and asked her if she had it the next night.
The next day is Friday, which is also the annual Christmas Eve.
However, at that time, the Christmas atmosphere was far less intense than it is now. Without realizing it, Kochi immediately said, "It’s Friday night and I have to work in a restaurant."
"Well," Yu Jinchuan replied and asked her, "What time will it end?"
"About nine o’clock in the evening," said Gao Zhiqiu.
"…" The words paused for a while and then Yu Jinchuan asked, "Can it be an hour before?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I want to take you to a place."
Gao Zhiqiu "…"
Huang Xiaoyu immediately grabbed her and asked, "The school organized a Christmas party in the evening. Will you go?"
"I’m going to work in a restaurant if I don’t go late."
"No, you have to go to work? It’s a Christmas Eve party, and maybe I can meet a senior from Shuai Shuai and have a vigorous love! "
There are a total of three people in the dormitory who have been in school for so long, but one person has found a boyfriend. He is not ugly, but the ratio of boys and girls in D has always been yin and yang, which has led to such a scene
Li Lili said at this moment, "Don’t shout Zhiqiu, she has a boyfriend."
Huang Xiaoyu blinked and nodded. "You should have an appointment tonight, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu suddenly thought of Yu Jinchuan’s words … Is he going to date her tomorrow?
"Haha, it’s really a date. You’re blushing."
As soon as Huang Xiaoyu said this, he stretched out his hand over his face.
Sure enough … It’s hot!